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Tantra 4th December 2018 Written Episode Update: The magical Jalsa

Tantra 4th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akshit save Niyati as the brick panel fell over her. Sumati comes outside and inquires about Akshit and then Niyati. Niyati replies she is used to such injuries during her cycling. Nirman was worried why such a slap fell off a new house. Nirwan calls the contractor. Sumati tells everyone to go back home, it wasn’t a big matter. After they have left, the flower returns to its place on the stone while the bricks reassemble themselves.
There at home, Nani and Dadi argue with each other over burning red chillies. Both called each other illiterate for their contradictory believes. Niyati agrees to get both antiseptic and turmeric paste. They hear Nirman argue with the contractor that slab actually fell off. He tells the family that the contractor claims the slab hadn’t ever fallen.
The old lady

from the neighborhood comes with a letter to Jalsa and decides to inform the residents about this ghostly house. If they come to live here this house will eat them up. She wish they read her letter as soon as possible. She peeks into the house, then pours the letter into the letter box. As of a sudden, the red lights in the house turn on. The old lady hear the sounds of chewing and turns to find the letter box tearing her letter into pieces, ejecting it over her face. She screams and runs away fearfully.
Sumati scolded Geeta and held her accountable for Mohan. She questions why she and Mohan went against her family. Geeta swears to her unborn child that she doesn’t know where Mohan is. Niyati defends that she really thinks Geeta isn’t involved with Mohan. Sumati says if her husband was here, Geeta must have been in jail. Niyati says her papa is never unfair. Sumati confronts Niyati that she understands her papa more than she do. Everyone compel her to spare Geeta. After Sumati has left, Niyati consoles Geeta.
Niyati stood at the balcony when someone teases her by tapping her shoulder. She was annoyed with Akshat. She says she is disturbed by her Papa’s dream house and that old lady. Akshat asks Niyati who this lady is. Niyati says that old lady lives in front of Jalsa, she must know something about the accident. Akshat forces her to watch movie. In the car, Niyati was worried that her family will soon be shifting to that house, she must solve that mystery of that Mohan’s incident. Akshat instead plays the music. On the way Niyati watch that old lady in the market. She stops her and introduces herself as Niyati. She asks if she lives there in front of Jalsa, the new house. The old lady gets horrifying flashes from the Jalsa house. Niyati stops the lady and asks for some help. Someone in a nearby car kept an eye over the two. Niyati asks the old lady about Mohan who went missing. The car hits the old lady.
In the hospital, Niyati and Akshat were waiting outside. The doctor says the old lady is fearful and must be kept in observation. They were being followed in hospital as well. The old lady doesn’t hold Niyati responsible and says her children settled in US. Akshat promises to take the old lady for a comedy film and tells Niyati to book their tickets. Niyati scolds Akshat for his jokes. The old lady stops Niyati as she turns to leave. She says Niyati came to find out about something, she watch the photo and recognize Mohan. She says he came with another man, it was dark and she couldn’t see more. She wanted to tell them the truth. Both of them went into the house, but couldn’t come out. Her eyes had signs of terrors. The old lady says their house Jalsa… but couldn’t speak any further. She breathed hard, the ECG disrupted. Her hands trembled while the drip stand fell down. The doctors come for first aid. Niyati hands her number to the old lady and takes a leave. She and Akshat walk out of the hospital. Niyati called her mother to apologize, she argued her in favor of Geeta though she was right. Akshat says Sumati never shows as much love for Niyati as she respects her. Niyati says Sumati only wants to make her braver and independent.
The old lady wakes up in hospital and decides to call Niyati. She says the house is a monster and she must warn Niyati. She was dialing Niyati’s cell number when a lady draped in black comes inside. She warns the old lady against her capabilities.

PRECAP: The lady in black says she has old enmity against that Prithvi Khanna, and spread Tantra under his dream house to destroy it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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