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Santoshi Maa 5th November 2020 Written Episode Update – Indresh goes to search swati.

Santoshi Maa 5th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with nidhi showing indresh the costume he chose for her but he goes inside while pinky sees & tells her to not to take this as swati had this but to chose something else while she gets call from a male friend & leaves to meet him giving excuse of hospital’s call.
Santoshi mata is making art near swati & swati is wondering thinking about her actual identity saying didi called me by the name as swati so am I swati & also I am having this mangalsutra so is it I am married & when mu husband will come to meet?
Bubli is informing ushma that family members here have decided indresh & nidhi’s date of marriage when you were away & also have started purchasing costumes while indresh comes to meet ushma asking that did you found those goons & she tells him two are yet to be found & also asks her how swati is & ushma tells him she is quite improving because of your pooja performing & feeling better now so he asks her can I meet her & she asks him what you’ll do by meeting her as you have already decided to marry so she’ll get again disturbed by hearing your marriage & bubli also tells indresh that you should decide what’s in your mind as your thoughts are fluctuating to take firm decision.
Swati asks santoshi mata in disguise as her didi, that to please tell the truth & what are you busy doing so she tells her that you have various questions in your mind so you can get answer only from mata karwa & swati asks her how so she tells her you have to perform pooja of mata karwa chout by which married woman gets blessings from her of her well-being of her husband for which she does pooja & swati asks can I also do so that my husband can also come to meet me due to this & yes says did to her.
Indresh’s mother tells indresh to call nidhi as she has gone out & it’s becoming late for purchases so as he tries to call nidhi arrives with her friend who leaves her while bubli is murmuring watching nidhi about her unknown person with her telling ushma & says need to take out this truth which I will.
Indresh comes out & leaves telling nidhi that he has some work & goes out getting uneasy thinking about swati for whom he becomes very eager to meet.
Dev rishi telling santoshi mata see how indresh is becoming eager to meet swati which is very good sign.
Indresh calls ushma telling her I wish to meet swati anyhow so please tell me where she can be & mata santoshi gives ushma intimation that it’s time to allow indresh to meet swati so ushma sends message to indresh about swati’s location & he goes to search the ashram but unfortunately devi polomi is following him thinking now I’ll get the path towards santoshi’s devotee through indresh & will kill her while dev rishi sees polomi & tells mata santoshi that see polomi is secretly following him & polomi with indresh reaches near the ashram where swati is & as he opens the door then swati gets bright light on her eyes while polomi also enters the room but both of them do not find swati due to mata santoshi used her powers to make her vanish.
Indresh becomes uneasy so prays mata santoshi in front of devi polomi & she gets wild so uses her powers to hit him with her weapon but immediately ushma devi comes & pushes indresh saying him sorry as I could not control myself but saves him. Devi polomi gets wild on ushma saying you cannot stop me to do this but ushma warns her that you can’t do this in front of me or things will become difficult for you & she is steering towards her angrily.

Precap : Indresh’s mother tells him to keep glass of water with your hands for nidhi near this pooja so that after pooja she’ll drink this water & release her fast. Bubli takes away the glass of water to hide while nidhi sees bubli asking her where are you going?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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