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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th December 2018 Written Episode Update Tiwaris turn to Shahs.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Putan im Gujarati attire asks Angoori if she is ready,she says yes i am and walks down in attire, Tiwari too joins them, Angoori says how handsome, Putan asks why you look so annoyed, Tiwari says we dont know Gujarati, Putan says saxena will be here, saxena walks in and soon you will learn and starts teaching,tiwari makes mistake, saxena whacks him, tiwari gets angry, Angoori asks him to cooperate, Putan says lets make your surname tiwari because Gujarati dont have tiwari surname lets have surname as shah.saxena keeps teaching them basics.Guests arrive,saxena leaves.

Vibhu walks in and says a guest you were expecting came to my house here she is, Tiwari throws vibhu out of house, vibhu hides and watches the drama.vibhu thinks why are biharis turned to Gujarati.Angoori keeps asking

hetal her name. Alpa ben introduces herself,angoori says thisbis putan my bhai ba,apla asks brother and ba(dadi) how come, he is a man how come he is ba, vibhu says i have to find what this drama is. Tiwari says putan gave her love of a ba, Angoori asks what is ba,apla says why does she speak weird Gujarati,putan says she saw titanic sink and since then she is this way,alpa says but that was 100 yrs back,putan says she saw it in a movie, alpa says you love your sister a lot ,putan says yes i do and will take care of your daughter too, alpa says smart boy.

Vibhu walks in and aays hangon why are you talking in Gujarati, putan says you can leave,vibhu says shutup you and tiwari and bhabhiji why forcefully speak Gujarati,alpa says why is he calling you tiwari, Tiwari says he is fool, Vibhu says what nonsense is this, Tiwari says we are busy with our relatives please leave,Angoori says yes get out, Vibhu gets hurt, tiwari says actually he is our neighbors mentally ill.Tiwari asks Angoori to get some food.

Prem walks to boys,boys get emotional and thank him,prem says this stable i have given run it properly,gulfamkali walks to them, prem says we want you to inaugrate.Gulfamkali cuts the ribbon,hapu walks and congratulates boys, hapu asks for loans,boys says qe have no concept of loan pay money and then buy,hapu says i shall shut it,prem says i have taken permission.

Alpa asks whats your business, tiwari says lingrie and putan is partner,putan says its actually mine and just 5% is his all is set by me.Alpa says my hetal is only kid,Angoori keeps messing up things,tiwaros whispers putan to quickly finish,putan says ypu yalk why are you here,tiwari says lets talk about marriage,alpa says let our panditji arrive. Panditji arrive. Tiwari asks him to give permission for marriage.Panditji asks to call parent’s first.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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