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Krishna Chali London 4th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe and Krishna get married

Krishna Chali London 4th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe and Krishna crying. She leaves. Bela and Dadda smile. Radhe says go and get ready, its my marriage today. Everyone gathers for Radhe and TT’s marriage. Matuk says Radhe was arranging money for Krishna, what happened now that he took divorce and is marrying someone else. Bela sings and gets Radhe to mandap. Radhe sits in mandap and thinks I should do this to compensate for Krishna’s spoilt life. Shuklain says you aren’t doing right. Bela scolds her. She says let the marriage take place in peace.

Gajanan says what can we tell others when Radhe is at fault. Bela says mehendi artist had come to make TT ready. She gets thinking and checks the bride’s face. She lifts ghunghat and laughs seeing TT. She says I have seen on tv, bride gets switched in the

last minute. She asks pandit to start. Pandit asks them to do ghatbandhan. Radhe gets sad. Bela does ghatbandhan. Bejaan dil ko…. plays… Light goes. Bela asks pandit to wait and let the lights come. Bela sends Triloki to check lights. He goes. Lights come. Radhe takes wedding rounds with the bride. Everyone looks on. Pandit says rounds got completed. He gives mangalsutra and asks Radhe to make the bride wear it. Radhe makes the bride wear mangalsutra. Bela claps when the marriage completes. Radhe gets sad. Bela sends him to the room and teases her about last wedding night. Radhe goes to the bride.

He says look TT, I mean Tip Top ji, I always create a mess, you also got trapped in this mess, both of us got married now, let me clearly tell you one thing, I realized this on my previous wedding night, its all about getting to know each other properly I didn’t wish to marry you, I myself don’t know what damage I have made, I can’t think of having a wedding night with you, I just love Krishna, even when I divorced her, I love her since I saw her photo for the first time, I will always love her, you will be thinking why I ruined your life, I married you so that I could fulfill Krishna’s childhood dream, she wants to go to London and become a doctor, I needed 30 lakhs to send her to London, Bela gave 30 lakhs to me, I have given it to Krishna’s dad, look at my life, I got away from my wife to fulfill her dreams, but you have been wronged because of me, I m sorry TT, I promise you something, I will do whatever I can for you, I will do everything for you, but …. why aren’t you saying anything, say something please. Krishna asks can I say something, how can someone talk so much, how can a husband get separated to fulfill wife’s dream.

He says even now I hear Krishna’s voice. She says you are lying, you don’t love me so much, you are hearing my voice because…. She lifts the veil and shows her face. He gets shocked. She cries and hugs him. They happily cry.

Radhe asks Krishna where are you taking me on this scooty. Krishna asks him to sit quiet. Bela looks for TT and Radhe. She gets shocked seeing the hanging cloth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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