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Dil Se Dil Tak 5th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Priya enters Jalpa and Bharat’s life

Dil Se Dil Tak 5th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The three enjoy the cake with each other. A nearby couple wonders who is the real wife of this man, and bets each other. They come to ask Parth who is his real wife, Parth says both are his wives. He says sometimes one feels such situations in life that leaves one without a choice. He holds with both Shorvari and Teni. The man wish he also gets into such a beautiful accident. His wife drags his ears and takes him home. Parth speaks to Teni and Shorvari that they are well aware of the purity about their relation, they shouldn’t hide it from anyone.
Jalpa comes to sprinkle water over Bharat’s face and asks if he is fine. Bharat asks her about her yoga session teacher. Jalpa smiles and says he must now think that his condition was fulfilled. Bharat was tensed. Jalpa says now she has no complains

with Bharat now. She tells Bharat that Punnu said she looks fit in shape today. She says she can forbid him come here from today. Bharat tells Jalpa he mixed the medicine into her tea himself, just to save him. Jalpa knew about it already. She tells Bharat that she had no affair, it was just to annoy him. He just said that he trusts his Jalpa, she couldn’t break it. Bharat says he can’t erase his mistakes, but promises to never ever look at another woman. Jalpa says she can’t think about anyone other than him in her life. She only wanted him to realize love for her. Bharat says he isn’t worth so much love. Both confess that both of them are vital for each other and this relation. Spursh watch them hug each other and come outside happily. The doorbell rings, Jalpa was shocked to see a lady stand outside with her suitcase. They turn to watch Bharat and Spursh speak to each other. Jalpa asks Priya? Priya laughs at them while Spursh runs to hug Priya. Priya sends Spursh inside as she needs to speak to her father. She walks into the house and says Bharat must have a number of questions for her, she has a single answer to everything. She tried hard to live without him and Spursh but couldn’t.
At Bhanushali house, there was tension on the dining table. Mohini thinks everyone will never suspect her if she poses to be upset. Baa asks Dada ji what he has decided about the relation of their children. Dada ji announces that there won’t be any further testimonies. He says if someone tries to create differences between them, he will have to bear his anger and punishment. Mohini tells him she understands well and won’t commit any such mistakes.
Jalpa asks Priya whatever she said was a lie? Priya says she wanted to secure Spursh’s life and it was important for better future of Spursh. But not everything was easy, she doesn’t have a roof to live. She tells Bharat to marry her, as a second wife.
At home everyone was worried that Ipshita is crying. Shorvari says she had fever. They took her to doctor. She has little allergy of dust as well. Indu remembers Parth also was allergic to dust. Mohini was worried how they will now play Holi. Dada ji says they celebrated Holi once when Parth also had dust allergy; they celebrated Holi with flowers then. Ipshita was now smiling, Teni thinks she can never stay without playing with colors.

PRECAP: Priya comes to Bhanushali house on Holi. She tells everyone that she is Teni in Parth’s life. Spursh is her son and she deserves to be the third wheel of Jalpa and Bharat’s life. If not, then they must also part Shorvari and Teni.

Update Credit to: Sona

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