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INTEQAAM •° A Fire Of Revenge °• (Twinj) SHOT : 1

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The clouds above them oozed and billowed across the awakening sun, casting the meadow into a shadowy darkness. A jagged bolt of lightning ripped the sky in half as they stood facing eachother , wincing as each icy raindrop pierced their skin. The violent wind whipped the blonde hair around her face and tears mixed with rain as a numbing coldness gripped her heart. Thunder rolled across the sky, seeming to crack the world in half and reveal the fury of the gods

While his condition was more vulnerable , he stood there numb , no more tears escaping his eye’s. He felt lifeless , her confession had made him numb.

Tears escaped their eye’s , their eye’s speaking the volume of unsaid word’s , Kunj spoke in a shattered and broken tone , his word’s piercing her heart but she was blinded by hatred , revenge and agony.

” I never did anything wrong twinkle but you won’t ever understand it until the day you realise you had lost me forever , you will regret this day but I promise you won’t ever find me their to wipe your tears or console you “ spoke kunj trembling and crying miserably.

” Only if you will be able to breath next moment Kunj Sarna ! Only if you survive ! And why would I regret when I am regretting loving you each second of my life. I HATE YOU. ”

Twinkle spoke these word’s breaking at the end but little did she knew what she is going to loose will haunt her forever or was it going to become the pain of her life ?

” Good Bye Kunj Sarna “

With these word’s twinkle pulled the trigger of gun shooting kunj not once , twice or thrice but four times , kunj stumbled , pain visible on his face but the painful smile that appeared on his face ripped her soul apart.

That smile had hidden secrets that was screaming at her to be given the chance to unveil them but she had silenced them forever.

But she can’t forget the moment she pleaded him to listen her..

To let her live and their symbol of Love did he stopped ?

Did he let them go.

Did he ? Then what was left to know and listen ?

She was in looking at him in daze who was standing at the edge of cliff stumbling and struggling to hold himself drenched in blood. His sight was getting blurred.

His body giving away to pain. But more than physical pain the heart break and broken trust killed him inside out. Even at this moment he wished he could have make her believe that it wasn’t him who had been the reason to her miseries.

Let alone be the reason he was himself a victim or say a pawn to all the happening but he was silenced forever to ever reveal the truth. She will have to face HIM alone.

Twinkle sat on her knees , her body shivering from pain from seeing kunj so vulnerable but more than that a gear engulfing her existence that she pushed away the only person who had been by her side that’s when..

A shrewd and evil laugh echoed in the silent valley. Twinkle thought only she and kunj were the only persons there, but she was wrong.

On turning around she saw HIM!

How was it possible ?

She could not believe her eye’s. She once again turned her gaze at kunj who was standing at the edge of cliff with his shirt drenched in blood.

But then who was HE, standing opposite to them ?

Her soul shrieked from fear. She felt her live giving away.

Before she could make out anthing, she saw kunj’s body fell of the cliff. His existing fading from her life but something worst was awaiting her.

Aren’t you surprised to see me alive Twinkle Taneja.. Oops i am sorry Mrs Twinkle Kunj Sarna “ spoke the person standing infront of her with pure sarcasm.

Twinkle was numb and speechless. Reality was dawning upon her. Everything that she felt twisted, now was getting clear. Di…Did she failed to recognize him.. Her own Love..

Was it not kunj but the person standing infront of her. Twinkle felt spasms of shocks and past came crashing before her. She wasn’t able to hold herself.

She was blinded by the blurred memories of her haunting past but she was not able to remember it. Trying to jerk away past memories and joining the clues of recent happening’s she realised she failed..

She failed to recognize her Love.

His every weird behaviour had a reason.

Everything had a reason !!

But she failed to judge him.

She failed to judge her love.

Whom she claimed to be her life…

The memories of their life filled of Love and happiness hit her like a bucket of cold water. The worst realization.


” I LOVE YOU KUNJ SARNA” spoke Twinkle sitting on her knees, holding a rose for her love of life.

She wished this time, he would accept her proposal. She can’t bear another heart break.

Kunj sat on his knees along with her, accepting the rose she held for him and confessed his feeling’s for her.

” I LOVE YOU TOO TWINKLE !! I LOVE YOU” spoke kunj hugging her tightly.

” Twinkle I am not good at expressing my feeling’s never had I ever used cheesy lines for anyone , i was a lonely person who had no reason to live for , I had no family , I was an orphan who was just breathing to live , I was a quite and rude person but you changed me into a happy and loving person , I had never thought of someone coming in my life and change me into something I had never imagined , you proved to be my knight in darkness , I don’t know when these feeling’s took place in my life but I don’t want to suppress them like I had been doing since forever in my life , I don’t have the strength to loose one more person in my life. I Love you from the day I saw you but I could not gather the courage to confess my feelings for you. Marry Me Twinkle. “ kunj spoke his heart out to her holding her in his embrace.

Twinkle was shocked ” HE LOVED HER SINCE THEY MET ” then why did he rejected her. She had some blurry flashes. She could see him standing opposite to her. Same place. Same words from her but his answer was ” NO “.

Twinkle jerked her head to get these memories out. It was all a mere nightmare. Nothing was true yet she could not shrug them away. It cling to her like a part of her body.

” When I saw you that day I thought I will loose you forever after that incident. ” kunj blurted unknowingly finally confessing his fear he kept inside him for so long.

Twinkle was happy but also confused by his confession.

What INCIDENT he was talking about ?

Is she unaware of something she should know?

But who knew she had put herself into trouble… That too a great one.

She pushed herself into the pit of darkness…

Shrugging her thoughts, she hugged him back happily agreeing to marry him thinking it to be a new and beautiful journey of her life but who thought it will turned out to be a path filled with thorns.


After twinkle proposed Kunj and their confession of Love they got married in Lavish wedding. Twinkle was an orphan whereas kunj never mentioned about his family. He seemed to distance himself from all the questions related to them.

Whenever twinkle asked him about them he would go all pale and change the topic. Seeing him not willing to talk about them twinkle never forced him. She was happy with his love.

He pampered her. Loved her unconditionally. Provided her everything that a girl wants. They got married in a simple yet lavish wedding in presence of their close friends and colleagues.

They didn’t consummated their marriage on their wedding night cause twinkle wanted some time and kunj being the perfect doting husband wanted her to be comfortable and happy when they gave themselves to eachother. He wanted her consent when he claims her his forever.

They talked to eachother whole night sitting in eachothers embrace. They slept cuddling eachother.

Their life was happy and contended. He would make her breakfasts in morning. They would share a mug of coffee over evening talks sitting in balcony talking yo eachother. He would take her on dates and dinners while she will do everything that pleases her man.

It was two month’s since their marriage when twinkle finally had that comfort level when she felt she was ready to give herself away to the man by her side everytime. Her husband…

But he being a gentleman never made a move. He didn’t want to make her feel nervous or uncomfortable around him. His flirting and little teasings would never end but he never took the initiative and that’s when twinkle decided to do something special for her husband.

Twinkle set up a beautiful yet simple date for him , she prepared his favourite food for him and gave off to all the servants , twinkle was excited and bit nervous.

She dressed herself in beautiful red saree , it had beautiful shimmery border work with red shimmery backless and strapless blouse tied with a single string on her back , she was looking irrisessitably beautiful and pretty with light makeup.

When kunj came home he was surprised with her arrangements. He looked around to find twinkle but failed. In actual twinkle was standing behind him suppressing her laughter. As he moved she would move along him so he could not find her.

” Twinkle where are you ? What’s this ? “ kunj shouted eager to find her though a naughty smirk appeared on his face.

Twinkle suppressed her giggles keeping a hand on her mouth. But soon her giggles died at the dead end of her throat when kunj held her hand suddenly without turning back and pulled her infront of him smiling.

Twinkle’s mouth was a big ” 0 ” in suprise and shock. Kunj winked at her pulled her closer holding onto her waist. Twinkle was still in daze when kunj spoke ” What do you think Mrs Sarna? You can fool me and make fun of me ”

” How did you know I was behind your back ” twinkle asked surprised.

” By the sound of this ” kunj spoke holding onto her wrists that were adorned with beautiful Red Chuda.

” I could hear the clinking sounds of your bangles so then I voiced out for you so that I can get clue of the source of sound but you made my work easier when you kept your hands on mouth to muffle your giggles cause sound of your Chuda clinking became evident “ kunj completed with a wink while twinkle made an ” Haww ” face.

She hit him on his chest with her fists cutely and frowned like a kid.

Kunj smiled at her cutness and pulls her in a hug and spoke in husky tone ” So Mrs Kunj Sarna what all these decorations are for ? Something special…. ehhh ? “

Twinkle blushed a hue of red as she hugged him tighter snuggling into his frame and replied ” I want you to make me your’s forever Kunj “. Kunj was surprised at her answer. She wanted him to claim her as his ? She had finally shed away her shyness and inhibitions.

Kunj smiles as he hugs her tighter, pulling her closer towards himself. In a matter of seconds, they melt in each other, forgetting about the world around them.

Kunj traces his finger down Twinkle’s bare back as she shivers due to his touch. He picks her up in a bridal style and walked towards their bed and lays her on bed.

” Twinkle, you are beautiful. I will always love you more than myself , more than anyone in my life. You are my heart and soul. I can’t live without you. ”  kunj spoke kissing her forehead lovingly.

Asking permission with his eyes, Kunj looks into Twinkle’s beautiful brown eyes. Her eyes give him permission as Kunj leans down and captures her lips between his.

Soon their clothes were discarded of by eachother and thrown on to floor. Special dinner made by twinkle for him was long forgotten. Their date turned into a passionate night. They were completely lost into eachother.

As the serenity of the situation takes over as Kunj traces his nose down Twinkle’s neck as Twinkle digs her nails into Kunj’s bare back and bit onto his shoulder as pain engulfs her body. Kunj runs his hand through her hair, giving her the feeling of comfort.

The weight of his body on hers and the contact of their skin send sparks through their bodies. She giggles and moans from the pleasure as he makes love to her.

They entangle their fingers together and cover themselves with blankets as the moon shines throughout the night kunj makes love to her.

Their life was happy and contended full of joy and laughter. They were happy together. Their love for eachother was enough for them to live. Twinkle could not be more happier when kunj recieved the award of BEST BUSINESSMAN OF THE YEAR AWARD.

When everything was going right and perfectly fine then what went wrong that lead them to this stage of life where twinkle had to take life of her Love.


Here is the FIRST SHOT 🤗
I hope you all liked it 😋

Guess what happened that changed twinj lives so much ?

Who is the person twinkle was shocked to see ?

Did Kunj died after falling from the cliff ?

I have posted earlier on everyone’s request 🤗
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So let me reveal myself 😁

Vibhu and Aninny (Muhammad Murtajiz) your guesses were wrong 😅 while matasha , sidmin78 and Myra guessed rightI am aamna 🙈

Ainny ” PYAAR KI MATARGASHTI ” is written by my twinny aka ammu ( DD ) 🤗 She wrote that as birthday suprise for me 🤗

The account on which she post is mine , her (ammu) and twinny part 2 (aamu’s) joint account though we have our personal accounts to 🤗😘

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