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Belan Wali Bahu 5th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa tries to convince family to play holi

Belan Wali Bahu 5th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Society is preparing for holi. People are selling colors and rockets. Katori says to her kids that play holi before it even starts. She sees Dada coming out of house and gets scared, she hides her kids. Dada glares at her. Dada glares at sellers, they hide all holi things from him. Dada leaves from there, all start selling colors again.
Roopa and Laddo’s ghost are on roof. Roopa asks why people hid holi things from dada? Laddo’s ghost says its a long story, holi is like sad day for us. He says we used to play holi a lot but one holi.. Flashback shows Dada celebrating holi, he is taking colors to first play it with his wife, he comes to his room with colors, his wife hides from him, he looks around for her, Dada’s wife Lajjo comes there(female version of Laddo),

Dada smiles seeing her, he says you are in mood? Lajjo says its holi, she applies color on Dada, Dada says its your favorite festival, he applies color on her, she says happy holi and touches his feet, he says may you have long life, she thanks him. Dada says lets go, all are waiting. She says I love you, he says I love you too. They come to family. Lajjo does tikka of Ramnath, Lata, shalini, Jitendra, Naren. She asks Laddo’s ghost why he is standing far? Laddo’s ghost says dont apply too much color, she applies tikka on him. She hears music and says lets go, program have started. Lata says she becomes helen. Laddo’s ghost says dont know what happens to her on holi, she broke her leg once.

Lajjo starts dancing with family and society, she dances a lot and suddenly gets heart attack, she falls down, all rush to her, she applies color to Laddo’s ghost before she dies.. Flashback ends. Roopa says thats really tragic, you could have convinced Dada to play holi this time. Laddo’s ghost says yes it was Lajjo’s favorite festival, I wanted family to play it this time but I am not here anymore so you talk to family. Roopa says me no? Laddo’s ghost says please please, they need to do what Lajjo loved most. Roopa says how can I convince them? Laddo’s ghost says tell them it was my last wish. Roopa says how many last wishes you had? Laddo’s ghost glares at her and says please talk to family, they want to play it. Roopa sighs and says okay.

Ropopa and Laddo’s ghost comes to family. Laddo’s ghost asks her to talk to them, they are just scared. Roopa asks Lata if she doesnt want to play holi? Lata says we want to but Dada hates it now as its Lajjo’s death day too. Ramnath says we dont have Laddo with us too. Roopa says it was Laddo’s last wish so we should play it. Roopa says cant we convince Dada to play it? Ramnath says Dada is stubborn, he wont agree. Ramnath says Laddo had many last wishes. Jitendra says his last wish was bitter-gourd dish. Ramnath slaps him and says we are talking seriously, he says Dada wont agree with this. Roopa says till when we will remain scared, dont you people want to play it? we should play holi for people who are not with us, Lajjo’s last wish was to play holi,it was her favorite festival. Lata says yes we should play it. Dada comes there and shouts who wants to play holi? nobody answers. Dada says I wont let anyone play holi not right now, not after I die, all scatter off. Laddo’s ghost asks Roopa to talk, Roopa says I am scared, Laddo’s ghost says I cant talk so you do it.

Dada comes to his room and says to his wif’e picture that I promised on your death that I will never play holi, those colors sent you away from me so I will never use them, no, never. Roopa sees it and thinks of an idea.
Roopa comes and asks Jitendra if he can talk to Dada that can we go tomorrow to play holi? Jitendra says I can get slapped but I cant be kicked. Roopa says Dada have been stubborn, he doesnt let anyone play holi, this is not usual, its a case, its very old and big case that needs to be solved. Jitendra says you are right, this case is important and competent inspector should solve it. Roopa says you are most competent inspector and I know you can solve it. Jitendra gets proud and says only I will solve this case.

PRECAP- Dada says to Lajjo’s picture that you used to love colors so much, you would hate white color on holi. He hears Lajjo’s voice and comes out in lounge. He sees Suzzi dressed as Lajjo and applying holi tikka to family, he glares at them. Laddo’s ghost and Roopa looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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