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We lost Humanity : by P

I stepped out of the hostel with my hoodie on me for having break fast. It is drizzling when I entered the ‘mess’. I came into the mess and ate the food made in there. The moment I finished my break fast, it started raining heavily. The drops of water coming from the clouds made noise, noise of splashing, noise of happiness, noise of joy. I thought I will go once the rain slows down. I waited, waited for so long but the rain did not stop. ‘okay, this is it, I’m leaving, its just the rain and water’ I leave the mess with my phone in my hoodie pocket. I came down using stairs and stood infornt of the mess still waiting for the rain to stop, but it is not stopping. I looked at the surroundings, there is a girl behind me waiting for the rain to stop, just like me.

While I’m looking at the surrounding I saw a “deer” beside me, fully drenched in water, sitting on the bare mud and grass. I feel like the look of deer’s eyes went through me. It is the look of pity, the look is giving me chills. I feel like the deer is telling me something, infact asking me questions “what happened Human? why are you standing still? are you waiting for the rain to stop? It’s not gonna stop so early. What are you waiting for? I’m here, under the rain, feeling cold, feeling the droplets straight into my body. No, I’m not wearing clothes, but still I’m fine, we made our body like that. It’s so funny that the most intelligent being on the earth needs help every time, a piece of cloth to cover himself.”

I can never forget the eyes of deer I just saw, the look of pity. I put my hoodie down after hearing the inner voice of deer and talked to myself in my brain “The most intelligent beings on The Earth are the most cruel ones, I wonder where did we lose our humanity? what did we become? what happened to our helping hands?” These thoughts rotated in my head for so long, I decided to move on, get wet in the rain and started walking slowly to my hostel. In the mid way I put on my hoodie back, cause I don’t wanna get sick.

I’m ashamed to be born like this. I questioned myself “Am I really a good person? Will I help anyone who is in need?” I had my answer coming from my heart “no, you won’t”

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