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Udaan 4th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor gets Raghav arrested

Udaan 4th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Chakor saying I have saved villagers that day, but I couldn’t save Suraj, I ran to the ground to save a kid, I stepped on a landmine by mistake, Suraj came there to save me, he stepped on the landmine to save me. Tejaswini cries. Chakor says Suraj cheated me, he made me promise that I will give a good future to Anjor and take care of her, and he left me. They cry. Chakor cries and says I have lost Suraj, if Anjor knew this truth, she would have died, so I have got Raghav here, I have lived with this pain and didn’t let it appear on face, if Anjor knew this, she would have known that she lost her dad. Anjor calls her out.

Chakor gets shocked. Anjor looks at everyone and comes downstairs. Chakor makes an excuse. She asks Anjor to go and sleep. Anjor asks her why is your

mangalsutra fallen here, wear it, it looks beautiful. Chakor says I will wear it later. Anjor insists and gives it to her. Chakor wears it. Tejaswini cries. Chakor takes Anjor with her. Anjor asks her why did police come. Chakor says Suraj is helping them in some case. Anjor asks why was Rajjo crying when she is strong. Chakor says Rajjo’s relative is involved in that case. Anjor says I have become strong now, don’t hide anything now, I will not fall ill hearing any sorrow, I m strong daughter as I m you and dad with me. Chakor cries and hugs her. She sings a lullaby for Anjor. She thinks of Suraj and cries.

Rajjo and Tejaswini cry. Raghav says I just did what Chakor told me, I was helping her. Inspector scolds him. Raghav says why will I work for free, money is everything, I have taken money, what’s wrong. Inspector says your thinking is wrong, this isn’t help, you are taking money to help a girl recover, you can ruin some girl’s respect too. Raghav says no, I did a deal with Chakor, I can’t rape anyone, what are you saying, I m bad, goon, thief, but I respect women, you can ask anyone. Inspector asks are you famous, you just look like Suraj, you aren’t equal to him, you will talk in the jail now. Raghav asks why will I go to jail. Inspector says you cheated Chakor by staying in her house. Raghav says I didn’t do anything.

He pushes inspector and runs. Police follows. Raghav locks the haveli door. Inspector says Raghav, you have run away and proved that you are Rajjo’s culprit. Raghav gets shocked seeing Chakor in front. He says you here. She says its my haveli, why did you run. He says I didn’t do any crime, I told them, they aren’t believing me, so I m running. She says if you run away, you will be tagged a culprit. He says I know how police turns blame into a crime, you know I have to go. Chakor says I won’t let you go. He says this inspector will put me in jail. Inspector comes out. He says I can’t value anyone in front of my life, to hell with Rajjo and her respect. Chakor slaps him. Inspector sees them. Chakor says to hell with you. Police arrests Raghav. Raghav says you should have not slapped me, I came here to save your dying daughter, you believed Rajjo and send me to jail, this cheat will be proved costly for you. Everyone looks on. Raghav is taken in the police jeep.

Raghav runs away. Inspector informs Chakor. Raghav calls Chakor and asks for money. He threatens her by kidnapping the family. Anjor comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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