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Bigg Boss 12 4th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sree and Rohit fights

Bigg Boss 12 4th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Day 78
KV reads new task that their prize money decreased to 23.4K, they have a chance to win back amount, they have a task to win it back, its a captaincy task, whoever wins it will also be saved in 14th week of game. In task, there is a baggage room where there are school bags of all inmates, when horn plays, you will take one bag and sit in school bus, you all will be responsible for each other captaincy, when bus is on brake, the person who gets down will eliminate person whose bag they have with them, then he or she will put money envelope from bag to box there, that amount will be added prize money, whoever wins task, that person’s amount will not be saved, whoever is out first will become referee of task.

Megha says to Dipika and Jasleen that we will try to keep

each others bag with us so they cant eliminate us.
Deepak says to KV that we can get 4-5 bags and then divide it. Surbhi says we have to make sure to sit in bus.
Dipika asks Romil to take each others bags. Romil says we have to win. Romil says they have three boys.
Surbhi says we have to get Romil’s bag.

All are standing outside baggage room. Surbhi asks Sree to not push them. Sree says I am making place for me. Rohit taunts him. Sree says you dont have much time. Rohit says I will beat you so much, dont cry. Sree says you are *****. KV asks Sree to stop it. Sree charges at Rohit. Rohit says he would sit down soon, Sree darling. Rohit says you have shown ****. Sree says you are *****. Dipika says can you both stop it? this is disgusting, Surbhi says you should have stopped before.

The door opened with a buzzer. The housemates pushed each other and ran inside to take the bags. Karanvir Bohra fell down and contestants ran towards the bus.
Sree didn’t allow Rohit to enter the bus, which ended up into a fight. On the other hand, Romil stopped Surbhi as she took three bags. He snatched the bags from Surbhi. Romil also stopped Deepak to leave the bus. Romil says you cant sit near door. KV says you cant push him. Rohit says they are useless. Sree says what can you do? Rohit says you want to beat me? Bigg Boss says you all have to sit on seats and tell whose bag you Surbhi says Romil snatched bag from me. Deepak have Romil’s bag. KV have Dipika. Somi have Jasleen’s bag. Sree have KV’s bag. As soon as the buzzer rang, Deepak ran out of the bus and submitted Romil’s bag and wrote Rs 10,000 on the board. Bigg Boss named Romil as the Sanchalak of the task. Rohit says I am coming 13th week, Jasleen says look at your face. Rohit says to Jasleen and Megha that you both are going.

Dipika says to Sree that you cant say those words, he can say anything but you dont cross that line. Sree says you have to follow a line too.
Jasleen says to Rohit that you cant be like me. Deepak says we dont want to become like you. Sree says to Somi that KV pushed Dipika. Somi says they have no manners.
Deepak says to KV we have to throw Sree out. Romil says you cant do anything. Surbhi says I have two brothers. Romil says they cant do anything. Surbhi shouts to not go on her brothers, I will beat you. Romil says come and slap me. He asks Rohit if he wants to slap him? Surbhi says this is referee?

Romil tells Sree that you can push and do anything in bus, not outside. Sree says bags will be snatched outside. Somi says you want him to push inside bus? Romil says no. Deepak says he talks about injuries and then taunt us for snatching bags. Sree says I will snatch bags now. Deepak says you cant. KV says you cant do it. Sree says you people are talking about respect? KV says you are degrading women. Sree says you want me to write a letter? KV says you are going on my family? As the gong rang again, All run to sit in bus. Sreesanth stopped Rohit from entering the bus, Rohit says you cant do it. Rohit runs and sits from otherside. Rohit says dont dare touch me again. Rohit says I will beat you badly. Sree says I didnt do anything, I just stopped you. Surbhi says Sree should be disqualified. Romil asks for bags. Deepak have Sree’s bag. Rohit have Deepak’s bag. Sree have Rohit’s bag. Brake plays, Deepak runs and gets down. He eliminates Sree for 20K.

Bigg Boss tell inmates that time for today’s task has ended. Deepak hugs Rohit. Jasleen says Rohit is loser.

Dipika gets angry and goes to sit in a corner. She cries. Sree comes to her. Dipika says who is Surbhi to tell me to support right sometimes? they go so low, Rohit and Deepak treats Jasleen so badly. Sree consoles her.

Somi says to Romil that I want to clarify I didnt mean it. Romil says I didnt want to make you feel small. Somi says Jasleen is your friend now? Cant I say something to you? Jasleen is bragging about her friendship with you, I am sorry. Romil says I know why people come to me, Somi says that comment fell from my mouth about Jasleen trying on you.
Jasleen tells Dipika that Somi commented on me and Romil, he is a married man. Somi says I didnt mean it like that. Jasleen says he is married, how can you say that? Somi says to Romil that I didnt comment on you. Romil says they are pointing on me. Jasleen says I am surviving on others?
Somi says sorry to Romil and cries. Romil says I didnt take you wrong, I know only you care for me, go to your team, I am single. Somi says I am with you from start, she cries. Romil says they keep saying anything to me, now they made bad too. Somi says sorry. Romil says I cant fight with you, you have a team, you have an identity so prove yourself.

Somi says to KV that Jasleen was alleging me joining her name with Romil, I just want to focus on my game. Surbhi says Romil is diplomatic *****. Somi says no. Surbhi says see his face, he talks to you badly, you allow him to be rude with you, you are his friend so bear it. Somi says its done now. KV says its better to be alone than caring for someone.

Surbhi says to Deepak that we can target Jasleen, Dipika is not a competition.

Somi says to Jasleen that I just said you are giving attention to Romil. Jasleen says you said that one man went from my side so I am grabbing another. Somi says I didnt mean it.

Megha looks at Romil and says I miss my friend. Romil says you keep saying things like that, he hugs her and says dont cry. Jasleen says you cant hug me? Romil says people will think bad. Jasleen says you used to look cute to me in 2nd week. Megha says from what angle? Romil says she has some feelings for me. Jasleen laughs and says idiot.

Romil says to Megha and Somi that Deepak is double faced. Jasleen says you are right. Deepak hears it. Dipika says to Romil that Rohit told Deepak that you called him mindless but Rohit is not trustworthy. Romil says their friendship was not worth it.

Day 79
The next day, housemates woke up to ‘Paisa Paisa’ song. They dance and enjoy.

Deepak says to Romil that we will eliminate Megha and Jasleen. Rohit says I will run with their bags.

Deepak says to Somi that Romil is not what he looks like. Somi says I dont care. Deepak says you do care, you get jealous. She throws slipper near him. Deepak says I will frame this slipper.

Bigg Boss says its time for task again. All rush to baggage door. Romil tries to pull them. Somi says dont touch me like that, she moves back. Romil says you are pushing others. Somi says you moved be back. She angrily takes off mic. Romil tries to pull Jasleen back but she doesnt. Romil says to Somi that I was just stopping you from pushing others. Somi says this is not the way, you cant pull me back like that. Rohit he is nothing. Romil says what you want to say? They comment on each other. Dipika says stay in limits. Gong plays, all run to get bags. Somi and Jasleen fights for pushing each other. Jasleen says Somi is a psycho for behaving like this, I cant do this. Jasleen says Somi was grabbing her. Somi says she was pushing me away. Jasleen says she grabbed me, I am not going in. Surbhi says Dipika grabbed me too. Dipika says I didnt hurt you, all get wounds in task. Romil talks to Jasleen and makes her sit in bus. Somi then asks Deepak to remove Jasleen’s bag. Gong plays, Rohit gets down.

Rohit says to Sree that you are already cleaned bold. Sree says what did you say? Rohit says he is a useless person.

Sree charges at him.

PRECAP- Rohit and Sreesanth once again got into a major fight. It turns out to be pretty heated as the duo get into a massive fight as Rohit keeps commenting on him and says get lost.
Rohit says to Surbhi that you grabbed me. Surbhi says this is a game now. Dipika says I am having fun to see them fight. Deepak says to Rohit that you betrayed. Rohit throws Surbhi’s bag and says I have to play for you people in 13th week too? I am playing for myself now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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