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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naksh fight Lakhna

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the awards function beginning. The award for favorite Head of the family is given to Suhasini Dadi. Baisa says this is not fair, these children gave award to their Dadi. Dadi asks why are you jealous, you will get some other award. Naira says our judges will justify it. Lav and Kush say our family is weird and cute, Dadi handles family and business too, that’s why she is the best. Manish says yes, its true. Samarth says she handled me too. Dadi takes blessings from Badi Nani. She goes on stage and tells something to Ananya. Mohit calls Baisa for giving the award to Dadi. Baisa comes on stage and takes the award. Dadi stops her. Baisa gives the award. Everyone claps. Ananya says say a few words, if you have a wish or something else. Dadi says no, I have no wish,

to see respect in children’s eyes is a big thing, a mother who gets this has achieved everything, I want to thank everyone and also Naira. Everyone claps.

Lakhna comes to Goenka house and asks the goons to wait here. Guard stops him. Lakhna says I have to meet Vishwamber, I m his close friend, Lakhna. Guard says fine, I will ask and come. Lakhna says some function is going on, the work will get easier if there are many people. Naira says I m scared that there can be fights. Kartik says there will be something unplanned. Ananya says next award is for fav. funny member. Mohit says my mum should get this award. Akhilesh jokes. Ananya says Rukmani has not been nominated, sorry. Lav and Kush get the award. Fav. Sasur award goes to Vishwamber. He gets happy to get it. Guard says Lakhna has come to meet you.

Vishwamber goes. Naksh turns and goes to see. Kartik turns to see. Mohit says the person with most swag. Ananya says the most stylish person. Kartik says I m also nominated. Manish says I will take this award. Dadi says don’t talk this about Kartik. Suwarna says she loves Kartik more than you. Ananya says the award for coolest guy goes to Manish Goenka. Manish goes on stage and gets the award. Mohit asks him to say two words. Manish says I m very happy, not because that I got this award, but because kids are intelligent to know who deserves the award, thanks Lav and Kush. Mohit says we have arranged for the bytes, come. Manish says I want to say, I will finish my speech soon. Suwarna asks him to come, its enough.

Manish says fine then and goes. Manish says father always has an upperhand, son. Kartik smiles. Lakhna greets Vishwamber and says I have come to complete the talk which you left incomplete on call. Vishwamber asks guards to throw him out. Naksh says we aren’t scared of you. Lakhna points gun at Vishwamber and threatens. He says sign this NOC and get free of these problems. Vishwamber says my answer is same, no. Ananya and Mohit say about fav mother award. Baisa says kids will give this award to their mum. Mohit says its a tie. Kartik says Devyaani and Suwarna. He gives them awards.

Kartik says its normal thing if mum loves her child, if step mum loves her child, but if the step mum loves child more than her own child, then its very rare, these two mums have done this, they have loved us from the depth of their hearts, we will always be indebted. He hugs Devyaani and Suwarna. Ananya says we will take a small Audio visual break. Badi Nani feels uneasy. Naira goes to her and asks what happened, I hope you are fine. Badi Nani says I m fine, don’t worry, I m so happy. Vishwamber says do anything, I m not scared. He tears the papers. Lakhna loads the gun. Kartik comes and holds the gun. Kartik and Naksh beat Lakhna, and goons.

Vishwamber asks them to be careful. Goons run away. Lakhna apologizes. Kartik asks guard to take him to police station. Mohit says most smiling face award goes to Bhabhimaa, fav shopaholic award goes to Surekha, fav brother award goes to Akhilesh. They give away awards. Vishwamber says this shouldn’t affect the function. Naksh says none should know this at home. Kartik says you should have told us. Vishwamber says I didn’t know this man will get after my life, I m not going to sell this mansion to anyone. Kartik and Naksh hug him. They go inside.

Mohit says our next award is special. Ananya says I request Kartik and Naira to say few words. Kartik says this award is an addition. Naira says its unique. Kartik says there is only one nominee and awardee. They say we take up the responsibility to give new meaning to our relations. Kartik says Dadi will be giving award to Samarth uncle. Dadi gives the award to Samarth and blesses him. Kartik asks Samarth to say a few words. Samarth says thanks Kartik and Naira, I m wearing the surname of Goenka with pride, you ended my hatred, Dadi and everyone have forgiven me, thanks.

Everyone dances on Hum saath saath hai…. Dadi asks what happened to Nimmo didi…. They get shocked seeing Badi Nani fallen on the ground.

Update Credit to: Amena

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