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Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 4th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Jodha learns the truth

Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 4th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Salim thanking the Lord by visiting the Dargah. He smiles thinking of Anarkali. Baba says he had come with peace here, this peace comes just with love. Other baba say what he got today will be lost, love is a free bird, it will fly away, Salim will rule over the world, but he won’t get his love. Khanam gets spying. She sees Salim and Anarkali passing by and hides. She says I should tell this to Rukaiya. Salim gets Anarkali with him and shows the throne. He lights the diyas around. Anarkali sees the throne and recalls the last time when she got punished.

Salim holds Anarkali’s hand and takes her to queen’s throne. She cries. He says its your right to sit on this throne, you were a maid before, you are now he future queen. Akbar looks for Salim. Khanam says

I will tell him where is Salim, I have seen him going towards Darbar.

Akbar asks what, at this time? Salim says my love is free of every fear and shame, this will be the first darbar to hear about our love. He shouts I love Anarkali, Salim is of Anarkali and Anarkali is of Salim. She cries. He does shayari. He hugs her and says you are the future queen. Rukaiya plays a sitara/musical instrument happily. Khanam comes to her and says Akbar will be furious on seeing Salim and Anarkali together. She slaps him. She says there is still time to expose their love story, real fun will happen when Salim and Maanbai’s marriage gets fixed and then Akbar knows this, where isAkbar, I have to stop him.

Khanam says he went towards the Darbar. Anarkali says a servant can’t become a queen. Salim says who tells that dreams can’t come true. He makes Anarkali sit on throne. He says get habitual, I will always keep you close after our marriage. Jodha comes there. She hears Salim laughing and goes to check. Salim says I m a soldier and just know fighting, you rule over my heart and mind. Anarkali says I wish you rule over entire world. He says you support me as my wife. Rukaiya stops Akbar and says I was finding you, I want you to spend time with me. He says I will come, I have to talk to Salim. She acts to faint. Akbar gets shocked. He takes Rukaiya to her room. Jodha comes and gets shocked seeing Salim with Anarkali.

Anarkali says how did Maanbai get that kamabandhan. Jodha asks do you love Salim. Anarkali says a lot. Jodha asks does Salim love you. Anarkali says more than himself. Jodha asks her to leave Salim. Anarkali asks for just Salim. She cries.

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