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Avneil FF.. A new face of love (Episode 3)

In the last  episode….we have seen avneil’s fight over mobile… Khannas and Mehtas are friends and Neil saving Avni  from An accident…


Neil reaches his house and gets surprised seeing Maddy..

Maddy is his cousin sister…

Maddy says Neil bhaiya and hugs him.. Neil also hugs her back asking when she had came…

Kareena, His aunt comes and says we came in the evening because Maa(referring to bebe) told me you would be free in the  evening.. But….

Bebe comes and says he left without informing us… Where were you tillu

Neil thinks of avni and the accident and says I just went for a walk

Bebe: okay… Kareena is leaving today itself but Maddy will be here…

Neil: why bua… Why are  you leaving so soon..

Kareena: i have to beta..plz let us to go..

Kareena leaves…

Neil goes to his room

Mehta house,

Avni goes to her room tired… Someone is following her… Avni turns back but donot see  anyone… She goes to bathroom to freshen up… Suddenly someone knocks the bathroom door and she opens the door and gets surprised seeing Riya..

Avni: Riya…….you…here…how..? Where is Rohit…

Riya: Wait…. Let me tell.. I came alone.. Thought to surprise you… But failed

Avni smiles

Riya is Avni ‘s Best friend and Rohit is Riya’ s Boyfriend

Riya: I will be staying here for 1 week… And before I leave we have to enjoy a lot…

Avni: sure

Riya: where is neela aunty and ashish uncle

Avni: They went to some puja and will be back in the morning only

Riya: will they stay there

Avni: No… They have to meet their friends… Will be staying there only

Riya: wow.. Good thing… If there is no one in the home… We will get bored.. Right.. Can we go for a party

Avni: No… Coz.. We are not alone here… And i am so tired and not in a mood to  party

Riya: Plz……………plz..plz..plz…

Avni: okay…where to party and with whon

Riya:  we will party at चमको cafe

Avni: what… It’s not a place for party…

Riya : yes i know… Not inside चमको Cafe.. But do you remember the place behind चमको Cafe.. Our favorite hideout in childhood… We will party there

Avni: okay but with whom

Riya: i will call my friends… Okay

Avni: okay.. So I will go and get ready…

In khanna mansion

Neil is talking to DD about smuggling and rape cases in their area

DD : Sir.. You know na… The place behind our chamko Cafe is the current hideout of many smugglers and criminals

Neil: yes… Okay today we have to go there… With full force.. And make it sure that no one knows this news.. Coz if those criminals find about this… They will escape… I don’t want to happen that

DD : yes sir…

Avni and Riya reaches the place… Riya says she will come now.. I have to call those idiots (friends!)

Avni: okay.. I will wait here

Riya goes…

Avni feels someone is behind her and turns back… She gets shocked to see  smugglers…

Avni: who are you all… Why u came here

Smugglers : अरे वाह… You came to our  place and asking us why we came here

Avni: who are you..

Smg: it doesn’t matter… You are looking soo…. Hot and pretty too…

And starts moving towards her

Avni: don’t dare to come close

Smg.. : what will u do.. Will u shout… Then shout but no one will hear you

They try to keep their hand on avni

Avni kicks them and tries to run… But they catch her.. She punches them and fights with them

Avni: okay… Do u wanna fight with me… Then come

Avni fights with them.. Neil reaches there and sees avni fighting with the goons and gets shocked..

DD : sir. Who is this girl… She is fighting so courageously…

Neil: she can do anything but cannot say sorry and thanks

Dd: how do you know sir

Neil : don’t mind it… You go and call our force

DD goes and neil stares at avni and smiles… He suddenly sees a goon coming from behind…. Neil goes there and pulls avni towards him and kicks the goon..

Avni stares at him

Neil signs what still holding avni closely

Avni, : what are u doing here… Or are you also a member of that gang

Neil: stop this nonsense… I am a police officer and came to arrest all of them but saw a lady goon fighting with them

Avni: Achaaa….. Ooh… Did u see how that lady goon fight.. So courageous na

Neil: leave that…

Avni sees a goon waking up and kicks him instead slips over neil and both of them fall down… In between avni kisses his cheeks unknowingly.. And her lipstick mark gets on his cheeks…  

Avni is lieing above neil and both of them an eyelock…

Tu safar plays in the background

Riya  comes there and gets shocked seeing them and shouts avni…

Both of them comes to senses and tries to wake up but again slips…

Riya see this and  smiles…

Both of them get up…

Riya sees the lipstick mark on Neil’s cheek and gets surprised…..





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