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Everything Is Fair In Love Chapter 27

After couple of weeks it was Parineeta’s baby shower. The whole Maheshwari Manson was decorated like a bride, the whole arrangement of lights just make it seem like the starry sky has dissented to earth to bless the coming child.

Laksh: You really look stunning bhabhi…

Parineeta: I know I am looking like a balloon right now, don’t sugar coat your words….

Adresh: Who said my dear is looking anything other than beautiful…

Parineeta: Shut up Adresh ……

Laksh; Ho so much love…..

Adresh: Tell me the same when Kavya would be pregnant….

Laksh: Hmmm….

Adresh: But I must say you have outdone yourself today…. Dad would be proud of you…..

Laksh: Dad would not have wished for anything less for his grandchild, I just tried to make it the best….

Adresh: Well you always had more of Dad than me….

Laksh: And you were mom less sari…..

Adresh: Lucky….

Just than Kavya started coming down the stairs. She was looking stunning in her pink and silver lehenga and vintage diamond jewelry, flawless makeup, her hairs set has a bun on the top, along with floral arrangement on one side of hair. She really looked like a model from Manish Malhotra’s fashion show on the ramp. On seeing her Adresh just gave a wild hoot and Laksh gave her a thumps up. Kavya was really enjoying all this attention given to her.

Lady 1: Really Sujata ji you need to put a kaala tikka for both your bhaus today. They as going to kill the show…..

Just has Sujata was putting the kaala tikka and the women there were going la la la  over Kavya’s get up and Adresh teasing Laksh to keep Kavya by his side, Shomi just entered

Shomi: Didi why are you all inside, all the guest had start coming and they are asking for you all and you are still inside…..

She was followed by her husband and her daughter in tow. As soon as Laksh saw Swara his breath was caught in his chest, it seemed momentarily he forgot how to breath, it took him time to adjust to the fact that it was really Swara standing in front of him, she was looking that beautiful.

Swara was looking divine in her blue and white lenhanga ( Laksh’s favorite color) with a deep backless choli and open midriff which was adorned by a simple chain with a heavy pearl piece. Her hair was open and was curled near her waist and had a mang tikka of kundan on her forehead. Her perfect pink lips had a seductive pout. She was having just natural make up but it had made her skin glow in the evening light.  She had worn a golden close neck pink pearl set with long hearings which gave her an aura of a royal princess. The voice of her bangles and anklet were enough to make any man go mad.

She was really looking like Deepika Padukon and Merlin Moore rolled into one with the style of Angelina Jolie. Today if the old M.F. Hussain had seen her he would have painted her with the energy of a teenager….

Sujata: Wow who is this divine beauty…..

Shomi: Isn’t she looking beautiful didi…..

Adresh: Swara you are looking stunning…..! (With a whistle)

Swara: If you had finished embarrassing me, let’s go outside the guest are waiting….

Sujata: Wait…

She took out few notes from her purse made it a round on Swara’s head and gave it to a passing waiter to wade off bad sight from her….

Shomi: I have good news to share didi… (Beaming with happiness)

Swara: Can we do it later mom it’s getting late (Being restless)

Shomi: Shut up Shona. Didi Swara is ready for marriage. She had told me to go ahead and look for a boy….. It’s all after you talked to her….

Sujata: Really beta….

Swara: Ji badi maa…

Sujata: (Hugging her) I am so happy for you beta…… (Almost crying)

Adresh: Great Swara! I promise you will be hitched before this evening is over…. Ho I have to make the list of eligible bachelor from my friend and family list too….

Sawra: Please Adresh bhai, you too don’t start now…. (Pouting a little)

Adresh: Sorry Lucky now we have to spend less on your wedding. We have another one coming up, and in that we are from girl’s side so expense is more….

In all this fiasco one person was feeling uncomfortable and getting angrier with each passing minute. Every comment was felling like a new dragger to his already torn heart. And all this emotions were well seen on his face…

Swara: See Adresh bhai he is already angry, and is fuming like a bull ready for fight…..(Laughing)

Laksh’s eyes narrowed. Swara’s after a long time looked like her old self carefree and jolly. Like none of this talk were affecting her. But it was affecting him like hell.

But for his luck just then his mobile rang and he went to library for taking the call. But when reached the library he just switched off his phone even without looking at the caller.

He went to the liquor cabin and poured himself the bitterest whiskey and drowned it without water in a single gulp. It really burned his throat. But it was nothing compared to the look indifference in those brown almond eyes…..

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