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Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 5th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Chaitu’s education problem

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 5th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chaitu Lal telling Khoji about the promises he has fulfilled. Khoji asks about the promises given to people. Chaitu says I have kept all the promises made to myself and family. Khoji asks about the employment. Chaitu says I have given few jobs, see there, the driver and gardener, I have made a start. Khoji asks about housing promise. Chaitu says I have given houses to my relatives. Khoji asks him about education. Chaitu doesn’t understand and gives silly reply. Khoji says education is important. Chaitu thinks Khoji is talking about cheap actress.

Khoji gets his wife’s call and says I m with CM. He asks Chaitu to answer about education. Chaitu says I m working on it, progress is going on, my daughter is studying. Puttan helps Ghotali study well. He asks

teacher to teach well. He boasts of himself. He talks in poor english. Teacher says she will fail this way. Puttan says common sense is necessary to pass. Ghotali asks what’s that. Puttan says I distribute common sense all day. He says if anyone fails you, I will dismantle the school building. Khoji asks Chaitu is he illiterate. Chaitu says I have done many degrees. He lies about the degrees. Ghotali cries and says my exams are coming, I will fail again. Imli says Puttan will teach you, don’t worry. Puttan agrees and swears to teach well.

Ghotali’s result comes. Puttan says result is good, its full marks. Rajneeti says this was not the scored marks. They see poor marks. The girls take selfies. Puttan asks Ghotali what’s this. She says I didn’t get numbers. Puttan asks about teacher. She says Sharma. He says see what I do now. Chaitu is at office and says I will give importance to education. He gets the speech and couldn’t read it. The PA explains him the speech. Chaitu misunderstands the word Shiksha again.

They see the news about Puttan Lal, who broke the school wall and kidnapped the teachers. Chaitu worries. Puttan eats apple. Chaitu comes home and beats him. He says I wanted to make mall there, he did good. Puttan says you should have said this before. Chaitu argues with his PA. He asks his PA to teach Ghotali. PA says no, I m IAS officer, find any tutor. Rajneeti says we want hi fi teacher for Ghotali. Puttan asks PA to arrange a good teacher. Chaitu says media shouldn’t know this.

Chaitu says we will call education minister to teach Ghotali. Shiksha Sharma comes to meet him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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