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Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th November 2020 Written Episode Update – Prabhu ganesh teaches lesson to rajkumar karn.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Karn thinking how this rishi will provide so much food with seating arrangements let’s see & rishi keeps a mani near prabhu & prays him to provide sufficient food with seating arrangement for everybody & all get seats with food provided & karn gets shocked so he thinks to take that from rishi so he asks rishi what you had by which you could do this so he says i have blessings of prabhu but he tells him to not to think i am a child so tell the truth & he tells him i am having the mani which i had got from devraj indra by doing meditation which is known as chintamani so karn tells him this mani should not be with you then as i am king so it has to be with me while his parents tell rishi to not to allow him to take this as he has become very arrogant but rishi tells them let him try because it’s prabhu’s gift which only able person can keep this so he tries to take but gets shock from fire near prabhu’s idol & he is thrown so again his parents as well as rishi try to stop him then too he ignores all of them & tries again but prabhu emerges pushing him showing huge ganesh form to him by which his parents are shocked to see prabhu & he is thrown into a pit of sand making him unable to get up & he prays prabhu which finally makes him think what i did this so now my time has come to die because i asked help form prabhu & he dies but his parents are pleading prabhu ganesh to save him as we need him for our life & ganesh pours is powers to save him but again karn’s mother is pleading ganesh to save him instead take our lives while karn comes out from pit behind his parents saying why you should die instead i am worth dying who could not listen to his parents insulting them & disobeyed rishi of gurukul also. He keeps mani & his crown in front of ganesh telling him i do not wish this now as i am not a good person who behaved weirdly but ganesh blesses him telling him that whoever accepts his mistake is bound to get forgiveness so from this day you will look after your parents & this rule while this ashram will be known as chintamani temple & also from the pit you came out will become a pond from which people use water then they’ll be blessed.
Narayan tells devi laxmi this way this place is known as chintamani temple & going ahead a yuvraj warrior rukman use to meditate for prabhu ganesh to become able to fight evils.
Once rukman was telling his father rishi to allow him to tackle evil animals which are harming people around us but he is reluctant to send him & rukman explains him i won’t disobey you but you have taught me to follow responsibility towards people which is first priority & happily agrees to send him. Rukman overcomes evil animals but reaches an ashram where he finds a woman who is wife of rishi walchandrithi & he asks her can i see him as he is very eager to meet him due to a very big rishi but she instead tries to attract him towards her beauty & he asks her water so she gives him but tries to attract him towards her which he does not like & leaves from there but she is again trying to stop him cursing him saying if you do not stop for me then you will be harmed in your path getting burns on your body but he doesn’t stop & leaves facing pains but thinking of his prabhu whom he was dedicated.
Narad comes to advice him to take bath in the pond near chintamani temple & you will be blessed & he does accordingly getting pure from that water.
Narayan tells devi laxmi this way rukman’s arrival made chinatamani’s temple blessed. Prabhu ganesh emerges to show them the path towards bharat vinayak dham which is next visit of journey.
Both reach temple of bharat vinayak dham while laxmi asks narayan i am still in confusion what happened of devi mukunda who was to be punished so he tells him it all happened through devraj indra.
Devraj indra plans to punish devi mukunda so he reaches mukunda’s hut in disguise of rukman which makes her happy & as he leaves the hut making her happy she sees thinking that she had cursed him about burns but do not find any burns so she ask him who are you & devraj indra emerges as she gets her feeling of punishment for behaving evil towards unknown person.

Precap : The next story will start with prabhu vigneshwar in which an asoor emerges due to devraj indra.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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