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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 4th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Satya’s Family Comes To Stay in Surana Mansion

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 4th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shikha confronts Satya and asks how can she leave Kabeer alone in market. Satya files police complaint over phone. Naani tries to console Shikha. Shikha says it is her mistake, she will search Kabeer herself. Jaya walks in. Shikha cries that Kabeer is missing. Jaya calls Samar who brings Kabeer in. Shikha emotoinally hugs and kisses Kabeer. Satya asks Jaya where did she find Kabeer. Samar reminisces Kabeer barging in front of his car. He and Jaya runs out. Goons try to kidnap Kabeer, but Kabeer rescues him and runs behind goons. goons escape in their car. Jaya confronts Satya how can she make her stranger. Naani says Satya did not want to trouble her more. Samar insists Satya to shift her family to his home until issue is solved. Satya resists. Samar convinces Naani who

in turn convinces Satya. Samar goes to inform Rama over phone.

Samar and Jaay take Satya’s family home. Ram and other family members greet them. Rama serves them juice. Naani says it is not good to stay in daughter’s sasural. Samar says they came to their son’s house. Dadaji says Samar is right, they are one family and family stays together in trouble, he asks Jyoti to keep their bags into guest room. Jyoti reminds their guest room is under renovation. Each family member says Satya’s family can stay in their room.

Samar walks to Rama and apologizes for inviting Satya’s family without Rama’s permission. Rama says he did right and she would feel bad if he had not done so. Samar then walks into his room and gets romantic with Jaya. Satya calls Jaya. Jaya runs out. Samar sadly thinks he used to hear Satya’s voice over phone and now will hear directly. Satya walks to sleep in Rama’s room and asks Rama if she can switch off mosquito repellent as she does not like its smell. Rama agrees. Satya asks if she can keep AC remote with her as she feels cold and hot sometimes. Rama helplessly agrees.

Jaya returns to her room later. Samar gets romantic and lights candles around their room. Tere naam ki koi kasak hainaa…song..plays in the background… Naani walks in calling Jaya. Jaya hides. Naani asks Samarwhat is he holding in his hand. Samar says milk. She says it is nice habit, he should feed milk to even Jaya. She then asks why he lit so many candles. Samar says there was power outage. Naani says there was power in her room and blows off candles while Jaya and Samar watch sadly.

Precap: Goon enters Surana mansion. Rama goes searching Satya and stands shocked.

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