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Shakti 4th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya and his daughters’ demand is fulfilled

Shakti 4th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kanhaiya not agreeing to break his hunger strike. Pratap and Khatru tell that Kanhaiya sticks to his words. Joshi says they will not accept his demands. Pratap asks Kanhaiya not to drink water also. Khatru tells that slogan saying bhaiyya will not drink water too. Buddhi and her sisters decide not to drink water. Pratibha asks what they are doing? She says we shall give them greed of money. Pari comes and says she will break their fast. Kunti says we couldn’t do since morning. Pari says it is now my turn and asks her to make arrangements for gift. Pratibha says we will bring. Kanhaiya is sitting with tape on his mouth. Prema comes there. Khatru asks her to faint and asks Kanhaiya to take her inside the shop and eat samosa, jalebi etc. Kanhaiya smiles. Pari comes to girls and asks

them to break the fast. Joshi asks someone about the truck bringing the idol. Pari tells that they will get gift if they break the Anshan. Kunti says yes. Buddhi says ok. Shakti announces the same.

Prema pretends to talk on phone. Joshi and his men go to check the truck. Pratap acts and shouts saying Prema fell down. Prema sees the thrown plates and thinks how to fall here, I won’t let my handkerchief fall too. People come there and sees Prema standing. Joshi and his men come there and ask if they have gone mad. Pratap says she is about to fall down.

Kunti appreciates Pari for doing what others couldn’t do. Pratibha asks them to go and drink milk. Pari says they have broken Anshan placard. Buddhi shows the Anshan placard broken. Kunti scolds Pari. The girls resume the hunger strike.

Khatru tells that they will get the place clean and asks Prema to fall then. Pratap says everyone will understand. Kunti tells that Prema was right and that the kids are hungry since morning. Prema comes home. Pratibha gets an idea and tells that kids will break the fast seeing the feast. Prarthana tells Pari that this idea is good to break the children fast. The girls look at pani puri stall. Prarthana asks the pani puri guy to give golgappa. Buddhi asks her sisters not to fall prey. Dhairya says I can’t control now. Shakti says even I can’t control. Prarthana and Pari enjoy pani puri. Buddhi and others close Dhairya’s eyes. Prema says kids will not melt this way. Pratibha says they will break their fast seeing icecream. Pari and Prarthana take icecream. All girls keep hand on their hands and try to look at them. Buddhi asks her sisters to close their eyes. Pari says this tuti frooti is so good. Prarthana says it is very tasty. Buddhi and Dhairya tell that they will not break their fast. Prema tells Pratibha and Kunti that kids are determined. Pratibha says you are right, now we have to agree to their demands.

Kanhaiya is sitting on a hunger strike. Joshi tells that truck has reached and they go to bring the idol. Khatru and Pratap ask him to break the fast. Kanhaiya says I was feeling bad because of hunger strike, but will not let them place the idol here. He says this is the matter of all shopkeepers. Some man comes and tells that the idol can’t come to this neighborhood as it is stuck being very giant. He says we have to place it in big place. Kanhaiya and others get happy. Kunti and Pratibha agree to girls’ demand. Pratibha says we will not give you milk. Buddhi says it might be their trick to make us break the fast. Pratibha says sasumaa will give her thumb impression. Kunti says she can sign on a written statement. Prema says we all will sign.

Pratap tells that he is a good actor and they asked him to stand outside the bathroom. Kunti says you have no future in acting. She asks him to do the job else leave.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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