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Jiji Maa 5th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Uttara meets Gayatri

Jiji Maa 5th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rawat family giving an interview to media. Uttara says I loved Jayant since I was in college, then we got married, our marriage completed a year, today we have one, two lovely sons…. Jayant says we are happily married, she is happy and I m married. Reporter says I want to praise you two for loving one person all life. Jayant recalls Gayatri and gets sad. Falguni looks at him. Niyati calls Zeenat and asks about Falguni’s operation. Zeenat says Falguni said about appendicitis. Vidhaan tells good about his mum. Niyati says mom has spoilt him. Niyati gets stomach ache. She tells Vidhaan about the ache. They leave.

He says doctor can say this isn’t serious. She says I have baby in womb, its aching. He calls doctor. Falguni holds Suyash’s hand and tell about their love and arranged marriage. Suyash says I married by my mom’s choice, I m lucky to get such a mum, I wish to get such mum in every birth. Falguni recalls Uttara’s words. Reporter asks Uttara to invite someone poor for dinner. Uttara taunts on poor people. Reporter says Uttara will find a poor person and invite home. Niyati apologizes to doctor and asks about Falguni’s operation. Doctor says Falguni was Sonali’s patient, I was confused. She goes. She calls Falguni and says Niyati wanted to know about your operation, as you requested, I didn’t tell her anything. Falguni thanks her. Doctor sees Niyati.

She says I was talking to my other patient. Niyati says I wanted to ask about vitamin tabs. Uttara acts great. Falguni gets message about Gayatri. She says we will stay at some distance to surprise people. Shom acts like Uttara. Uttara gets blindfold and goes to the lucky person. Falguni signs Zeenat to bring Gayatri. Uttara makes Gayatri wear the garland and asks her to come home once. Gayatri sees Falguni and recalls her promise. Reporter asks Uttara to remove the blindfold and say this again. Uttara gets shocked seeing Gayatri.

She sees the media and invites Gayatri again. Falguni signs reporter. Reporter makes Uttara fold hands. Gayatri doesn’t say her name. Uttara hugs her and asks her to stay quiet.

Reporter says Gayatri has come here. Jayant gets shocked seeing her. Gayatri sees Suyash and runs to save him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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