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RadhaKrishn 4th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Agasur Attacks The Barsana

RadhaKrishn 4th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Radha feeds butter to Krishna sitting on a swinger with him. Pandit says Radha and Krishna are looking good as Narayan and Narayani. Radha dreams about swinging on a swinger with Krishna in Golok. She wakes up worried thinking she saw same place in Krishna’s eyes, only he can answer her questions. Krishna on the other side steals butter with his friends. On river bank, a few men graze their cattle. Agasur enters there invisible and gulps all their cattle. Men realize an invisible danger and run away.

Radha into jungle to meet Krishna and confront him. Agasur follows her invisibly and is about to attack her when Krishna holds Radha and saves her. Radha yells to leave her and behave. Krishna senses invisible evil power and tells let us go from here. Radha insists to tell what is

he making her see. Krishna says he is senses evil power here, so she should leave this place. Radha says he is acting to get her and in turn rule on Barsana. Agasur reminisces Ayan telling Krishna wears feather on his cap and wears typical clothes, he will identify Krishna easily. Radha leaves. Krishan thinks what evil power is around. His friend enters and says Nand has called him, a big disaster happened. Krishna leaves with him. Agasur thihnks he would have killed Krishna right now, but will kill his dear ones first.

Ayan with Jatila returns home. Father says he is happy to see them back, what did vaidya say. Jatila says there is still risk and they have to go back to Mathura again. Once father leaves, they hear sound. Ayan says Agasur has come here instead of going to Vrindavan and kill Krishna, he had described Krishna’s details to Agasur already.

Balram sees Krishna tensed and asks reason. Krishna says Agasur has come and he is bound by Brahmadev’s promise, so he cannot kill Agasur immediately, he will use Agasur to get Radha rid off hr fear.

Agasur attacks people searching Radha. Vrishbhan sees him and sends family in. Agasur grips Vrisbhan. Radha reaches and pleads to spare her father.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that a few birds build nest whole life and get engrasped so deep that they forget about their feathers and forget there have vast sky to fly; similarly human gets busy earning wealth that they forget enjoying, so they should enjoy their wealth also..

Precap: Radha asks Agasur what he need in exchange of her father. Agasur says he needs her. She walks into his mouth.

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