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Chandragupta Maurya 4th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandragupta Fights With Tiger

Chandragupta Maurya 4th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhananand eagerly waits for Durdhara and says he cannot wait further. Chandragupta thinks it seems king likes my mother a lot. He asks Mura if the person coming is very special for king Dhananand. Mura angrily says she did not forget him insulting Peeplivan people, he should learn to behave with others. Dhananand thinks what is khatrani Mura speaking to this boy, Chandragupta must be of 16 years like Durdhara’s son. Guard informs special guest has entered. Chandragupta excitedly walks to palanquin and gets tensed not finding Dhurdhara. Durdhara sits on Dhananand’s royal chair and says she is here. Chandragupta thinks this innocent girl dared to sit on Dhananand’s royal chair, Dhananand will kill her unnecessarily. Dhananand walks to Durdhara calling her dear sister

and hugging her emotionally asks not to shock like this with her jokes as he shocks everyone with his jokes. He says he has made special arrangements for her greeting. Everyone chant her name while Chandragupta searches his mother. Durdhara thinks who is this prince who is not mesmerized with her beauty.

Dhanand orders dancers to show their art. Durdhara watches their dance. Mura serves liquor to everyone present there. Chandragupta asks to serve it to eve him. She says it is not for kids. He asks why she acts as if she is is his mother. She says if she was his mother, she would have taught him some manners. Dhananand’s brother informs his other brother Pandu that he has made arrangements to take revenge from Chandragupta and shows tiger. Pandu says he lost his finger due to Chandragupta, now Chandragupta will lose his life.

Durdhara sees Pandu standing nervously near king and asks Dhananand if Pandu lost his finger in accident. Dhananand says only she understanding him well in this world. Durdhara says king has every right to do whatever it takes to keep law and justice under control. Dhananand orders to bring tiger and tells Durdhara that this is man eating tiger and man standing near tiger will make it jump via ring. Tiger jumps once and then attacks man. Man pleads to save him. Pandu pushes Chandragupta in front of tiger. Dhanananad and Durdhara look surprisingly. Mura pleads to save the kid. Pandu thinks Chandragupta is gone now. Tiger spares man and walks towards Chandragupta. Chandragupta escapes once. Tiger attacks and injures his stomach and shoulder. Chandragupta’s bangle falls down unknowingly . He smears his blood on ring and throws it in front of tiger. Tiger sniffs it and walks towards it. Chandragupta runs and jumps on top. Dhananand claps. Chandragupta realizes his bangle is missing and jumps back in front of tiger. He jumps and picks bangle. Mura notices that and realizes Chandragupta is her son. Tiger attacks Chandragupta again. Mura shouts. Dhananand thinks why she is so concerned about the boy. Mura notices tht and wipes her tears. Chanakaya’s aide lady reaches venue to warn Chandragupta against upcoming trouble, but stands shocked seeing him in trouble.

Precap: Mahamartya reaches Lubdak and asks if Chandragupta came to palace with a motto. Chanakya says Dhananand doubts now that Chandragupta is Mura’s son.

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