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Veer and Angel were sitting separately in the celebration .

Aunt saws them .

Aunt to herself : They Both were very good friends , what has happened to both ?

She thinks of an idea . She calls a little child and whispers something into his ears.

Aunt : Okay kid , Give this letter to that Didi and bhaiya okay .

Kid : Okay .

He goes to Angel .Veer was eating sweets , He wasn’t seeing her .

Kid : Didi , That Bhaiya gave this for you .

He hands her over and ran away .

Similarly he gave slip to Veer .

Veer opens and Reads it “” Just forget whatever happened , If you have strength then try to color me , Let’s see who has more power ” .

They both read it . And saws each other .

Angel in her head ” Oh , Competition , okay I accept the challenge ”

Veer looking to her ” Come to ground let’s play , Let’s see who’ll win ”

Suddenly they both disappeared from there .

Aunt smiles and says ” Wow , My plan worked , God please solve evey dispute between them ”

Angel took a Packet of color and searches for Veer , And soo Veer searches for Angel .

They both were playing hide & Seek .
Finally Veer saws Angel standing in front of him , Her face in opposite direction , Finding him .

Angel was muttering : Oh where is he ,,, ??

He speaks to himself ” Yes I
Won the challenge ”

He goes silently to her and Covers her mouth from back and drags her to a corner , Where they were alone .

Angel bites his hand ” Leave me Nincompoop ( mad ) ”

Veer : Now who will save you from me ,

Angel : Take care of yourselves , Man , You didn’t bought colors but i did .

Veer : Oh Lord , How could I do that

He tries to ran away from there . But Angel Holds his hand .

Angel : No I can’t let you go like this without getting colored .

Veer looks into her eyes and says softly ” I just wish I could hold your hand like this three years ago and never let you go ”

Her eyes got watery , Sparkling like a diamond .

Veer : Oh what are you waiting for , Color me .

She took a handful of colors and paints his cheeks . Her eyes were into his .

( Background music – Andhera tera maine le liya ,
Mera ujla Sitatra ,
tere naam kiya,,, )

Veer : Okay it’s mine turn now .

Angel : No you can’t …

She ran away from there .

They both were Running after each other , Finally Veer catches her , They stood behind A big & large tub of water …

Angel : Yes I won .

A group of children were going to throw a water balloon at her , In order to protect her Veer pushed her , And they both falls into the tub …

Veer : See Angel I won .

Angel : Shut up , Help me !! .

He hold her hand and they both stood up , Standing in the pool of colored water .

Angel : shit , I’m looking like a joker .

Veer laughs .

Angel bangs him and she slips in the water , But He catches her and she lays fallen in his arms .

(Background Song – Mehfil me teri hum naa rahe jo
Gam toh nahi hai,
gam toh nahi hai
Qisse hamare nazdeekion ke
Kam to nahi hai, kam to nahi hai

Kitni dafaa subah ko meri

Tere aangan mein
maine shaam kiya …)

Everyone were watching them and laughing .

They both come out .

Aunt : Are you okay

Veer : Think so

Angel : Sort of .

Aunt’s friend : Go there to resting room and change your clothes .

They both were going to room .

Angel : This all happened because of you .

Veer : Me !! Really , Come , There’s the room .

Angel : First let me go to the washroom

Veer : I’m more wet than you , By the way have you bought extra clothes with you , I had , I’m not gonna give you mine .

Angel : I don’t need yours , Okay , I’ve my clothes .

She goes in and bangs the door .

After couple of minutes .

Angel Comes out and sees Veer without shirt .

Angel : Oh Lord , ( Surprisingly)

Veer : You took so much time to change , So I thought to change it over here only .






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