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Abhigya’s boundless love (introduction & epi 1)

Hey guys.. After a long time..how are you all? I hope everyone is doing fine..i thought of one fantasy story and i wanted to share it with guys. I dont know if you are ready accept to my story but i will try my best to give u better story..so on with the story…

Our leading characters for now

Abhishek prem mehra

Pragya arora

Sarla arora

Pragya’s grandfather

Jhanvi (pragya’s grandfather)

The story begins at mumbai..

Pragya: what????

Pragya left in shock and drops the mobile.

Jhanvi comes there. And asks her what happened. Pragya shares jhanvi that her grandfa position is not good so she needs to leave to varnasi. Jhanvi tries to console her. Pragya leaves from there and reaches railway station. She gets into train and starts recollecting her memories with grandfather.

Pragya’s pov: the tears burst forth like water from a dam, spilling down my face then i look towards the window, as if the light could soothe me and then i heard a voice saying ” why a beautiful girl like you is crying?” i turned aside and found a handsome guy staring at me. I dont know who is he but i felt like i have known him for a long time and there is a strong connection between us. For a few seconds i forgot about my grandfather but right now i should worry about my grandfather so i came to my senses and questioned him”who the hell are you?”

Abhi’s point of view: i dont know who is she but when i saw her for the first time tears starts rolling by her red cheek. She looked like a 3yrs old kid and i felt bad for her. Its like i have known her since long. Whoever she might be i cant leave her in pain like that so i decided to comfort her and then said “did i do something wrong? See those beautiful eyes became red.”

Pragya: dont try to flirt with me. I dont like strangers trying to chit chat with me.

Abhi: thats ok. I m not trying to flirt with you. I just dont want beautiful girls like you crying.

Pragya (angrily): stop flirting with me!! Just go away.

Abhi: ok chill. I just tried to comfort you. If you are not interested then i will leave but if you need me i will sit there.

Pragya: i dont need you. Bye.

Pragya’s pov: at that time i need someone to comfort me and thats what he is trying to do but i dont want anyone to see me a weak girl. And that too he is a stranger i cant trust him him so i let him go.

Abhi’s pov: i know she doesnt want me to see her as a weak girl but i m sure she is a strong girl. And she is in pain. She need someone now and i m trying to be for her even she is a stranger but thats ok i will give her space.

He leaves from there.

After sometime, pragya look towards the window and left in thought. Abhi gets busy in reading book. Meanwhile a creep comes near pragya and tries to misbehave with her. She pushes him and rushes to abhi. She sits beside him.

Abhi gets surprised and says “i left only for one hour and you started missing me right?”

Pragya: shut up! Dont irritate me.

Abhi’s pov: i know she will never sit beside but by seeing her face i can say she is scared of something. I should find out whats the matter.

Abhi: so tell me why did you come here Unless you miss me?

Pragya is about to say something then the creep comes there. Abhi understands the reason and gets angry. He confronts and kicks him from there. Pragya gets relief.

Pragya’s pov: i know this guy will save me. He is a stranger to me but still he somehow care about me but i cant give him a chance.

Abhi: thanks to me.

Pragya: what?

Abhi: you didnt even thank me so i m thanking myself on behalf of u.

Pragya smiles and hides it. Abhi observes this and says you dont need to hide your beautiful smile. It really suits you.

Pragya: dont start this again.

Abhi: ok your smile is ugly.

Pragya gives angry look and says what?

Abhi: no one can understand women. If you ppl are kept as one subject all guys will fail in that subject. Women’s heart is as depth as ocean because it can never be measured.

Pragya smiles and says if women’s heart depth is ocean then it can be understood by men whose heart have the sky limit.

They both smile at each other. After sometime pragya gets a call from sarla. She intimates about her father condition. Pragya gets emotional and again starts sobbing. Abhi tries to calm her but in vain. Later they have a small talk. Finally they reach the destination.

Before leaving

Abhi & pragya’s pov: i dont know but i feel like i m missing something most precious even he or she is a stranger.

Abhi: so i forgot to ask u. Whats your name?

Pragya: i dont tell my name to strangers.

Abhi: come on. We are friends now.

Pragya: who said? I dont know you so i m nt going to tell my name.

Abhi: ok i will find it on my own.

Pragya: good luck! And leaves

Abhi shouts i know one day you will come to me for my friendship.

Pragya: you are the last person on this earth i will come.

Abhi: in your dreams. They both leave.

Pragya reaches to her house. Sarla is left in tears. Pragya tries to console her mother but in vain. She goes to her granfather who is in bed. She starts crying.

Grandfather: dont cry sweety. I know my time has come but i need to tell you an important matter.

Pragya: dadaji! Dont say like that. We need you and we love you so much bit whats that important matter.

Grandfa: first of all i m so sorry sweety. I have committed a big sin and because of that you are in curse. I regret everyday that i never shared this with you but its time.

Pragya (shock): what Curse? What sin? I dnt understand anything dadaji

Grandfa is about to say something and dies. Pragya is hell shocked and emotionally break down.

Epi ends…

I hope you guys like my first epi. I know you guys have always supported and i want the same support now. May b this epi is bit dragging and boring but i promise to give you better epi in future. Please do comment and share your opinions with me so that i will continue my story or else i will stop it here but i know this story will entertain you. I m waiting for your response..bye guyzz..love u..♥

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