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Patiala Babes 4th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Ashok Shocks Family

Patiala Babes 4th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lovely informs Biji and Babita that Ashok had called. Babita stands nervously Biji asks what did he say. Lovely says bhaisaheb reached London. Babita relaxes. Lovely says her friend has uploaded her cake preparing pic, even she wants to upload her cooking video. Babita says she will prepare dahi balle for her. Biji reminds her religious group ladies are coming, so Babita should prepare satvik food. Babita agrees. Dadaji walks in scolding Biji and Lovely that they throw all their work on Babita. Lovely takes Biji to her room yelling. Babita fills water reminiscing Ashok’s words that she may not forgive him for what she does. Dadaji asks why she is engrasped in thoughts after Ashok left. Mini tells him what Ashok told and says she is confused. Dadaji says even he was when Ashok told

his business is not going well, but then he told he is winding up his business and returning back to India and thought at least he would be in India with Babita.

Mita insists Ashok to inform his family about them. He says he will send an e-mail to Lovely who will inform family. Mita agrees. Lovely walks to Babita to take dahi bhalle selfies. She sees Ashok’s e-mail. Babita asks to check what message is it. Lovely says there is no wifi network here and walks away.

Mini throws party to her school friends. Preet asks how did she get so much money. Mini says papaji gave her, soon she will get admission in Delhi’s biggest college soon. Bobby joins them and proposes her. She laughs followed by all her friends. She then takes selfies and uploads it in social media. At home, Biji is busy in religious gathering/satsang with her group. Lovely sees Mini’s social media pic and complains Babita that Mini has taken pic with so many boys and girls. Babita says they are her classmates. Lovelya sks what about Bobby, what if Mini is dating him. Mini returns home. Lovely asks about pic. Mini says she threw party to her friends and Bobby proposed her. Lovely stands yelling while Mini walks to her room and sleeps. Babita walks to her and asks if she is dating Bobby. Mini asks if she is out of her mind.

Mini then walks out and sits on sofa. Lovely asks her to help open her mobile lock. Mini asks her password. Lovely hesitantly says baby doll. Mini asks if it is not caps and unlocks mobile. She sees Ashok’s voice mail and opens. Ashok adresses Lovely. Whole family joins. Ashok confesses that he is staying from family for 17 hears and someone else has taken Babita’s place in his life. Babita stands shocked and runs to kitchen. Mini runs behind her. Babita blabbers in shock. Mini shakes her and takes her out to dosa shop where she breaks down asking how can papaji betray Babes and her for some Mita. Babita consoles her and says everything will be alright, papaji is angry on us, so he sent wrong message, maybe Mita is his friend and papaji did not mean what they are thinking, blame Mini that papaji is angry on them as she insisted to go to London. Mini says these are all excuses. Babita says once she speaks to Ashok, everything will be fine. Mini gives her mobile and asks to clear misunderstanding. Babita calls Ashok.

Precap: Mini over phone cofronts Ashok that she does not know who Mita is, she knows he is her papaji and Babita her mamma, either his earrings are true or his message.

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