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Mr Sanskar Maheswari Vs Mrs Sanskar Maheswari (RagSan) episode-11

Mr Sanskar Maheswari Vs Mrs Sanskar Maheswari (RagSan) episode-10

Ragini who is coming out of the room dashed laksh who is passing in front of ragsan room..ragini about to fall laksh held her..sanskar who is coming out of room sees this..He feels jealous.. Laksh makes her stand.. Ragini:thanks
Laksh:ur welcome ragini..but u should have careful naa.. Ragini:hmm
Laksh:btw how is ur hand Ragini:better than yesterday Laksh:ok..where are u going Ragini:kitchen mein kuch kaam tha Laksh:kitchen??u are not well na.. Ragini:thats ok laksh Laksh held her hand nd takes to ragsan room where sanskar just stood nd looks at them with jealousy.. Laksh:bhai..what is this..ragini hand is not well naa..then how could u let her go to kitchen Sanskar:i told her but she didn’t listen
Laksh:kya ragini..u no need to work with this hand..maa all there Saying he goes.. Ragini looks at sanskar jealous face.. Ragini:so caring naa
Sanskar glares at her..ragini smiles turning other side..
Sanskar:u didnt listen me..but u agreed for laksh… Ragini:haan..kyn ki
Sanskar:no need to say anything i knw what u want to say(he thought she say kyin ki she loves him) Saying he goes to washroom with sad face before ragini could answer..
Ragini pouts.. He came after getting bath..
Ragini:its not like that what u r thinking
Sanskar:what about
Before ragini could speak swara came holding breakfast Swara:sanskar make her eat bf..her hand is not well naa Sanskar:vo..swara u do..i need to go office..
Swara nodded where ragini looks at him with sad pout..
@next day
Ragini gets coffee for sanskar who just woke up..
Sanskar:how is ur hand now..
Ragini:perfectly fine..
Sanskar gives a nod nd drinks coffee..
Sanskar:why did u put so much suger in this..
Ragini:laksh needs more sugar naa so..
Before she could complete her sentence ,sanskar got up from bed nd goes to washroom keeping coffee mug there..
Ragini looks at him nd says to herself y cant he listen my complete sentence..i was telling that, laksh needs more suger so swara had put more suger…always he mistaken me..
Ragini sat pout..
All family goes for dinner at Dp’s friend house leaving Rag swa in home as Sanlak are in office busy in meeting..
Sanlak came home from
office..ragini sat hall alone..
Laksh came nd sat on sofa feeling tired..nd says bcz of that stupid meeting i didnt go for dinner..
Sanskar:stupid meeting???
Laksh:haan..nd u knw radha aunty(dp friend’s wife) best in cooking..she makes delicious food,whenever i go there naa she makes for me my fav see all are enjoying food there.but me tired by meeting..
He pouts..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar(looks at ragini then laksh):stop behaving like kid..u go nd get fresh first
Laksh:teeke bhai..btw where is
my wife..
Ragini:she went badi..she called u but ur mbl was not connected..
Laksh:oh..ok..i will also go badi
Ragini:eat dinner nd go laksh
Laksh:i will eat there..
He comes near sanskar nd tells in his ear ,enjoy bhai no one at home..
Sanskar hits him playfully..
Laksh smiles nd goes after bidding bye to ragsan..
Sanskar looks at ragini..
Sanskar:are u feeling sad that laksh goes to swara..
Ragini looks at him then questioned herself y she hasn’t feel sad..laksh went to swara but its not paining her like before..
Sanskar:what are u thinking
Ragini:vo..vo..kuch nay
Sanskar:i knw what u are thinking..
Saying he goes to room.. Ragini murmurs what he knws..he doesn’t knw anything..
Ragini came to room where Sanskar working in laptop..
Ragini:do u need coffee
Sanskar:no..dont disturb me for sometime..
Ragini looks at him annoyed..
Sanskar:i hav work
Ragini gives a nod nd leaves frm there with pout..
It has been passed 2hours..sanskar was in room working nd ragini was in hall alone..she cursing sanskar for his ignorance towards her..
After sometime sanskar came to ragini..
Sanskar:can u serve me dinner
Ragini:there is no items left
Sanskar:can u plz tell clearly
Ragini: i ate whole food
Sanskar like what
Ragini:stop looking at me like that..

Sanskar:u ate whole food.
Sanskar:then..what about my food
Ragini:i dont knw
Sanskar:atleast u should have cook something very hungry..
Ragini:then u cook
Sanskar:me !!
Ragini:oh i forgot..u r too bad in cooking na..i heard alot about ur cooking from laksh..
Sanskar:im not that bad in cooking
Ragini:achha then cook nd eat..i will see ur cooking skills
Sanskar:u are challenging me it
Saying he goes to kitchen..ragini says this is punishment for ur ignorance..she huffs..
Ragini rushed towards kitchen when she heard a loud noise from kitchen..she sees sanskar who stood on stool nd covered with flour nd the flour box on ground..
Ragini looks at him who looking at her with pout..she laughs seeing him..
Sanskar:stop laughing
Ragini:if u want to bath with flour,u should have told me naa..i would have arrange this in bathroom(she laughs again)
Sanskar:very funny
Ragini:haan u looking funny
Sanskar:stop it..all flour fell on how can i do roti
Ragini:btw mr sanskar it was not that flour..that was beside that one.. u can go
Ragini:wait..i will take..u will again make it fall
She clims the stool but it got slipped..sanskar sees this nd rushed towards her..she fell into his arms safely…both looks at eo they have eyelock..after a while they brks eyelock..
Sanskar makes her stand..
Ragini:vo..first clean urself..u r looking funny..
Sayimg she about to go..
Ragini looks at him..sanskar comes near her..ragini keeps looks on..
Sanskar looks at her nd ruffled his hair on her face..the flour which his hair had fell on ragini face..
Sanskar smiles nd says i will also make u funny..
Sanskar held her wrist nd pulled her..ragini hits his front..sanskar held her waist with his two hands nd pulls her more close..ragini closed her eyes..sanskar looks at her..they both got disturbed by burning smell..both looks at stove..sanskar widened his eyes seeing his potato curry which burnt..
Sanskar(left) my curry
Ragini gives a pity look..
Sanskar:this is all bcz of u..
Ragini:what i did
Sanskar:u did what to very hungry..i will order food..
Ragini:then ur cooking challenge..
Sanskar:i will cook next time..
Im hungry like hell now..
Ragini held his hand nd takes him along with her to dining..
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini gives a sorry look..
Ragini takes the plate of food from dining nd forwarded to him..
Sanskar raised his eyebrow st her..
Sanskar:that means u lied to me
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar glares at her..
Ragini:i told sry
Sanskar:i will see u after finishing my food..
He sat on chair..
Ragini smiles md about to go..
Sanskar:stay naa..where are u going.. clean myself
Sanskar:do later..sit can i have food alone..
Ragini:achha..i had been alone since long..but u didnt should i..she huffs nd about to go.
Sanskar held her hand nd pulls her,ragini landed in his lap..ragini looks at him..sanskar looks at her nd says in mind what to trying to stay away frm u but i cant able to..ragini just staring at him..
They again have a eyelock..both comes to world hearing someone chuckles..both turned nd sees their family who are came after their dinner..they stood there looking at them chuckling..
Ragsan composed..ragini gets up from sanskar..
Uttara comes towards them giving teasing smile..
Sanskar:uttara no..
Before uttara could speak..ragini goes ro her room saying mein aat hu..
Suji:sanskar what is this flour nd all..
Sanskar:vo..maa galti se girgayi
Suji:y did u go to kitchen
Uttara:might be to help bhabi..right bhai(uttara chuckles)
Sanskar:stop it..vo maa dont ask anything..sry for making mess in going to my room..
Saying he goes holding plate of food..all smiles..
Meanwhile..ragini was in room in front of mirror recalling their moments..she looks at sanskar hand prints with flour on her waist nd neck..she blushes..

@next day(karvachaut)
Sanskar wakes up nd looks at ragini who is getting ready in front of mirror wearing whitesaree which he had gift her..she dying her hair..sanskar just stares at her without blinking his eyes..she looks like goddess in that white Saree..she pushed her hair from her back to front revealing her bare back which is shining due to sunlight which is falling on her back..sanskar gulped his saliva..ragini turned after combing her hair nd sees sanskar..
Ragini:u woke up
Sanskar:kuch nay..y did u wokeup early
Ragini:today karvachaut
Sanskar:will u keep fast
Uttara (knocks d door):bhabi come fast..u have to eat sargi..
Ragini:ha uttara coming..
She goes..
Sanskar was talking with laksh in hall..ragini came with uttara..sanskar was awestruck seeing ragini in red lehenga looking as usual heavenly gorgeous..she have worn simple jewellery nd She tied her hair as beautiful bun revealing her s*xy back which is bare ,only one knot is there..ragini smiles seeing him…
Sanskar moves to her nd held her hand..
Ragini:kya hua
He takes her to room..
Ragini:kya hua sanskar
Sanskar looks at her intensely..
Ragini was not able to bare his intense gaze on her..her heart beat increased..
He comes close to her..
Sanskar neard her..ragini heart fluttered..
He passed his hand through her waist nd pulls her on him..ragini shivered nd held his shoulders..he pulls her even more close ragini looks at him beint lost in his touch..Both have a romantic eyelock..sanskar held her face with his two hands..ragini looks at him lovingly..He gently placed his lips on her’s..ragini pulls him more nd more close towards her..sanskar kisses her passionately..
Swara knock the door nd askd her to come..ragini opened her eyes nd sees sanskar in front of her looking at her puzzled..she realized it was her imagination..
Sanskar:kya hua..where are u losti
Ragini:vo..vo..kuch nay..i have to go..
Sanskar held her hand..
Ragini looks at him..
Sanskar moves a bit close to her..ragini recalled their kiss..her heart beat increased..
Sanskar pulls her hair pin nd untied her bun ,covering her s*xy back with her hair(he doesn’t want anyone see her s*xy back..)
Ragini:kya hua
Sanskar:vo..vo..bun doesn’t suit u
Ragini:before a while only all appreciated about my bun..but u(she pouts)..i will tie my hair
Sanskar:vo..vo..u looks awesome in open hair
Ragini:sach mein
Sanskar nodded smiling..
Ragini smiles nd goes..
Ragini comes to room searching for sanskar..but he was not there..
She sat on bed waiting for him..she lost in thoughts..she thinks about sanskar..his care his jealous their moments nd about their kiss which she imagined..she blushes….she wonders herself now a days y she is always thinking about sanskar leaving behind laksh..y her feelings changed towards laksh..she loved laksh nd did so much to get his love..but she never feel some special feeling when she was with laksh..she feels someunknw feeling about sanskar..his care his touch always makes her feel different..what is this this love..but how could i love sanskar when i love laksh..didn’t i love laksh truly.she thinks about laksh nd sanskar..she was confused..she says Laksh or sanskar..laksh or sanskar..She is murmuring names in confusion sanskar laksh..the word laksh heard sanskar who is just entered room..Ragini looks at sanskar whose face fell after hearing laksh name from her mouth..
Ragini:where are u..come all are waiting for u.
Sanskar:u go..i will come
Ragini:fine..come fast..
Saying she about to go
Ragini turns at sanskar..
Sanskar:for whom u kept this fast.. Ragini looks at him blank by his sudden question..
Sanskar:is it for laksh
Ragini:what u are thinking..
Sanskar:i knw u r doing for laksh..
Ragini gets angry as she told him mng that she keeps fast for

him..but he still thinking that i kept past for laksh..
Sanskar:say naa
Ragini:haan for laksh only..
she said angrily nd goes sadly..
Sanskar got hurt..
All present at terrace except sanskar..
Ragini thinks y sanskar hasn’t come yet..
Ap:laksh go nd call sanskar..
Laksh nodded nd about to go..he gets a call frm sanskar..after a while he disconnected the call..
Laksh:vo..he weng to his friend’s home..he daid he will come soon
Suji:what was he gone could he go without breaking ragini’s fast..
Laksh:chachi calm down..i questioned him same but he said something is urgent..
Suji takes her mbl nd calls him but its switched off..
Laksh:ragini u dont wry..he will come nd brk ur fast..
Ragini nodded faintly…
All are waiting for sanskar..ragini sat sadly nd thinks how could he go like that..time passed..moon came..
Ragini:maa badimaa aap log shuru kariye..i will wait..
Ap:but ragini
Ragini:its k badimaa..
All looks at ragini sadly..but ragini assured them she is ok..
Sometime passed..all gents brks their wives fast..Ragini comes to room..she pulls her jewelry nd throws angrily..she was hurt yet angry by could he do like pained her alot..




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