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Mere Sai 4th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Aaji’s Brother Sudama Comes To Meet Her

Mere Sai 4th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tatya’s Aaji’s younger brother Sudama walks into Shirdi lanes with his 2 sons and 2 daughter-in-laws/DILs. His DILs throw tantrum and say they cannot walk further. Younger DIL Renuka yells FIL could have taken bullock cart till house, but he stopped outside Shirdi itself and making them wal. He husband Dattatrey picks her luggage and pampers her. Elder bahu Tati also throws tantrum and yells at her husband Vinayak to learn from his brother. He picks her luggage and walks. FIL fumes they can’t even walk a bit.

Sai enjoys lunch at Baizamaa’s house. Aaji cries. Sai says Aaji used to be busy taking care of baby Tatya and help Baizamaa in household chores, so time used to fly, but now once Tatya grew up, she is feeling bored without any work. Aaji says he is right. Sai

says soon Aaji will get busy and will not find time for herself. While leaving, he asks if he can take 1 more pooran poli/sweet bread with him. Aaji happily gives him puran poli.

While passing by a snack shop, Renuka insists to have farsan/mixture. Dattatrey buys her fFarsan. Sudama fumes that outside food is not good for health. Tati also gets tempted seeing Renuka enjoying mixture and insists her Vinayak to get her snacks. He agrees. She buys all snacks and sweets present there and hogs it hurriedly. Sudama fumes that they would have reached home and enjoyed nutritious food, but new generation does not take care of their health. Sai walks to him and says he is right, but sometime one has to listen to their heartt also and offers him puran poli. Sudama says it is yours. Sai says that is why he is giving, Sudama will feel dear ones eating it. Sudama thinks if he does not, this man will not leave him easily, so he takes a bite and gets emotional reminiscing his sister used to prepare same puran poli and he used to repeat Sai’s words that one has to listen to their heart also. He says Sai he used to tell this to his sister. Sai says his sister prepared it, he must have forgotten his sister’s house address, so he will take him to her place. Sudama with his family follows Sai.

At Kulkarni’s house, after finishing lunch, Shyam wipes his hand with costly kerchief. Kulkarni praises that even his kerchief is costlier than people’s clothes in Shirdi. Shyam says money can buy anything and even Kulkarni is supreme of 2 villages, so he should start construction work to beautify his villages. Kulkarni asks from where will he get funds. Shyam says he should send proposal to British government and if construction work is worth 10,000 rs, he will quote 20,000 rs, they both can share 5000 rs profit each; they can continue construction work and share profit. Kulkarni gets more greedy hearing that.

Sai takes Sudama and his family to Baizamaa’s house and tells Aaji that he brought a special guest. Aaji is surprised to see her brother, runs and hugs Sudama emotionally. She calls Baizamaa to come and see her brother Sudhama has come with his family. Baizamaa touches Sudama’s feet. Sudama says his house is under renovation, so he was shifting to some other village and while passing by thought of meeting his sister. Aaji asks Sai that is why he told she will get busy soon. She says her brother is health conscious since childhood. Sai says that is why Sudama is healthy even now and suggests to stay back tonight and rest and not go outside house after evening.

Precap: Sudama walks into jungle. Tiger attacks him. Sai senses t hat and rushes to his help.

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