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True Love Never Dies – Rianshbir (Episode 6)

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Episode 6

VR Mansion

They all come for dinner They Settled down and they wait for vansh to come aryan say we should start he will come, dadi say You have forgotten the rule we all sit to eat dinner , ishani says that rule was made by that girl & now her chapter is closed 3 years ago only. Siya say shut up, what happens if she is not here, she’s our bhabhi don’t forget it, (ishani gets up say) she is not my bhabhi I didn’t like her, & I don’t want her to come back to my brother life you know, I’m searching for new girl for my brother,(all gets shocked) who is correct match for my brother (vansh is listening to all of this) & come near dinning table and say ishani clam down have dinner, Ishani says Bhai I have searching girl for you and promise me that you will marry that girl only. Siya gets irritated and says I have only one bhabhi, her name is Ri, Ragini now I will see how you will marry Bhai to another girl she left the table (all calls her) ishani also say I will also see, who stop me. she also left dinner. Dadi gets worried . And say if ishani gets to know about Ridhimaa I don’t know what happens. anupriya say nothing happens mummyjii don’t worry. Vansh says Mrs Dsouza to send meal to there respective rooms.

Siya is sitting in garden area she is so much hurt she checks her phone and say. My bhabhi is you, my brother happiness is you and I don’t make ishani to spoil. Everything is going good I don’t know why she has come . Vansh comes there and say which is not good also we will make good, come on siya don’t cry for little things. Siya say how can i forget Bhai. She is the one who snatched ragini from us , in her ego she messed up everything. Vansh say clam down siya have dinner he feeds and say from now no one is gonna snatch ragini from us no one. She gets happy and hugs him.

Ishani in her room scattered all things siya you have talked so rudely with me because of that girl how can you do this to me, I hate that girl she, she was the one who messed up my Bhai life, I will also see how you bring her back to my brother life. Vansh enters the room and finds all things scattered around he say clam down ishu please come with me he call servants to clean the mess. They go the balcony and he makes her sit he say I know siya words hurts you a lot , but it was not intentional, but Bhai she talked so rudely with me because of that girl. How can she do that, ishani says Bhai promise me, that girl is not coming back to our lives. Vansh says “Hoga wahi jo tum chathi ho”. Ishani gets happy, just then angre come there and say boss I want to talk about some projects. Ishani says can’t use see we both are talking, vansh says go to study room I’m coming. Vansh feeds food to ishani and says her to go to sleep (vansh kiss ishani forehead) .

Study room

Vansh comes and see at angre what happened angre, angre give files to vansh and says boss I didn’t understand one thing you’ve promised siya that ragini is not leaving us, and now promise ishani that ragini never enter your life again. Vansh looks at him says yes angre ragini will never enter my life again. (he indicates angre to door someone hearing them) it was ishani, she say UK know Bhai you will never break my promise, that girl never come back to our lives. She left vansh takes angre to terrace.

Ishani come to meet aryan room and say thank you aryan you informed me about that girl . Aryan smiles and says if I won’t say you , who else will tell you ishani my sister. They smile. Aryan says you know angre appointed new legal time dadi comes & say I want to talk to you ishani she takes her out.

In terrace vansh, angre , sejal (video call), boss what about ishani if she gets to know about ragini she creates havoc , I know angre but for some days I will make sure she doesn’t come to office, vansh ask sejal what about the pills did report have come (flashback when sejal takes vansh side she show him the report of ridhu , says he doesn’t want her rembere anything so he is doing this) sejal says yes, which pills she was taking was not for her recovery, but because of that she can’t never get her memories back it’s so strong pills vansh. Vansh in angry says kabir you want keep her away from me, I will not spare you, sejal say calm down vansh , let’s focus on what should we do next angre says she is joining from tomorrow, she is coming to office vansh say no angre I want to meet her in lawn of our office where I have met her for first time. Angre says arrangements will be done boss. Vansh ask sejal did you change the pills with new one, she says yes I have ,she ask me lots of questions,(in irritating tone) he says don’t you remember she used ask so many questions.(he continues and remember so many antics of her ) Sejal and angre gets happy by seeing him so much happy and relaxed , he say bye to sejal and angre. (they leave).

Precap : vansh meet ridhimaa, ishani says everyone that she has find a girl for vansh, Ridhimaa misunderstand vansh.

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