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Badho Bahu 5th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Titli plays cricket with Lucky

Badho Bahu 5th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Doc is checking Kamla ji’s eyes. It is all because of the chemicals in the colours. She has blurred vision. Komal asks him by when Kamla ji will be fine. Doc says it might take a week or year. They ask for some medicine. Doc gives them eye drops. She should rest more. Doc takes their leave. Kamla ji seeks a promise from her husband. In Ramayana, Duryodhana’s husband was blind so his wife blindfolded himself. You would look good that ways. Kailash ji runs away from there. Payal joins them. She blames Pinki for not taking care of her MIL. Pinki says you became business woman but you still keep rubbing salt to the wound. Komal calms them down. Payal gives a black goggle and stick to Kamla ji. Kamla ji wears the goggle and calls Pinki closer. Pinki gulps but Kamla ji tells everyone no one will save Pinki

today. She is my only support. She will do my every work now. Pinki gets tensed.

Payal is talking to Vimla ji on phone. You have to ask questions and create a mess. You have a right as you are Teji’s Massi. Come tomorrow itself. She ends the call. Her mother asks her what she is up to. What will Vimla do? Payal tells her to wait and watch. I only want Pragya to know the truth. When she will know the truth, she will understand who is worth what. See what I will do tomorrow!

Malti ji asks Titli if she is fine. Titli says nothing happened to me. Malti ji says Badho was saying you were upset over something. Komal signals Titli whom diverts the matter. Malti ji adds that she has to learn the household chores from today onwards. Kamla ji walks holding Pinki’s shoulder and her stick in her other hand. She asks Pinki to walk slowly. Titli hurriedly stands up as Kamla ji sits on the cot. The phone vibrates. Kamla ji asks them what she sat above. Titli takes her phone. Kamla ji tells Titli her training starts today. Malti ji agrees to train Titli but Kamla ji offers to do it. Malti wont be strict with you. Pinki will be with me so Komal will teach you how to cook and do all the chores. Titli yawns as she nods. Lucky witnesses them from a distance. This girl is not going to learn anything. She will have to be taken care of the way other fighters are trained in Akhada as per their mindsets.

Lucky asks his father how he figures out how he should train a particular person in Akhada. They are all so different from each other. Raghubir ji says we decide on the basis of their behaviour and then decide how to train them. You are talking about Titli right? I know she is very different and stubborn. Her training should be different. Lucky agrees with him. she is told something else and she does altogether different thing. Household chores are not easy. Tai ji and Ma will make her do different things. Raghubir ji nods. She has not been raised by a mother and in a big family. Right now, she needs to be taught the importance of relationships. Lucky takes responsibility to do this task.

All the ladies stare at Titli as she stands in the kitchen. Titli asks them if some war broke out on the border. You all are staring at me so strangely! Pinki tells the menu for today. Malti ji suggests keeping a simple menu but Kamla ji makes fuss about it. Komal assures Kamla ji that Titli will cook nicely. Titli nods with a fake smile pasted on her face. Kamla ji tells Titli to make sure which all spices she uses. We can question you while eating. Titli murmurs that with that stick in her hand, she thinks herself to be some Masterni! Kamla ji goes out with Pinki and Malti ji.

Rana tells Pinki to escort his mother safely inside. Pinki nods. Kamla ji taunts Pinki to learn something from her son. Pinki nods sarcastically. I will atleast get a chance to play and I will get rid of you! Kamla ji reminds her only her eyes are not blurred. Jitesh comes there ready to play cricket. He hits Kamla ji by mistake and lies on the ground before her so as to apologize. Kamla ji uses his stick to hit him but he luckily escapes. He apologizes to her yet again. Malti ji takes her inside.

Komal does commentary while training Titli. Titli laughs. You talk just like the commercials. Komal says I thought to make it fun for you. She tells her the names of all the spices. Titli replies that she knows nothing beyond salt. Will we add all these in one veggie? We don’t see them. Komal says they will add flavour to food. She guides her how to cut veggies. Titli gulps.

Titli has cut veggies and has boiled potatoes. She pours salt on top of them and sets them aside (without mixing them). She forgets as to what she should do next. She decides to cut tomatoes. She notices Lucky and his friends playing cricket in the hall. Circket ball comes in kitchen. Titli picks it but it is all dirty and smelly now. He complains about it. She asks him to cook if he finds it so easy. You ahead and play as that’s what you know. He understands that she wants to play cricket. Who is stopping you? Join us. She asks him who will cook then. He advises her to do what her heart tells you to. You have done half of the job already. She nods. Badho told me about all the spices in one go anyways. I will get a break. She joins them for the match.

Jitesh asks Rana to out Lucky or he will keep batting all day. Lucky scores 4 this time. Rana scolds them for not making Lucky run out. Jitesh and Titli argue. Lucky tells them to stop fighting like kids. He scores 3 runs this time. The arguments continue. Lucky tells them to stop fighting as in that, he will win. Titli needs to know that you should play as a team to win. This is the way family works. He tells them all to wait. Your batting wont come today. He gets out in the next ball and smiles. This might small but this is your big win. You learnt the first lesson this time.

Precap: Titli has added too many spices to food. Malti ji scolds her for laughing. Titli calls Lucky his friend. We played together; cooked together so we are friends. She extends her hand towards him. He smiles.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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