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Shaadi Mubarak 4th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Buasa slaps Tarun

Shaadi Mubarak 4th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Neelima saying KT used to spread happiness in his fav festive Diwali, but today he is sad. KT says God, I don’t want to lose Preeti, do some miracle that I stop Preeti from leaving. He gets a message. He smiles and says yes, mom, happy diwali. Neelima says happy diwali, what happened. He says we should be happy. He asks the men to keep the money, its their leave today, go and enjoy with family. He hugs Neelima.

Juhi goes and checks the door. She says Bua dadi and Phupa dada…. come…. Preeti greets them. Buasa wishes them happy diwali. Kusum says you both came suddenly, I m glad, did Tarun trouble you again. Buasa says Tarun didn’t call us. Preeti recalls calling Buasa and asking her to come home. Tarun asks what, why did mum cal them. Rati says I don’t know.

Preeti says I can’t forgive Tarun for what he did with Priyanka. She cries and says I lost the bet, but I can’t kill my soul to stay in that person’s house. Tarun comes clapping. Rati follows. Tarun says you got the excuse, look at her ego, see Bua dadi, she likes to have freedom, she wants to do makeup, she loves it. Buasa slaps him. Everyone gets shocked. Buasa says you aren’t ashamed to say such words for your mum, your thinking shows your inner filth. She scolds him.

She says you fell down in everyone’s sight today, you lost, not Preeti, she has made her self esteem high in everyone’s eyes. Preeti cries. Buasa says when Preeti said she will work, I was hurt, I have old thinking, I just heard that bahu should be home, but Preeti made me proud, you do any work you want, you stay wherever you want. Everyone smiles. Buasa says its your life, live it with right. Phupasa says yes, you have won in our sight. Everyone hears dhol sound. They see some men playing dhol. KT comes dancing.

KT greets them. Everyone joins the dance. Kusum asks what is it. KT holds her hands and dances. Preeti asks what are you doing, what’s happening. KT asks the men to stop. The men leave. He says I m celebrating your victory. She says I lost. He says no, you can’t lose, you have won. Kusum asks what. KT says you have won well, you are super hit, really. Rati says she didn’t do anything, how did she win. KT says I was waiting that you will ask this intelligent question, check on your phone, what social media is saying about Shaadi mubarak and Preeti. Sumedy says its trending, you have let go Aryan’s marriage for a reason, your thought is trending. KT says Preeti didn’t leave truth and won. Kusum says Preeti got famous, Tarun wanted four people to praise her. Kajal says 4 lakh people are praising her. Juhi says everyone is praising her. Buasa says mum handles children and home, she just wants some love and respect, you are unlucky, you never valued her, she earned a big name, I m proud of her. Phupasa says yes, even Tarun’s dad didn’t earn such a name, I m proud of Preeti. Kusum says I m also proud of my friend. Buasa hugs Preeti. Preeti takes blessings. Juhi hugs her and says I m so happy, I always believed you and your capability, we will take a family selfie.

Preeti opens the last knot. She says this has pushed me to get my self esteem, I m glad to win your trust, I could bring happiness on your faces, my family and Kusum’s happiness matter a lot to me. Tarun and Rati leave. Kusum says we shall have sweets. KT looks on. He says I also got viral. Kusum says yes, both and Preeti got viral. She feeds them sweets. Preeti thanks KT. KT says no need to thank me, its your talent, the credit goes to you, you didn’t lose, you have won.

Preeti says but this victory is incomplete without you. He says happy diwali. Preeti wishes him. Buasa asks her to go with the times, shake hands. She gives Preeti’s hand to KT. They wish. Juhi takes selfie.

Buasa gives money to Preeti and says its advance, your company will organize a wedding in my village. Preeti asks whose. Buasa says mine. Preeti and KT ask yours? Buasa says its my 50th wedding anniversary. Everyone laughs. Buasa says children are adamant to celebrate it, so we agreed, will you have any problem to organize wedding there. Preeti says no, its my duty also, I can’t take this money. Buasa says you have to keep it, its final, you have organized any weddings for free in the family, it was your duty, this is your work, you are famous now, its my decision, don’t say anything now, I m your Saas. They smile. Preeti and KT take Buasa’s blessings. Ik tara….plays…. KT smiles. Preeti looks at him.

KT says see how I will come there. Preeti says you can’t come there. Kusum asks why did you refuse. Preeti says that’s my sasural, the people won’t understand my work and partnership with KT. KT holds Preeti in arms. Everyone looks on.

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