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Agnifera 4th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Agni Wins First Test

Agnifera 4th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kishen’s house’s auction starts. Auctioner starts bidding. Mukhri as Punjabi prospective buyer bids 10 crores and wins bidding. He starts his overacting and gives 10 crore rs cash bag to Sawanth CA. Agni thinks why he is doing overacting. He asks Sawanth to sign papers. Sawant says he will read papers first. Mukhri insists to hurry up. Sawanth signs papers. Mukhri says he wants papers from KD and insists KD to read them. KD says he already bought house, she does not want to read. He insists again. She reads that house is tranferred into her name. Family rejoices. Mukhri realizes his real identity. Agni says she planned all this to save house. Sawanth congratulates her for her intelligence and saving house and reveals he was acting on Thakur family’s behalf. KD says they all were testing Agni for her 1st test and she won. Agni stands surprised and happy while Sakshi stands fuming. Family praises Agni for her intelligence and congratulate her. Sawanth says even Sakshi tried her best to stop auction and her aides even kidnapped his servant. Devi starts praising Sakshi.

Yashi praises Agni that she is Kishen’s real wife. Devi yells that whatever it is, Sakshi is their bahu as she took pheras with Kishen. She taunts Yashi that she knows according to Hindu religion, there is only 1 marriage, but due to unavoidable situation, she let her husband marry Yashi and accepted her as her husband’s second wife, similarly whole family have to accept Sakshi whether they like it or not.

Agni walks to Sakshi’s room and tautns that she is the winner, so she wants to give her some suggestion. Sakshi fumes that her 1 win does not mean she is a winner. Agni taunts her to stop her evil ideas and mend her ways. Sakshi counterattacks her verbally, but in vain.

Precap: Yashi gives knife to Kishen and says it is for Agni and Sakshi’s second exam, they both have to preotect him. Chacha’s aide gives him real knife to kill Kishen.

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