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Honeymoon! Did he just say honeymoon? Twinkle’s eyes bulged in surprise. She thought was he serious?

Twinkle- Whaat……do….you mean?

Kunj- Simple Twinkle, where do you want to go on honeymoon? After marriage we haven’t been anywhere? We should go somewhere?

Twinkle- And do what? She blurted out though she was dreading the answer.

Kunj- Go sightseeing, of course. You can go shopping as well if you want to, as you like that.

Twinkle- Oh!

Kunj- What else you thought I was going to say?

Twinkle- N… Nothing. Just…you know…. couples don’t go on honeymoon for sightseeing. They go to…. Twinkle stopped moving her hands to make Kunj understand what she was trying to say.

Kunj on understanding what she was trying to say grinned and said- Oh! We will do plenty of that too.

If Twinkle would have been drinking something she would have spit it out all over on Kunj, she was that much shocked. She opened her mouth to protest but no words came out of her mouth.

Relax Twinkle. I was just kidding- Said Kunj- We won’t go anywhere if you are not comfortable.

Twinkle said nothing just looked at Kunj.

Kunj said again looking at Twinkle who was still shocked and sat down beside her on bed- Twinkle?

Twinkle- It’s just that we are not….

I know- Kunj said before Twinkle could complete her sentence. ” Let’s just forget about this. We had a great night and there is no point in spoiling it over nothing.

Twinkle- Right.

Twinkle and Kunj got ready to sleep. It was late and they both were tired. While Twinkle was in changing room to change into her night dress, she was thinking about her marriage, her perfect date and thinking about Kunj. She blushed at the thought of Kunj. First, they were strangers, then they became friends and then she wondered that would she ever fall in love with him. She stared herself at the mirror. She was wearing a plain salwar suit for night and the word that came for her in her mind was plain and simple which Kunj was not. She thought Kunj will never fall for a simple and plain girl. So, with that thought she left the changing room and came out. Kunj was also sitting on bed and was lost in some thought of his.

Twinkle called Kunj- Kunj

Kunj- Hmm

Twinkle- Are You Ok?

Kunj- Yes, I am fine. Kunj replied Twinkle and walked on his bed that was sofa. He reached there but was standing, didn’t sit down. Twinkle was watching Kunj. She was a bit shocked with a sudden change in his mood but didn’t ask him as she don’t want Kunj’s mood to spoil.

Kunj was standing there and after thinking something he said with a pout on his face turning towards Twinkle- Twinkle, (pauses) my back hurts.

Twinkle smiled at the thought of Kunj’s childish behavior sometimes.

Kunj again said- Please don’t make me sleep on the sofa. It’s so uncomfortable here. Kunj almost begged her.

Twinkle giggled. He was acting as if he was a child who is begging his mother to buy a toy from the toy store.

Kunj- You are laughing, please tell me.

Twinkle giggled more.

Kunj- Is that yes? I can sleep on bed that means? He asked being confused by Twinkle’s laughter.

Twinkle stopped laughing. She suddenly realized what Kunj was asking for. She looked down and her cheeks turned red due to blushing.

Kunj- Ok, it’s fine. I will manage here.

Twinkle- No, you can.

Kunj- Are you sure?

Twinkle just nodded and moved to her side of bed. She laid down pulling the cover over her. She shifted at the edge of the bed. She then turned and saw Kunj standing near the bed and made no effort to move. He was hesitating.

Twinkle- Kunj, really, it’s ok.

Kunj was hesitating a lot. He thought that he had spent countless nights with his girlfriends but he never hesitated and today he was hesitating to share bed with his own wife. But then this was not his girlfriend with whom he will just spend a night, she was his wife with whom he has to spend rest of his life. Kunj couldn’t help but acknowledge that he was physically attracted towards Twinkle. He had silently promised himself that he would always behave himself with Twinkle and would keep distance with her.

Kunj- Twinkle said.

Kunj- Hmm. Kunj laid down on bed and pulled the covers. He felt relieved when he straightened his back against the comfortable bed of his. It felt a thousand times better that the sofa he was sleeping on.

Twinkle watched Kunj and felt guilty for making him sleep on sofa. Kunj looked Twinkle and their eyes locked for a small time. Twinkle looked down which made Kunj confused.

Kunj- This was not a good idea. He said and started taking off the covers to move back to the sofa.

Twinkle looked at Kunj in shock. She too quickly got up and followed Kunj.

Twinkle- Kunj wait. She held Kunj’s hand and they both stopped near the sofa.

Twinkle- What happened?

Kunj- You are not comfortable.

Twinkle- No, you are the one who is uncomfortable. I knew that sofa would be uncomfortable for you. You should have told me before. You should have told me before that you are in pain.

Kunj- Thant’s not what I mean…I don’t want you to be uncomfortable. Let’s just go and sleep, you on bed and me on sofa.

Twinkle- No, you are sleeping on bed and that is final.

Twinkle grabbed Kunj’s hand and took him. Kunj also said nothing and simply followed her like a good boy. Near the bed Twinkle signaled him to lie down on the bed and Kun just followed her instructions and then Twinkle walked on her side on bed. Twinkle and Kunj slipped under the blankets but Kunj’s eyes never left Twinkle. She seemed ok not relaxed. After laying Kunj found a comfortable position on bed and but there was sleep in his eyes and was feeling very awkward and so was Twinkle, she has her eyes on the ceiling and was not moving at all.

Kunj- Why we even have to do this?

Twinkle who was looking at the ceiling turned her focus on Kunj and asked- Do what?

Kunj- This…. sharing a room was a big deal for us and now sharing a bed…Oh God! We are even worse than teenagers. Said Kunj is frustration.

Twinkle said believing that Kunj is blaming her- I don’t want to make things difficult, believe me.

Kunj- It’s not you Twinkle, it’s us. We both are at fault. There is a barrier between us and we can’t ignore it, Twinkle. I will be back on sofa tomorrow.

Kunj- Twinkle started to speak but Kunj interrupted her.

Kunj- Maybe we can shift to different rooms and tell Mahi that we have a big fight as a reason.

Twinkle- No please, she will start worrying. Twinkle actually wanted to stay in different rooms when Mahi came to stay with them but now she was enjoying it. She felt like an actual wife of Kunj and liked spending more time with Kunj.

Kunj- Let’s see how this night goes and if you don’t find anything comfortable or feeling awkward you do tell me. Kunj said very sincerely but in stern voice.

Twinkle- I will be fine Kunj. Don’t worry.

Kunj turned the lights off after wishing Twinkle good night. The room was dark now and Twinkle felt that Kunj after finding a comfortable position is sleeping peacefully where as it felt like he was not present on the bed as the bed was so large. She just whispered him Good night as he had turned his back towards Twinkle.

Twinkle couldn’t sleep the whole night, she was tossing and turning the whole night. She was not able to understand if it was due to Kunj beside her was the reason of her anxiety or it was something totally unrelated to Kunj’s close proximity. Twinkle looked at Kunj, his back was still facing her but it seemed like he was sleeping peacefully. She turned her gaze to the ceiling again and after sometime her eyelids got heavy and she slept.

Kunj woke up with a heavy weight on his chest. He felt someone’s strong grip on his chest. When he opened his eyes, he found Twinkle cuddled on to his chest and her hands tightly clutching his shoulder. He was surprised at first but then was amused. He felt a small breeze as Twinkle cuddled him more. He understood that Twinkle was feeling cold and unconsciously she came close to him to get some warmth. Kunj had actually kept the AC on lowest temperature because of which the room had become really cold. Another breeze in the room and she clutched him tighter. She kept shifting in her sleep.

Twinkle, wake up- Kunj whispered

Twinkle moved a bit but didn’t wake up. Kunj tried one more time but then thought not to disturb her sleep. He wrapped his one around her shoulder and went back to sleep.

After half an hour Twinkle opened her eyes. She opened her eyes to realize her position and pulled back with such force that surprised Kunj.

Twinkle, what is wrong? Are you alright? Kunj asked looking at her in shock.

Twinkle- I….. um….

Kunj till then realized that his arm is on Twinkle which he quickly pulled it away.

Kunj said with an embarrassed look on his face- Sorry

Twinkle- No it’s okay, I am on your side of bed.

They both were sitting on bed and there was an awkward silence when Twinkle decided to move on her side of bed.

Twinkle- I was feeling cold.

Kunj- I know, it’s because of the AC.

Twinkle looked at Kunj blankly for a second. Suddenly she burst out laughing. Kunj couldn’t help but join her.

Maybe it was not that bad arrangement.


Wow, finally Twinkle and Kunj on one bed. While writing really TEI days were back in my head seriously. I missed it so much and sorry for disappointing you all as the honeymoon track is not right now in my mind, will definitely write when everything is good between our Twinj so that we all can enjoy some Twinj romance.

Some solid drama coming ahead for you guys. I am really enjoying writing this FF.

So, guess now both are sharing the bed and what is going to happen next.

Sorry guys about my speed of writing. Actually, I am completing my projects plus searching jobs as well so there is a delay in writing. Whenever I am getting time, I am writing. So, sorry to all who are expecting quick episodes, which I am not able to give.

Please ignore grammatical mistakes 🙂

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