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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 4th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer safeguards Naina’s identity from Principal Ma’am

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 4th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Naina comes out and notices Tai ji there. She hides. What is Tai ji doing here? Did Ma’am call at home? It cannot be! Why is Tai ji here then? Tai ji keeps looking around for Naina. Naina walks behind a group of kids walking out of the college. Tai ji misses seeing her. She leaves for home.

Kartik is happy. They got us suspended from college. I will get them both rusticated now! Sunaina asks him if Ma’am saw Naina. Kartik and Priyam share that she dint see her face but they took Naina’s name. Sameer will take Naina’s name under pressure. They will be suspended for sure! Sunaina says I know Sameer better than you. He will die but he will never take Naina’s name! She walks away in a huff.

Ma’am asks Sameer to think well before coming to any decision. I give you

tonight’s time. You will either share the name with me tomorrow morning or you will sign this! Sameer walks out of Principal Room with that form.

Anand is packing his bag. Preeti tells her father to settle down there. We will join you. Anand replies that there is no better place than India. Tai ji’s niece tells Anand to see statue of liberty. Bela reprimands Preeti for not being so smart. Preeti replies that she will pass this time. Anand asks her to get 2nd division this time. Preeti notices Naina coming in and suggests that she will make it happen. Anand smiles. Learn something from your sister too. Everyone goes about their work. Anand tells Naina to tell Sameer to study well too. You both should score well.

Munna and Pundit are worried about Ma’am condition but Sameer plans to act all scared yesterday. I will apologize to her and pacify her somehow. His friends are worried. Sameer assures them they both will pass the exams. They correct him. All 3 of us will pass! Sameer recalls Ma’am condition. He leaves on his bike. Munna and Pundit stop an auto but Tai ji is already sitting in it. She insists upon dropping them home. They give in reluctantly.

Naina is still worried thinking about what happened today in college. Preeti asks her why she looks so pale. You will top. Naina hugs her and cries. I made a very big mistake. Preeti gets concerned. Sit down and tell me. Naina tells her everything. Preeti asks her if she is mad. Naina says I know I shouldn’t have done it but it has happened now. I am worried for Sameer. Hope he wont get punished for my mistake. Preeti is sure nothing will happen to either of them. She dint see you. Why are you afraid? Naina says he was asking him to share the name of the girl. Preeti says you know Sameer. He wont say anything. She teases Naina if she just kissed Sameer. Naina hits her playfully. Preeti suggests her to say Om Sai Ram 108 times. Naina reasons that it is a bigger sin. She sits down to write and chant it simultaneously. Preeti sits beside her sister to make her feel better.

Tai ji asks Munna and Pundit what’s going on in college. Munna cracks a lame joke. Tai ji asks about Naina’s studies. I heard that she is having an affair with someone in college. They say yes absentmindedly but then deny. She tells them that she knows who it is. Sameer told me. Munna and Pundit fall in her words for a second. Tai ji says Bholuram told me there is someone. He dint take the name. They understand she is cooking a story. She tries finding out a name but they cook up a story. Tai ji stops the auto and forces them to get out of auto. Munna and Pundit decide to inform Sameer. Tai ji is acting like a spy.

Sameer paces worriedly in his room. Principal Ma’am and his mother’s words echo in his head. Naina calls him just then. She asks him lot many questions at once. How are you? What did Ma’am say? Did she see me? I am really scared. I shouldn’t have closed the door. It’s entirely my fault! He goes quiet. She asks him to say something. I am dying. Sameer apologizes to Naina and tells her Ma’am’s condition. My one year would have been ruined so I told her your name. hNaina looks freaked out. He recalls that Rakesh ji has gone out. You can bring Chacha ji. Naina says he will be insulted so much. Now everyone will know. Tai ji was spying on me outside college too. He affirms. She was questioning Munna too. Naina says Tai ji and Tau ji will not spare me now. I have broken their trust after all. Even Chacha ji will be against us now. He breaks into a smile. I was kidding. Nothing like that happened. She asks him if Ma’am dint say anything to him. He looks at the letter. I dint agree even for once that someone else was in that room. She ended up agreeing. Naina scolds him for joking on that occasion. Don’t repeat it again. He agrees. Stop crying now and focus on your studies. She tells him the same. They end the call. Naina thanks God for saving them.

Next morning, Sameer hands over the form to Ma’am. Principal Ma’am points out that he will waste a year this way. He nods. She advises Sameer not to ruin his life and future without thinking. Will you waste your entire year to save Naina? Sameer insists he was all alone yesterday. Naina was nowhere. She speaks of where everyone will be when he will be repeating his year in college. Think about your family. Think through. Sameer replies that he has made up his mind already.

Precap: Ma’am tells Sameer he dint do the right thing. She turns but sees Naina there. Sameer also notices her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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