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Love Me Not Love Me – Twinj FF – Episode 8

Twinkle pov~

I threw my phone on the bed and run out my room towards Sam’s room.

“Baby, What’s wrong?” I scream as I swing his door open seeing Sam looking out the window and then at me.

“There! Room! Mommy, Scared!” I walk towards the window his pointing at checking that it’s lock.

“It’s fine. Baby look the window is closed.” I walk to his bed and sit myself on the edge.

“Mommy, Shadow there.” He says pointing out the window. I look at him with tired eyes.

“Well it be better if you sleeped with me?” A big smile forms on his lips as he nods his head. I pick him up and take him down on my bed cover him with my blankets.

“Sleep baby,” he holds his stuff dinasour and closes his eyes after I place a kiss on his forehead.

Ring ring


“Hello” shit I forgot he called.

“What happened?”  His voice sounds worried and confused, oh nothing. I had to go”, I say with an emotionaless voice. “Well I heard a small voice calling you mom? But then you suddenly hang up and I got worried.” 

Shit what I do? He heard Sam Calling me Mom.

“I think you heard wrong!” 

“No I heard it clearly—–” I stayed quiet not saying anything until my eyes land on the clock!

“oh it’s late already ,Look at the time. I have to go to sleep bye K.” I hang up again and charge my phone.

Not caring about what his going to say tomorrow.

It’s to soon for him to know and I am not ready for that. I do my usual night routine and lay myself next to Sam watching his sharp nose move slightly.

I can’t believe he looks just like Kunj. I sigh and drift of dreamland.

I wake up to someone moving me.

“Twinkle! You are going to be late for work and the man is waiting for you outside.” I jump up hearing the last sentence. I yawn and trun to look for Sam.

“Sam is already ready and I’ll be taking him to school in a few minutes so hurry up,” I whisper a small thank you and rush to take a shower.

I wear my grey pencil skirt with a thin black belt around my waist and my black blouse with a gold zipper on the back and my long black jacket. Rushing to put on my usual make-up and brush my teeth, grabbing my black flats. I rush to kiss Sam and were to goodbye to bebe. I brush my long hair with my fingers while walking to Kunj.

“Ready?” Kunj says, I nod still angry with what happened yesterday with Mahi. He sees my blank face and sighs. His beautiful yet annoying smirk is replace by a tight smile, I walk to my side and get in.

The drive to the hotel is quite. Once we arrive I don’t wait for him, I walk out the door and basically run to my office not caring about Kunj presence fading away as I speed walk to my office.

I want to see what he does, Is he doing to try? Or did he give up already?

I rush in and get to work on the papers that are piled on my desk. I’m about to finish my work when suddenly I’m interputed by my door swinging open, I look up in Suprise. Kunj walks in and closes the door right behind him, I look at him suspicious as I hear the slight click of the door being lock.

“What are you doing here”? I say as I stare at him. He rushes towards my side and I stay frozen not moving any muscle. Suddenly he takes out something from behind him. He then shows me my favourite ice-cream away from his forgetting I’m suposed to be mad at him, but what can I do it’s my favourite ice-cream.

“Are we good now?” Now that actually stopped me. I place well more like slam the cup of Ice-cream on my desk spilling some—-I”ll ready to smack him but the knock on the door stops me.

What now! Ugh! 

“Yes” I then hear the chuckle of Jansen.

“It’s me baby!”

What is he doing in Kunj’s campany? Is he drunk? How did he get inside?

Then he starts laughing. I’m about to reply when a motion catches my eyes and I trun to look and can’t help but gasp. He looks at the door and moves his hands cleaching them. I rush over to Kunj.

“What are you doing? Calm down!” I tell him, he looks at me then at the door. I don’t even see what happens next until my back presses to the cold wall. I look at him shock 😲.

“Twinkle are you okay”. Jansen asks from the other side of the door, I’m about to respond when I feel warm lips on top of mine. It takes me seconds to understands what is going on. Kunj is kissing me, his lips are so soft and plump, he then kisses me harshly with lust inside the kiss. I try to push him away resisting the urge to touch him, punching him in the chest but I don’t know what come over my body but I don’t know what come over my body but it moved on it’s own, missing his touch.

I lean in towards him trailing my head’s to his hair and kissing him back with much force as he is doing. He places his hands on my hips and pushes his member to my thigh feeling his big member growing each second, I moan softly not stopping myself.

I pull on his hair making him groan out, turning me on. He asks for entrance but I don’t let him in . He lifts me up and I instantly wrap my legs and for a few seconds he places his fingers on my private part, I gasp in Suprise letting his tongue enter my mouth. As soon as his hot tongue meets mine we battle for power but soon he wins and I let him explore, he explores every inch of my mouth, savoring his minty taste.

Dawn I miss his kisses are so addective !

One of his hands is stroking my inner thigh. I moan out trying to keep up with his pase. His tongue strokes mine and I move my hands around his hair massaging his skull and pulling on his soft hair. Making him moan. He starts to grid on my private part, he moves his hands to my hair. Messing around with it, I pull away catching my breath but he doesn’t stop he trails down to my neck. Sucking and biting my sensitive spot, I’m about to moan, but I am stopped by the voice outside.


Jansen scream s

f**k my life. I react fast enough once I hear Jansen’s voice.

I harshly push Kunj away pulling my skirt down and adjusting my blouse. Trying to straighten my hair with my fingers. Kunj looks at me and I see his face is flush with his hair all around the place and with lipstick on his swollen lips.

I look just like him with my messy hair and swallen lips.

“We can’t”. I say and rush to open the door. There standing just outside the door is Jansen and guess who?

Come on guess?

None other than Mahi!

Dawn babe, why you look so red and s*xy? It looks like you come out of a make secti—-” he stops as he sees Kunj right next to me with his swollen lips and lipstick on him.

“That explain a lot”, Jansen says as he stares in between me and Kunj, I shake my head but jansen point to his lips and neck.

I look at him confuse, then my brain starts to function and I get what he means.

Not again, he left me hickeys this batthole!

“Kunj you have lipstick on your lips and you look like you had a rough morning with your hair all around the place and your suit all wrinkling!” Mahi screams out. Jansen looks Mahi and then at us Kunj and me.

“They just had their make out section! Bimbo” Jansen screams and even through I want to laugh . I glare at him instead as some employees passing by trun to us. He puts his fingers on top of his lips staying quiet.

“What do you want?” I say, glaring at Jansen. He laughs and walks in followed by Mahi . Kunj closes the door and I rush to sit on my chair with Kunj right next to me and Jansen and Mahi standing around my desk.

My Ice-cream is melting, ugh! 

“What do you guys want?” Kunj ask with an annoyed face and Jansen smiles evilly and Mahi glares at me.

I wanted to ask Twinkle to come with me to the banquet party. But this bimbo tagged along I don’t know why?

” Out of nowhere Kunj pulls me of the chair and sits on it with me on his lap. I scream by the sudden movement. Jansen stares at us amuse and Mahi screams and runs over to us . She pulls me off of Kunj. I glare at her about to smack her but Kunj gets mad by the lost of contact with each other and harshly pulls Mahi away from me and pushes me behind him.

“What are you doing Mahi!                             GET OUT! NEXT TIME GET AN APPOINTMENT!” Kunj screams and mahi looks at him in shocked. Then she smirks and faces me.

“Twinkle you know wthat, you should not trust cheaters like Kunj”, With that she runs out my office slamming the door. I stay standing not knowing what to do. I look at Kunj who is staring at me, I quickly move on my gaze to Jansen and see him still with his amuse face.

“So are you coming with me Twinkle?” Jansen says after the drama went back to normal. I sit on my chair already tired. I glare at him and look at Kunj.

“I can’t go to the party anyways so I will kindly say No!” Jansen laughs and looks at Kunj.

“I’LL take her even if she doesn’t want to go”, with that Kunj sends me a wink and walks out of my office.

His 💯% bipolar!

It’s obvious babe that he still loves you.” I freeze, by that Jansen just Said.

Love? No that’s to much…..                    Maybe he likes me but love is too much…hahaha no way.

I shake my head “No I don’t think he loves me.” I sigh, But you still do right?” I stay quiet not saying anything.

Do I still love him? After all, he moves my first love since college. But do I? I still feel something for him but is it love?

“I don’t know” I tell him honestly. I pull my hair. Getting irritated.

“He got really mad when I asked you to come with me.” He says laughing. “Yeah he was about to kill you”. I glare, “He doesn’t have to worry through, I have Nicole.” I nod.

“I know, but he thinks you like me”. Jansen looks at me in shock 😲. “Wow I think he needs to check his eyes. I only see you as my ugly best friend and I have eyes only for my baby Nichole.” I laugh😅. True but I’m not ugly! I’m a model after all , hey when am I going to see Nicole? She is my best friend too.”

She’s too busy working even through I told her not to, but who can stop her,” I nod understanding. She was a stubborn lady back in the day, always getting in trouble until she met Jansen. Those two becomey best friends, and then they become a couple. I smile by the memories I had with Kunj , He was bad boy after all but he way my bad boy.

“How’s Sam?” I look up at the ceiling. “To be honest I don’t know and Sam wants to meet his dad but I’m scared to see how Kunj will react.” I look up to see Jansen.

His face staying blank.

I hate when he does that!

“You should tell him sooner than later, because you aren’t sure if someone else tell him”. I stand up really fast… “You wouldn’t”! I point at Jansen and he looks offended.

“esp`ece d’ idiot!” (A/N this means you idiot in French.😊)

I mean what if he finds out or he sees Sam by mistake. After all his a smart man. If I was him I will be really mad because you didn’t trust him enough to tell him.

His right. God dammit why is he always right. But I’m not ready.”

“I think you are ready but you don’t want to tell him.” Jansen smiles and waves walking and closing the office door right behind him.

Why does he always leave when he leaves me with unanswered questions.

What should I do? Am I already? My mind drifts off to the heated kiss. Do I still love him? And should I tell him? Ugh. I’m getting a headache.

” I should go get something to eat.” I sigh and stand up walking out of my office.


Next Chapter- Kunj is Closer to finding out about his son(Sam)
Finally I complete I don’t know how many times I write this and last minute all clear 😂 
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