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Episode 83
Let’s peep into today’s episode..


It’s morning.. Shruti is in their room.. Arnav comes to her..

Arnav : Shruti.. Did u see the bangle which I bought for u?? I kept it in this table before going to sleep.. Now,I don’t find it..

Shruti : Why do u want that??

Arnav : U said that u won’t wear it nah?? I will give it to Vividha or I will return it to the shop itself..

Shruti : Return it to the shop?? How kanjoos u are!! Don’t worry.. I gave it to Vividha morning itself..

Arnav : Oh.. (Thinks) My money got wasted.. Vividha too won’t wear it I think.. I have never seen her wear bangles.. Whatever..

Shruti smiles to herself..

Shruti : Ok.. Pack ur clothes.

Arnav : Where are we going??

Shruti : Honeymoon..

Arnav gives a confused expression..

Shruti : I mean we have to go to Sid’s village nah?? Today evening we are leaving.. Only three days left for their marriage..

Arnav : U go today.. I will come on the day of marriage..

Shruti : Why?? What happened??

Arnav : Sanjay would be coming there too..

Shruti : What if he comes?? Remember it’s Sid’s native.. Not Sanjay’s.. Moreover we won’t meet him..

Arnav : But..

Shruti : If u don’t come,I too won’t go.. If I don’t go,Sid will feel bad..

Arnav : Don’t be adamant Shruti.. U go.. I will come later..

Shruti : How can I go without u?? I don’t feel like going..

Arnav : U and ur adamancy!! Ok.. I am coming.. Don’t worry..

Shruti : (herself) Hey.. Very good.. U are becoming expert in handling by day..


Shruti and Arnav reach Sid’s place.. Abhi and Ritika also come..

Abhi : Hey Shruti.. Are u ready for ur honeymoon??

Shruti : What about u?? Seems like u are enthusiastic about it..

Abhi : Ya ya.. Of course..

By then Sid comes..

Shruti : Finally we met the groom…

Abhi : When is ur bachelor party dude??

Sid : Bachelor party is only for bachelors.. Not for uncles like u..

Abhi : How dare u call me uncle?? I am younger than u by 3 months,do u remember??

Sid : I do.. But u are married nah?! So u are uncle..

Abhi : Then Arnav bhai is uncle too.. And Shruti,Ritu both are aunties..

Shruti and Ritu open their mouth in shock..

Sid : Hmm.. Arnav bhai is my bro.. So he is allowed in the party and Ritu is my dear sister.. She is also allowed.. But u and Shruti.. Uncle and aunty.. U are not allowed.

Arnav,Ritu and Sid high five..

Shruti : U idiot.. U can’t handle what I and Abhi can do if we are together..

Sid : I know what u could do.. How u mess up.. Once u damaged Arnav bhai’s bike instead of Sanjay’s bike nah??

He bursts out laughing.. Arnav too joins him..

Ritika : Sid bhai.. What is this story??

Sid : Its when we were in first year of our college.. I will tell u later..

Ritika : Haan.. Tell me.. I am eager to know this..

Abhi and Shruti makes pout..

By then Swadhu too comes..

Swadhu : Hey guys.. What’s up??

Shruti : Swadhu.. U are in Sid’s side or our side??

Swadhu thinks for a while.. Sid pleads to her with eyes..

Swadhu : Darlo.. Sid is gonna become my hubby,right?? So I will take his side..

Shruti : Swadhu.. This is lame excuse.. Arnav is my hubby too and Ritu is his wife.. But we are here nah??

Abhi : This Swadhu always does like this Shruti..

Swadhu : Hey.. Why is two teams now??

Sid : I just teased them.

Swadhu : Cant u be nice at least today??

Sid : I will convince them.. Shruti and Abhi.. I will take u both too to the party ok..

Shruti : Its OK.. I just wanted to have this funny fight with u..That’s it..

Swadhu : Ok guys.. It’s time. Shall we start??

Everyone : Ok..

They all get into a car.. Specially for the six of them.. Their parents are coming in van.. They start at 8 o clock.. It will take a night to reach Sid’s village..

Sid : Arnav bhai.. Vicky bro didn’t come??

Arnav : He is a little busy.. He will join us on ur wedding..

Sid : Ok bhai.. Ok.. I will drive..

Ritika : Sid bhai.. U don’t have to.. U are the groom nah??Let Abhi drive..

Abhi : What ??me??

Ritika : Ya.. It’s u only..

Abhi : Its no big deal for me.. See how fast I go.. I will make u reach even before dawn..

Ritika : Let’s see..

Abhi goes to the driver seat.. Ritika sits beside him.. Sid and Arnav sit in the middle seat.. While Swadhu and Sid sit at the last..

They talk something randomly and goes.. It was very funny that Arnav too began mingling with their gang.. It’s 10.30..

Abhi : Hey guys.. It’s fun driving in these roads.. Do u want to experience it??

Shruti : Stupid.. U are feeling sleepy and can’t drive anymore ,right?? Why don’t u say anything directly?? Even if u use words like this,we can understand what u mean..

Abhi grins..

Arnav : Abhi.. U come here.. I will drive..

Abhi and Ritu comes back.. Arnav and Shruti go to the front.. When Abhi came to sit with Sid,Sid moved back to sit with Swadhu..

Abhi : Hey.. Sid.. Why are u going back??

Sid : I can’t tolerate u bak baks.. I want to sleep.

Abhi : oh.. Is that so?? U are gonna Romance with Swadhu,isn’t it??

Swadhu : He is not like u.. He is the most unromantic person in the world..

Sid pouts.. All of them laugh..

As they go,Sid,Swadhu,Abhi and Ritu fall asleep..

Shruti talks about something randomly to make Arnav awake and entertaining.. He too talks with her.. They share their opinions and spends some good time.. Arnav laughs in between when Shruti says about her childhood stories.. Shruti could not take his eyes off him when he laughs..

Suddenly their car stops and could not move further.. Arnav gets down and checks the car..
Shruti raises her eyebrow and asks “ What happened?”

Arnav : Someone has to push it..

Shruti : I will push it..

Arnav gives a teasing smile..

Shruti : Hello.. I can push it.. Don’t underestimate women power.. U go and sit in driver’s seat..

Arnav raises his eye brows and sit there.. Shruti goes back and tries to push.. She could not..

Shruti : (herself) Oh God.. I can’t push it.. I told dialogues and all to him.. Now it’s my prestige issue..

She turns back and sees.. It’s very dark as it is 11.30 p.m…

Shruti : God.. Help me.. It’s scary too..

Arnav comes near her and stands with his hands in hip.. Shruti grins..

Arnav : U sit in driver’s seat.. I will push it..

Shruti : What?? Me??

Arnav : Don’t worry.. I will teach u how to hold control of the car.. U can do it even if u don’t know how to drive..

She sits and he teaches her what to do.. Shruti listens keenly..

He turns to go to the backside..

Shruti : Hello.. U can’t push it alone.. I could not do it.. Then how can u do that??

Arnav : (crossed his arms across his chest) Oh..

Shruti : Wait.. I will send Abhi too..

She calls Abhi.. He gets up with a jerk.. He goes back to push the car with Arnav complaining about Shruti.. Both of them push the car and at once the car started.. Shruti accelerates it and it goes faster..

Arnav shouts to stop it..

Arnav : Abhi.. Shruti doesn’t know driving.. And now she has gone in it.. How to stop her?? I don’t know what to do now..

Abhi : Let her go bhai.. U will be free from her torture.. And me too can escape from Ritika’s hits..

He sits by a nearby rock with sleepy eyes..

Arnav : As ur friends say,u are a stupid Abhi..

Arnav sees the car which is stopped at a distance.. Shruti waves her hand from the window and asks them to come.. Arnav pulls Abhi and go there.. Abhi gets inside and starts sleeping..

Shruti : Are u scared that I will hit the car somewhere??

Arnav nods..

Shruti : Don’t worry.. I know driving.. Here is my driving license..

She shows him.. Arnav gives a surprised look..

Shruti : I will drive for sometime..

Arnav nods and sits beside her.. Both of them start talking as before.. They began enjoying the moment.. Shruti started talking again.. Arnav kept on nodding to her stories.. After sometime,Shruti felt that Arnav is silent.. She turns to find him asleep.. She smiles slightly.. She drives herself for half more hour.. She felt sleepy too..

Shruti : (herself) I am sleepy too.. Everyone is sleeping. What do I do now?? I will sleep for 1 hour and then ask one of these three boys to drive.. So that they too might have got some good sleep..

She sets alarm in her phone and sleeps..
After 1 hour,the alarm rings.. Abhi gets up and stops it thinking that it’s his phone as both of them had same ringtone..

Sid wakes up when he felt sunrays falling on his face..He is disappointed.. He wakes everyone up..

Sid : Hey.. What yaar?? We are stuck up here.. We have to travel 3 more hours to reach my village.. Actually what happened??

Everyone looked at Shruti who was in driver’s seat..

Shruti : Actually.. I was driving. I felt sleepy and thought of sleeping for an hour.. I kept alarm but it did not ring I think.

Ritika : Shruti di.. Is that ur mobile?? I heard some phone buzzing but Abhi stopped it..

Abhi : What?? Is that urs?? I thought its mine and stopped it..

Shruti : Sid.. He is the main culprit.. I am sorry yaar..

Abhi : Hey.. If u felt sleepy while driving,u should have waken up any one of us and u should have slept.. Why did u do like this??

Shruti : U guys were snoring.. I thought of waking u up after one hour.. And don’t accuse me.. Do u know?? I did not sleep well since I got married..

Everyone laughed on her last statement..

Shruti : What? Why are u laughing??

Swadhu : What Darlo!! U are saying everything publicly?

Shruti gave a confused reaction..

Abhi : U might have romanced with ur hubby and might not have slept at night.. Why are u saying that to us?

Everyone laughed including Arnav..

Shruti was tensed..

Shruti : How dare u say that?? (To Arnav) U too will laugh for what he said?? Haan??

Arnav controlled laughing and came to her and side hugged her.. While everyone continued laughing..

PRECAP : Abhika lock Arnav and Shruti in a room..

Sorry if u felt boring .. I will come with some good Swadhu-Sid and Abhi – Ritu scenes tomorrow.. Sorry for the late post too.. Take care guys.. Do comment and like..

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