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Love is hard part 95

Hey guyssssss, i am actually a but upset becuase i am not getting so many comments. U guys i hope u know that ur comments are the only things that keep me writing without support. Alsoo would u like me to continue u this fan fic or make another one with another story

In the evening saiyam was sleeping on the sofa bed in the hospital and krishna was on the phone to yuvaani

Krishna: meera kasi hai ab
Yuvani: bass teek hai, karan is trying to put her to sleep but she is in playing mood
Krishna: haii meri bachi, i miss her so much. I will only see her now when i come home
Yuvaani: and when u come home u will have ur own meera to take care of
Krishna: yaar muje bohut daar lagra hai
Yuvaani: tumhe q daar lagra hai
Krishna: bohut dard hota hai and all this is happening one month early or per operation ke bad muje recovery ka time be nahi miliga. Becuase i will have a baby
They both laughed on the phone
Yuvaani: tu na hamesha negetive side dekna
Krishna: aur uske uper, saiyam wont get so much rest either. He so tired and he runs around here and there and doesnt relax
Yuvaani: because he is also scared
Krishna: he told me he was scared as well for me but i didnt say that i feel the same because he will get more tensed
Yuvaani: saiyam tumhare saath hoha hamesha darne ki koi baat nai hai
Krishna: haan i know. I am very lucky to have him
Yuvaani: he is my brother what do u expect
They both laughed
Krishna: acha i will speak to u after
Yuvaani: haan teek hai let me go see how meera probably put karan to sleep instead
They both smiled and ended the call
Krishna sighed and looked towards saiyam who was awake all that time

Krishna: tum kaab uthe
Saiyam: before u started talking about me.
Krishna: dont get to happy it was just yuvaani
Saiyam: why didnt u tell me how u feel krishna
Krishna: becuase ur already tensed and me telling u all this would make it worst
Saiyam: next time dont hide such things from me okay
Saiyam walked to krishna and sat by her
Saiyam: making u feel better and safer is my duty
Krishna: tum kabse super hero type ke batte karne lage
They both laughed
Saiyam: now were going to have a child so i need to know about all these small things
Krishna: jaise?
Saiyam: like princesses, superheroes everything that kids like
Krishna: vasai what do u want, boy or girl
Saiyam: yeh kaisa sawal hai, I don’t care I would love a pretty princess like u most but I will be happy with a handsome prince like me to.
Krishna: aur naam?
Saiyam: tume yaad nahi hai, on our honeymoon, when we were walking on the beach, I told u a name that I love
Saiyam: haan, it means fairy
Krishna: teek hai, aur if it’s a prince
Saiyam: tum be socho na, tumhara be bacha hai
Krishna: haan toh muje toh naho pata
Saiyam|: okay how about luv
Krishna: wahh tumhe toh bare ache naam ate hai
Saiyam: always keep smiling like this okay
Krishna: and u always stay by me, never leave me
Saiyam: I cant leave u now yaar, tum mere bache ke maa hone wali ho
Krishna: yeh kya majboori hai ab tumhari
Saiyam: nai, meri quaish hai
Krishna: haii tum kaab itne romantic kasai hogai
Saiyam: I think in your pregnancy I have been to nice with u, just watch, when our baby comes and u will have no more reasons to stay away from my romantic torture
Saiyam said this in a husky voice which made krishna blush
Saiyam tangles his hands with krishnas and bent over her
Krishna: saiyam tum yeh kya kare ho
Saiyam: romance
Krishna: u said after my pregnancy
Saiyam: but I cant hold my self now after seeing u blush
Krishna: well u better hold urself my darling because we are in the hospital still, not our bedroom
Saiyam: this is so unfair krishna
They both sat a while more together and soon after slept

Saiyam lay on the sofa bed and kept thinking about krishna and what the doctor said
Saiyam thought: mein kya karoon krishna ke liye, I don’t want her to go through so much. Aur doctor nai kaha tha ke yeh saaab bohut jaldi hora hai, I hop everything turns out to be okay, my baby, I hope is okay and we can all go home quickly and…..
All of a sudden saiyams thoughts were interrupted by krishna
Saiyam: krishna kya hua
Krishna could hardly breath and was screaming a little due to pain
Saiyam: krishna ek minute, I will call the doctor
Krishna: saiyam ahhhhhhh
Saiyam held krishnas hand and tried not to panic even though he didn’t know that he was crying himself seeing krishna in pain
Krishna was moving quite a lot due to uncomfort
The doctors came and started shifting krishna into the operation theater
On the way krishna wanted to say something to saiyam but was not able to
Saiyam: krishna kya hua, kuch kana hai tumhe
Krishna: agar bohut zada complications ho, the doctors will ask u who u want save.
Saiyam: yeh tum kya keri ho krishna
Krishna: please saiyam promise me, u will save our baby and let me go
Saiyam: kuch nahi hoga krishna
Krishna: ahhh saiyamm
Saiyam was feeling helpless, the doctors took her into the room and left saiyam outside for the time being, the words rand in his ears
‘please saiyam promise me, u wil save our baby and let me go’
Saiyam: nai, yeh nahi hosacta, krishna muje chorke nahi jasacti, nahi jascati voh

A while later suhani, yuvraj and yuvani, karan arrived after being informed by he hospital
Saiyam was siing on the chair outsidd the room, with his head in his hands
The fou went to him and suhani put herhand on saiyams shoulder
Suhani: saiyam
Saiyam didn’t even look at suhani and recognized her touch, he threw himself in her arms and cried his heart
Saiyam: maa, krishna
Yuvraj: saiyam re;ax, what happened to krishna
Suhani: beta kya hua, itna ro q e ho
Yuvani: hann saiyam u should be happy, tumhara bacha ana walla hai saiyam
Saiyam: krishna told me that, doctors say there is high chance of complications, and they may only be able to save krishn or the baby
Karan: saiyam aur krishna nai kya kaha tha
Saiyam crid badly and said: she told me to promise that if this happens, she sais that…….. save her baby and let her go
Suhani: nai, saiyam yeh tum kya… nai
Suhani and siayam both cried
Yuvraaj: siayam humari krishna ko kuch nai hoga mein abhio doctor sai bat karta hoon
Karan: haa papa I will come to
Yuvani went and got water for saiyam,

Ten minutes later doctor came
Saiyam: doctor, krishna, can I go see her please
Doctor: ap krishna ke husdband hai
Saiyam: ji. Yes
Doctor: wee need u to sign some papers…
Yuvraj: hat papers are these now
Doctor: there has been complications with krishnas operation. We will only be able to save one of them. U must decide who
Saiyam: maa krishna
Yuvani: per tumahara promise saiyam
Saiyam: I don’t care promise ka, I want krishna and that’s it
Suhani: jao per letters sign kardo
Saiyam signe the papers and asked to to save krishna

One hour later a nurse came out
Suhani: how is krishna, is the operation over
Nurse: who is saiyam
Saiyam: me, her husband
Nurse: congratulations, u just had a baby girl , but krishnas state is very bad, she in unconscious, and keeps saying ur name. please come in
Siayam : haan, haan
Saiyam went in straight away
Suhani: yuvraaj, sunna tumne, humari pothi hoi hai
Yuvani: mein toh maasi bangi
Karan: han yuvanii, per doctors nai yeh bi kaha hai keh kruishna ki halat bilkul bi theek nahi hai
Yuvraaj: saiyam hai ab uske pass or doctors bi, kuch nahi hoga use

Inside the theater saiyam went beside krishna
Saiyam: krishna, please anke kholo, u cant leave me krishna. U cant leave ur family, u had a baby girl, ur dream came true of hving a happy family
A while later krishna and baby girl got shifted to anoher private room

Yuvani: mumma muje ghar jana hoga bhavnaa massi called me saying meera isn’t sleeping
Suhani: really, bhavnaa always manages to handle meera
Yuvaani: haan per meera is not feeling well either
Karan: yuvaani, tum yahan rukko I will go
Yuvani: nai karan, rite now saiyam needs u, so I will go and come back in the morning
Karan: okay teek hai
Yuvraaj: yuvaani I will drop u home and come back, its not safe for u to go

Yuvraaj and yuvaani left.
Karan: auntie, u havnt had anything to eat leas come and eat something now
Suhani: betta, I just have so much tension rite now for krishna and saiyam
Karan: haan but if u don’t eat u will get un well to then saiyam will get more tenced
Suhani: acha teek hai

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