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hi guys em back with my os…. This os is 4 my sis riyarocks my mita….this is her bday present…so i will not waste ua tym n mine too…lets start the story

a beautiful bunglow is shown…a lady around 30 is shown cleaning the storeroom … The lady is wearing a orange coloured sari with her hair line filled with sindoor ….while sorting out the things a diary caught her attention…she picked up the diary n smiled….she sat on a chair near her and began to read the diary…she opened the 1 page n on the 1 page there was writen


she laughed remembering the day she wrote this…she again turned the page n started to read the story of her life…

hi i am sanchi mishra…i will not start from the begining but from thag day when i lost my everything…it was holi the festival of colours n this has been my fav festival among all the fev…it was morning i woke up wishing everyone happy holi bt the excitement were having  from the past few weeks was not same…evry1 in my family was sad as my masi was ill…i tried to cheer up them bt nothing was going to happen…i became a lil bit upset then my mama told me to play holi with my frnds…i agreed n i went to play holi…it was 2:pm i was too much busy in playing…suddenly my uncle called me he told me to come with him…tension was clearly visible on his face…i went with him…he took me to my masi’s home i was not able to understand why we r here…sme1 shouted 4m behind that she died…i directly went to my mamu he hugged me tightly n said to me that my masi is no more…i was taken in shock…i shouted my masi’s name…i went to the hall where she was n the people were around her…i made my way n i saw my mom crying there…i quickly hugged the body of my masi n started crying…my father n some people came n lifted the body for last ritues…i used to share my evrything with my masi she was my evrythng i lvd her more than my mother bt god took her away frm me…he took my mom…4m that incident i became very rude..i nva shared anything with any1 except my two besties isha and pragya…they wanted me to come out 4m the dilemma so they insisted me to use instagram…firstly i rejected bt then forced me to use ig…i started using ig there my classmate sid also followed me…i started talking with him on ig…we did late nyt chats n i enjoyed it a lot…one day he proposed me on ig he was nt hving guts to propose me face to face…i accepted hi proposal after two days when i realised that i too luv him…his luv changed me i again became the 1 sanchi who was vry cheerful…

mamma  a lil girl called 4m back…sanchi wiped her tears n closed the diary n answered the lil girl

s:haa mera bacha…kya huwa(yes my doll…what happened)

g:mamma mera lunch box kaha hai(mama where is my lunch box)

s:chalo aap mai aapka lunch lati hun(i will bring ur lunch box)

sanchi hid the diary in her room n quickly went downstairs to attend her husband and daughter…she packed her daughter n hubby’s lunch n gived them…priyanka(sanchi’s daughter)went outside near the  car n sat on the front seat…sanchi was going to wave her by bt stopped when a strong pair of arms pulled her n asked 4 a kiss…sanchi refused at first bt suddenly the man captured his lips with hers…sanchi too reciprocated…they were in their own world…a sound which was coming 4m outside made them come out 4m their dreamland….sanchi n the man went outside near the car…the man started the car….sanchi bid them by…they too waved her…

To be continued….

today i end here…will soon come with the nxt part…dnt forget to give ua reviews…best of luck to my all sisters n brothers for their xams…keep rocking guys



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