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Ladies Special 4th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Meghna Decides to Open Garment Factory

Ladies Special 4th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prarthana walks to Swanath’s house. Sawanth gets happy seeing her and says he knew she would accept his proposal soon. Prarthana gives him 1 month’s advance rent and says she is vacating his house and shifting to some other house. At Meghna’s house, Mandar confronts her why did she make such a big drama, he had to lose job because of it. She says his dignity is more important than his job, she has decided to open their own garment factory, Swapna Garments. Mandar asks if she is out of her mind, nobody did business in his 7 generations. She says it is not necessary their children also should suffer like them, so it is final, they will open Swapna Garments. She counts her saved money. Her neighbor Renu enters and asks to return her 3000 rs loan. Mandar returns 3000 rs.

Renu gives 23000 rs saying they are business partners now and will share both profit and loss. Meghna says but… Renu says she trusts Mandar’s honesty and Meghna’s passion. Meghna happily hugs her.

Bindu takes her father to her husband Amar’s hospital and opens his cabin, sees him busy with patient, apologizes and waits outside. Amar walks out after seeing patient and takes his FIL for checkup. After checkup, he asks FIL to wait for report. His girlfriend Kangana enters and hugs him tightly. FIL stands shocked. Amar takes her to his cabin. Bindu nervously tells her father that Kangana is Amar’s old patient and is from US, so hugging is common for her. He says that is fine, but ask damadji to stay away from that girl. BVindu says Kangana is Amar’s 8-year-old patient, so she speaks freely with him.

Prarthana returns home. Punith says his boss Reddy told he did not know about car stealing case and has offered his friend’s flat to stay without rent. Prarthana scolds if he is out of his mind, Reddy is using him.

Meghna sees Mandar sad and cheers him up with her jokergiri. Her daughter enters and says her school is taking her class for trip and she needs to pay 12,000 rs, if she can go. Meghna reminisces her mother not giving her 7 rs to get drama dress. She agrees to send her daughter to trip. Daughter happily leaves. Mandar asks why did she agree. Meghna says her Aayi could not give her 7 rs to rent drama clothes as her father used to lose job often, but she does not want her children to suffer. She enacts as Jhansi rani. Mandar laughs. She says she has to a lot to make him smile. On the other side, Bindu cries reminiscing her husband hugging his girlfriend..

Precap: Prarthana meets a boy in local train. Bindu tells Amar it is difficult to forget 8-year-old love and easy to forget 8-day-old friendship. Amar feels guilty. Meghna’s FIL collapses during pooja.

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