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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th March 2018 Written Episode Update Kanpur to Goa

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Phone rings,anu says where is this vibhu and goes pick the call,she gets a call from John abraham,and says I’m your biggest fan and your 8 packs,uncle says it’s me your uncle and not the actor,anu says uncle you called me after so long and you didn’t even attend my wedding you use to say you will see me getting marry in a church,John says anu I couldn’t attend your wedding because you marriage was in trouble your Aunty Rosie saw me on beach with another woman,anu says that’s sad and bad too.

John says I had promised you to arrange your wedding in church,anu says my wedding is done and my husband is loyal too so no second plans,John says not again but marry your husband again and this will also strengthen your marriage,anu says I will be so happy,John says talk to your husband

and come soon.

Anu says Vibhu my uncle John Abraham had called,Vibhu says you never told me he is your uncle and also he is so maintained,anu says is there only one John in this world,I’m talking about my uncle who stays in Goa,and we are going Goa,Vibhu says I have lot of work,anu gives sarcastic look and tells the story,Tiwari hears them talk.

Vibhu says anu we are married once why again,anu says my uncle loves me a lot I can’t say no and even I want this,it was my dream to marry in church,in white gown and veil,Vibhu asks what about me,anu says what grooms wear,wear that,Vibhu says it’s called taxedo.anu says ok wear that.

Anu says we shall go to father in the church and say I do I do,and then shall go honey moon too,vibhu says nice let’s invite bhabhiji and Tiwari too,anu says no,if he learns about it he shall spoil the fun.

Tiwari says but I learnt it now.anu says shall I wear full sleeves or off shoulder,Vibhu walks away,anu says start packing for Goa.tiwari says anguri we are going Goa,anguri says I don’t believe,swear on me,tilu hears them talk,Tiwari says I swear on you,anguri says how come Goa now,Tiwari says o heard bhabhi and Vibhuti are going and tells her the story.

Anguri says how nice,and let us marry in church too,Tiwari says yes we will but you need to convince bhabhiji for this,anguri says no worries I will,tilu says I won’t enjoy you alone.

Malkhan says let’s go Bangkok for vacation,tikka says we Bangkok we can’t even go out of Kanpur,tilu says yes we will,we will for sure,tikka says will you take us on vacation,tilu says not me but Vibhuti and tiwrai and that too to Goa,tikka malkhan get excited and then say how funny,big joke Vibhuti and Tiwari never they shall take us,tilu tells them the story and says because of anu bhabhi,Tiwari wants to go and they all want to keep it a secrete and so now I have a plan.

Tiwari and anguri go meet anu,tiwrai says we are coming Goa,anu asks how did you learn,Tiwari says heard you talk,anu gets angry and says you always hear our private talks not fair,tiwari says apologies but anguri wants to visit Goa,Vibhu joins them and says so bhabhiji can come who is stopping her,anguri says good but it won’t be fun without Tiwari,Vibhu says don’t let him accompany he shall come there,start eyeing fair ladies and then you know what,anguri says oh good,Tiwari murmurs I just love one fair lady.

Vibhu asks what did you say,Tiwari says I just loved bhabhiji,Vibhu says excuse me,tiwari says I meant your bhabhiji and you be careful this looks like your plan,both get into argument,anu says enough you two,vibhu says he can come on one condition he shall buy tickets,anguri says no worries he will and even I want a church wedding,anu says ok we will be bride together.

Tikka walks in and says we will feel bad,anu asks what,tilu says our bhabhiji are getting married and they didn’t even think of inviting us,tikka says we are hurt,vibhu says shut up,anguri says why scold them let them come,tilu says yes let us come we are dying to see Russians I mean wedding,anu says how sweet tiwari include their tickets as well,tiwari says if you insist.

Happu on call says you have stopped coming to police station come visit me we shall have snacks,commissioner walks in and asks who are you inviting,happu says my neighbour,commissioner says concentrate on your job and not all this,travel agent walks to commissioner and says here are two tickets for you and gulfamkali,happu asks what is this,commissioner says it’s a secrete mission don’t interfere,agent gets a call from tiwrai and happu hears that all are going Goa.

Saxena walks to Tiwari and says you are taking everyone to Goa please let me in,anguri says yes let’s take him too cmon,saxena says thank you bhabhi Ma,Tiwari says ok and call says one more ticket in name of saxena.

Happu to agent says make it 9 and add my name,agent asks when will commissioners pay me,happu says he won’t he never go now.

Anguri and Tiwari in bedroom,Tiwari says all packed for Goa.anu says Vibhu what clothes you want me to pack,Vibhu says who wears clothes in Goa,anu says okay and empties suit case,Vibhu says why so serious,anu says look it will take me 5-6 hrs to pack clothes and it’s early morning flight.

Anguri says I had a dream we spending romantic time on beach,Tiwari thinks yes we will but with bhabhiji too,vibhu thinks it will be fun to spend time with Bhabhiji on beach.

Vibhu and Tiwari dream of Goa. Vibhu dancing with anguri in Goa beaches.abita with Tiwari.

Pre cap : everyone reaches Goa,Vibhu and Tiwari eyeing girls in pool.anguri says look at them I didn’t expect this,anu says we won’t leave this easy we shall teach them lesson.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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