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I miss you a shivika story chapter 2

THANKS GUYS for appreciating my story here’s the next one

Shivaay open the door with the key he move towards the room and hell shocked drop the all carry bags ,,a lady sat on the floor hold a one year old kid and crying virgrously

He hurriedly move towards the lady and sat on the floor too the lady see him and hug him

He hugged her too and try to calm her

S- shhh what happen ANNIKA yes the lady is non other than our khidkitod Annika

S- what happen baby what happen and what happen to anay ,,, tell me and why is the lights off what happen common tell me baby and where is Khanna , Khanna Khanna he shouts

A- shivaay Khanna ji is not here she speaks with sobbing he is going to celebrate Diwali with his family, wife and kid

S- Anika what happen to anay is he ok

A- he got high  fever last night so me and Khanna ji take him to hospital , doctor tells us if he got fever like this tonight so this is dangerous for him and he got fever again

S- why didn’t you tell me last night ,today morning

A- checked your phone,,I’ll call you since last night but u didn’t pick it

S- woo I’m just little bit busy but why the lights off today is Diwali whole Mumbai are lighted except our house

A- electricity department cut the connection bcoz Khanna ji forget to pay the bill

S- wait he call the department head and electricity normal in few minutes

He went to Anika take anay in his lap and caressed his hair and put a wet bandages on his head

After sometime anay’s fever is released and he is much fine now shivaay lay down him on bed and move towards the kitchen where Anika is making something for anay ( guys actually when we combine shivika name a ANAY is also a ship name of shivika different from ansh)


Anika making food for anay shivaay came and backhugs her she is completely non affected and continue her work

S – happy Diwali baby

A- hm

S- what happen

A- nothing why

He understands very well reason behind this anger but he doesn’t want to talk about this topic so he tries to change the environment ,,she is now fed up with his all drama so she doesn’t pay any attention to any kind of his act

S- baby what are you making

A- khichdi

S- ya I’m also hungry let’s have food

A- you go I’ll come she removed his hold on her waist and serves the food in a bike and move out the kitchen ,,he sees her that how much she ignore him but he followed her to the room

She sat beside anay put bowl and plates on the table and check his fever

S- he is ok now

She smiles actually that her son actually out of danger now ,shivaay sat beside them

A-thank you

S- Anika he is my son why r u saying thank you to me

A- hmm

S- let’s have food

She serves the food they are silently, shivaay doesn’t control anymore so he break the ice anika what happen  why r u behaving like this with me

She doesn’t control and the whole frustration just about to come out but she sees her little boy and take shivaay out of the room

She took a torn paper from the drawer and put in shivaay’s hand he shocked bcoz this is the part of newspaper in which wrote the biggest breaking news of the town famous businessman SSO tie knot with Tia Kapoor ,

He hide this news from Anika he throws the paper and holds Anika hands

S- Anika i love you you know nI’ll explain you  everything pls listen to me

Very calmly anika remove his hold and speak

A- Maine aap se aaj tak kuch nahi manga aaj kuch mangugi to aap denge

S- anything for you baby just order me

A- mujhe or mere bete ki chhod dijiye ,ab or nhi bardash kr skti main

S- ye tum kya keh rhi ho Anika Maine saath phere liye h tumhare saath,ye hamara bacha h

A- u r right we are married and he is our son but how can you prove it infront of your family and what you tell them about me and my son

S- Anika let me explain pls m ab theek kr dunga

A- pr m nhi chahti k ab kuch theek ho ,,she took some papers from the drawer ,,sign it

S- what is this

A- divorce papers

S- r u mad divorce i didn’t sign on this

A- u have to sign this mr.oberoi

S- Anika i know if did mistake so many mistakes but don’t give me this punishment ,how can i live without both of- you

A- you have a big family a beautiful wife spent time with her after sometime you are habitual

S- Anika don’t do this think about our son atleast

A- i didn’t want like society call me mistress ,,aftersometime call my son as a sin

Shivaay we’ll do this now we both know everything is complicated now and i don’t want that my son is also suffer because of me I’ll beg u she fold her hands infront of him and her eyes continuously tell her emotions

S- give me one chance

A- I’ll prepare myself very hardly pls support me

S- and what about our son

A- I’ll manage with him

S- he is my son also Anika pls think at once I’m his  father

A- this is hardest truth of my life but u don’t worry I’ll grown him up and take care about his all demand

S- and what about me how can i live without him

A- after sometime u have your kids don’t worry you forget him easily

S- ohh ok and you also forget all this na

A- I’ll try

S- but i didn’t want to try or think about this how can i lived without you Annika

A- shivaay u have to do this for your family and wife

S- shut up just shut up you are my wife and he is my son understand

A- you said all these things infront of your family

And shivaay have no answer

A- i think u got your answer

In this between they hear a sound of door open their life their son is come towards them crawling on the floor , shivaay move towards him and pick him up hug him tightly relax himself kiss him  show his love

His son is exact Xerox of him exact eyes face structure hair ,and suddenly Anika snatch anay from his hands

S- Anika trust me I’ll make everything  fine

A- u had two years shivaay and last two years u tell this same thing to me but not now I’ll send this paper to your office with signature and i think u must be go now your wife would be waiting for you

S- and what about you

A- I’m habitual now

S- i love you anika

A- i love you too  shivaay but this is too late now aap Jaa skte h

S- tum nhi chhahti m yaha ruku tum logo ke pass

A- nhi ab Hume aapse dur rehne ki Aadat daalni pdegi

And she about to turn suddenly she fall on the ground but shivaay catch him……..

Guys i hope u all enjoyed the story pls drop your comments and suggestions and likes pls I’ll post next chapter tommorow

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