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I’ll snatch you from sky too (sequel) Part 2

Lovely people  bare it’s length of this epsiode don’t get bore and don’t scroll down without reading the above one first.

It’s my most favorite epsiode and i really loved it in writing it so read it throughly.


Hope you all will loved it.

Ignore spelling, typo and grammatical mistakes




You know I don’t know why it’s happens with me? I don’t want to get angry but my anger is getting on my nerves……. 

I want to forget you and i’ll forget you it’s……

Shivavy” Anikaaa”

Anika” gets shocked to listen shivavy voice she quickly pull herself up ,stand against wall, fist her palm and hides her hand back” And stammers wh…at?

Shivavy” coming close to Anika”

Anika” stealing gazes her hand and then gazes shivavy”  Shivavy don’t get close to me”

“Shivavy put his hand on wall in his husky voice” main to kareeb aa gaya. Aur kis say baatey kar rahi ho?

Anika” ki…si s. ay nah.. e” she stammers

“Then why your lips are shivering ” Shivavy rub his thumb on her rosy lips”

Anika” volcano rises in her”

Both get lock in eachother orbs

O jaana plays

Shivavy”  without breaking the eyelock takes her in arms  gently place her on bed and lays next to her wraps Anika in arms gently brushing Anika face.

Shivavy pov

I’ve to talk about Maa before she’s forgets herself and SSO won’t let this happen. When you for  mom and me can sacrifes yourself then why not me.

 Did you remember Anika first meeting with SSO?

Anika” starightly looking in his eyes but didn’t utter a word”

Shivavy” Tell na did you remember Anika a girl who’s face resembles like ASR but her heart is same of that girl who’s only Anika not linking herself with any NKK anxiety.

And there was a kanji ankho wala billa who was SSO. A curel man who always hit people with his NKK ideologies but a girl name Anika break his sentiments  by slaping bundle of notes on my face see it’s hurts me .Shivavy holds Anika hand place it on his cheek but didn’t break eye contact nor opened Anika fist palm.

Then you know what she did? She took bat and hit so hard on my leg that it got broken

Anika” lair not leg but car glass”

“Shivavy smiles” you mean wind screen? That day she did’nt broken glass but my 2rs ego

( note: flashbacks too flashes infront of them)

And what about second meeting  maha aarti day?

Shivavy” you know this time too their directions where opposite but i met again with that girl she was talking so politely that i’ve to shout on her that please talk little loud it’s not libaray”

Anika” but she was talking so loud that people were getting distrube. Then how you know that she’s the same girl when you didn’t saw her?

Shivavy”  peck her forhead i myself don’t know but the moment i met her for the first time after that from distances too i can feel her.

Third meeting


Shivavy” Me and she met with an argument on road again and she taught me how to do business

Anika” how?

Shivavy” she said your car worth is 2cores if she would have to 2cores than she will run taxes and will make 6 cores.

“You know that day SSO was sold.” 


Anika” how she bought you when she has only 200rs and in them too it become difficult for her to meet her expenses that how she bought you ?

“Shivavy still brushing her face” HER TADI that didn’t need any currency label to buy her own soulmate.

Anika” then why she was labeled ” gold digger”

Sad version of O jaana plays

Fuorth meeting

“Shivavy because he’s was dung” And  she proved it by throwing dung on dung in our fuorth meeting.

Anika “but who she was having no identity a dung too can be identify but she…….

( remember here when Anika throws cow dung on him. He question him about her surname)

Shivavy” because she was she” who didn’t need any helicopter to fly high because being on earth she was always on top as sky is always on top. 



Fifth meeting


Helicopter shows time of man but her champa showed that she’s herself time.

“Anika in sad voice then why time played with her”

Sixth meeting


Shivavy” Not time but Dumbell Singh Oberoi played with them and SSO has to lifted the veil of reality that’s so beautiful”

(Remember:Shivaye goes to Anika and lifts the ghunghat.)

Anika” if she was the reality then why truth was kept undercover?

Shivavy” so that she herself should make it clear like she did in her seven meeting with SSO.

Seventh meeting


” You know what she did with SSO in this meeting” shivavy pull Anika cheek like kids.

Anika” what she did?

Shivavy” she made me never to forget her.

Anika” what she did with him that he could never forget her”

Shivavy” she got angry on me and you know what she did.”

Anika” smiles she splash water on him”

Shivavy” Anika in  seven meetings you didn’t forget SSO.

Then why Anika want to forget the womb of her who kept you in her for nine months.



Anika” pushes shivavy comes out of bed and about to leave when shivavy grab her from waist pin her to wall “

Shivavy” what strong with you? And show me what you were hiding?

Anika” nothing let me go. Anika protesting but shivavy not letting her “

Shivavy”  staring her slowly open Anika palm and get shocked to see ” chand bracelet” his eyes gets watering seeing bracelet tears start rolling from his eyes.You were talking to it.

Anika” i send leave me Shivavy right nowwww”

“Shivavy squeezes her from shoulder ”  i won’t let you forget that makes you Anu what Anu. You are first Anu then some Anika got it.

Anika” hit shivavy on chest shut up just shut your mouth”

“Shivavy hold Anika hand his eyes getting grey in anger.” Today i’ll say and you will listen.

What you will listen  just listen to SSO?

Scene shifts to Gauri’s room


Gauri” give me gilli gilli kissy”

Bhavavy” No! I won’t do that never.”


Aarohi” what if Maa do”?

Bhavay” runs to Aarohi and hug her tightly. I need kissy from Anika di. When you were not here di became you for me and Gauri di. She start giving me gilli gilli kissy but now she for weeks don’t give nor take kissy from me and Gauri di.

Maa !Rudy is the youngest one same as me but both shivom bhaiya spend so much time with him but my didu’s never plays with me specially Anika di.

Aarohi” peck  her doll head. Stop crying doll”

Bhavay” you promised us that you will return our di to us but look na maa di creating more distances from us”

Aarohi” takes bhavay in lap wiping her tears i’ll give your Anika di back to you but first you have to give my Anu to me”

Gauri” kneely down takes maa hand in her hands. Maa how can we give you, your Anu?”

Aarohi” caresses her princess face by telling me why Anu is bandaged and why she’s not crying?”

Gauri” give tense look to bhavay”

Aarohi” did she  meet with accident?”

Gauri” Maa! Actually……

“Dev bang in  and stops gauri from saying anything to Aarohi. Princess come to dad”

Gauri” jumps in dev arms whispers thankyou you saved me.

Aarohi” narrow her eye. What’s going on?

Gauri” Dad! Look how Maa is pampering this cartoon”

Bhavay” Aww! Di you called me cartoon?

Gauri” network too”

Bhavay” Maa! Leave me let me become cat too and lick di”

Gauri”Dad! Leave me as well today i’ll too become tigeress and do gilli gilli with her”

Both gayu giving  gilli gilli kissy to eachother

Devohi” gazing them with smile on lips but  mosit eyes missing their Anu”

Aarohi” excuse herself and moves out”

“Gayu runs to dev” cries when we will get our Di”

Dev” soon you will get and what you both are doing go and start doing your Anika’s di birthday perprtations remember.

Gauri” opps !! I  forgotten its all because of you doll gauri slightly hit bhavay on shoulder”

Bhavay” Aahhhh!!

Gauri” drama doll come with me know”

Dev ( thinking)” i hope Aarohi ko na pata chalaye k Anu nay kya kiya tha. Jab tak Anu theek na ho jaye”

Sence shifts to Anika’s room

Shivavy” Just because of your anger your wounds are still fresh. Look at yourself in the mirror what you did with yourself still from head to toe are bandaged doctor give time of last week but see it’s getting the end of the month but you are not recovery at all and bandages were left unopened. Why? Your anger is not letting you think what’s going around you.

Just put eye on you are you the same girl who was just bindass  but now what you have became devdass.

Look at your left hand completely immovable. And right one just  as it took pity on you but you……

You can’t digest food properly if you eat after sometime you start vomiting.

You can’t breath properly see still sniffing.

Your body changes temperature in minutes

What sleep is you have forgotten. You need pills to sleep but hardly for 2 hours they too keep your calm and rest you are all awake.

What you use to say that my medicines should be burned they should be hanged out but what about you? You have burned yourself.

In farm house you where questioning na how your feet get bandaged you burned them yourself to get your heartbeat back.

 Remember that day when maids were talking about dargh importance and you were shouting on maids that prayers are not listened by gods and everything is fake.

But somewhere you believed it and went to that dargh and start walking on ambers bare foot and calling your heartbeat again and again.

And heartbeat listening her heart crying runs to her heart.

Anika stop fooling yourself know and we all know that how much you love your heartbeat.

You think that love is cheat but not love but you are cheating yourself

This much anger that in anger you don’t know what you do and say.

Today earily in morning you have broken hearts of all but it’s not Anika but her anger that’s wining over heart.

This much anger that you tried to finished yourself don’t you know that you are SSO life.

Anika i can understand your anger on me it’s justiciable i deserve that even more than that because it’s was my sins but  still you give me chance once again.

But what your heartbeat did with her heart that you are not ready to forgive her atleast share.

And know i came to know why this bracelet was not was still so precious for you.

When she’s not around you, you feel michmichi and look for her but when she’s near you, you pretend that you don’t care for her but as you are the truth one truth is that too the day she called you Anu ,you from Anika became Anu once again.

You can’t see her tears that’s why you shut your eyes when pearls falls from her eyes.

Your trust has been broken on all relations but your trust is she.

Anika you still love her but  above that love you are afraid of her and that’s why you are not meeting her eyes.

Tum darti ho k agar tum nay un ki ankho may dekh liya to phir tum khud ko sambhal nahe pao ge. Kahi tumhara dard  woh padh na lay. 

“Anika give tight slap to shivavy ” Thanks for showing mirror and sorry for slapping you with that out from here”

Shivavy” smiles with tears aaj jab chand nikhaley ga na toh us say zaroor dekhna aur yeh bhi dekhna k woh tumharye kitnaye kareeb hai. Saying that he step out get shocked and stammers ” YOU”…….


Rajput Hall

Rudy” O! What you are gifting Anika bhabi?

Om” Rudy! She herself is gift for us then what i’ll give. But what about you ?

Rudy” i’ll give my protein shake to Anika bhabi”

Om” duffer yeh bhi koi gift hota hai

Rudy” O! Gift is gift and you now why i want to gift protein shake so that my crime partner so she should again get strong and never fall so weak”

“Om pull Rudy in hug” tuh itna bade kab ho gaya.?

Rudy” jab say chahu banaye k sapaney dekhnaye laga “

Om” Rudy!!

Rudy” Yes !!O

Om” shut up.

Rudy” stand up and start singing and dancing on   shut up and bounce baby….

Om” Rudy! What shivavy will give to Anika bhabi?

Rudy” grins madly”

Om” what happened?”

Rudy” because i know what shivavy bhaiya is going to give gift bhabi

Om” what? You know….

Rudy” Yes! I know

Om” What? tell me as well. And why Shivavy didn’t told me”?

Rudy” Arrye O don’t be so sad because Shivavy bhaiya, Anika bhabi ko sirf kisses aur hugs he dey gay.

Some kisses and huggies ohh yeah…..

Both omru start grinning😂😂😂

Rudy” pull Om and do RK pose”

Om” sings O jaanaaaa

Seniors Oberoi’s walk in with Sahil

“Dadi voice brings omru to earth” Oye sharam karo tum dono”

Omru” pushes eachother and runs to them.

“Pinky aunty pat on omru head” tum dono mere shivika ka mazakh udhar rahy ho”

Rudy” No! Choti maa udhar kar to shivavy bhaiya ley kar jaye gay Anika bhabi ko. Kyun sahil”

All Oberoi’s start laughing

Devi g and Gayu comes there and greet Oberoi’s

Sahil” where’s my Anika di?

Gauri” Sahil you go and get fresh”

Bhavay” after that we will play with Anika di.

Sahil” Ok Gayu didu and he runs from there”

Jhanvi” Gayu beta where’s Aarohi bhabi g?”

Devi g” Yes! Beta i’ve not seen her”

Rudy” Arrey kesay sawal pouch rahe hai mom. Anu ka birthday hai Anu ka so aunty g planning that.

And choti maa what you are gifting bhabhi

Pinky aunty” that i’ll tell later first we should all divided the task i don’t wants any maids to do anything only we all ourselves will do arrangments of mys daughter birthday.

All gazes eachother with suprise

Pinky anuty” jethji don’t open your eyes and help us in doings arrangments”

Tej” oks pinky g’s…..

Scene shifts to Devohi room


Aarohi” Anu did this much bad with herself? How can she fall so weak that tried to finished her life.

Itna dard diya khud ko k dard kya hota hai yeh bhool gaye.

Dev” Aarohi!! Oberoi’s are waiting for you”

Aarohi” Dev! But i’m only waiting for Anu”

Dev” wipes Aarohi tears. Why my tigeress is crying on such a beautiful day of her life.

Acha Aarohi ek baat pouchun?

Aarohi” nods positvely”

Dev” mujhe yaad nahe aa raha  esa kya huwa tha tumhare sath k humaye Anu mili thi.Dev winks”

“Aarohi start beating dev ” shram nahe ati ap ko dev shadi k kitnaye saalo baad bhi mujhse esa ki baataye kar rahy hai”

Dev” Shram he to nahe ati na. Dev pulling Aarohi close baato na kya huwa tha tumhare sath”

“Dev hug her tightly” thankyou for giving me Anu he gently peck Aarohi forhead.

“Aarohi rubbing dev chest” Thankyou for coming in my life.

Dev” smiles Anu…..

“Devohi gazes eachother and smile” ANU…….

Aarohi (pov)” she hardly took nape for hour. What’s stressing her?

“Dev opens the door” ask Anika to come in lovely manner.

“Anika i’m fine here” i just want to talk to you.

“Aarohi step near them i’m an stranger that you can’t talk infront of me ” Aarohi question with heavy throath.

“Dev cup Anika face” No! I’m always free for you come what you want talk.

Dev” sign Aarohi to wait. He takes Anika from there”

“Anika caressing her baba face” Baba i know i’m not that daughter that a father like you deserve nor i fit in any relation.”

Dev” No! Anu no don’t say that bacha. You fit every relation and who said that i don’t deserve you infact DSR deserves a daughter like Anu.

Anika” baba please na it’s matter of few days. I know you are afraid that i won’t get back but i’ve promsied you. Baba i can go without informing you but i don’t want to hurt you all.”

Dev” why you want to go? Tell me the reason atleast.

Anika” Reason is standing in front of you.

Anika” just because of me lifes of all get pause. Shivavy has to live away from his family just because of  me. At this age you have to run after me. Gayu are young but they both are too instead of focusing on their lifes are coming behind me.

All i’ve became the cause of tears.

“Dev makes Anika sits on bed” fine i’m sending you but first get this thing out of your mind that you are cause of anyone’s tears.

“Anika hug her baba tightly I’m sorry for everything baba” Anika in heart saying to him

Dev ( thinks)” Anu i granted you but your maa won’t let you. And she will tell you what you are for us. Dev smiles

Anika” gets angry stop crying Sahil and no more arguments. She calls maid and ask her to take Sahil in.”

Aarohi” Sahil! Stop crying your di is not going anywhere.

Aarohi” what you send early in morning that ends is of you. But you are forgotten that:

 Full stop will be mine” Aarohi speaks out in overwhelming voice.

All glances eachother with more widen eyes and all eyes blisses.

“Aarohi walk near Anika in soft but threating voice speaks” hum nay abhi kuch kiya bhi nahe aur ap k tootaye uda gay aur ab jab hum karye gay toh kya ho ga”.(I have not done anything yet and you have lost your grief and know when i will  do what will happen)

Anika” fumes looking Sahil kissing Aarohi.

Shivavy “i’ve i took your name? Did someone heard me taking Anika name.

Anika” pushes shivavy and takes Sahil along with her.

“Lady gazing them all” hits the wall hard that Prince SSO words did magic on Anu. First his tears brought her back from death and now his words.

Queen was less that he too became her life. I’ve to do something big before this morning night comes.

Because out will be night but inside Rajput Mansion Noor will glow once again but i can’t let this happen i’m the Boss.”

Anika and Aarohi can never get close.

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