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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Ananth’s Kind Gesture

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

While having food, Chetan suggests Praful if he should deposit his retirement corpus cheque. Kanak says Chetan is right, Pankaj can deposit cheque. Chetan says he works in bank and will deposit cheque. Pankaj says its okay as he likes serving and presses Kanak’s legs every other day. Everyone laugh hearing that. Praful says its okay as he is retired and will visit bank himself. He asks Ananth to accompany him as he needs to speak a lot with him. Jamna says he can speak about Ananth’s wedding. Ananth says what is a hurry. Jamna says she will get 3 bahus in this house. Kanak thinks they diverted topic to marriage from cheque. Gehna enters with food. Ananth asks her to have food with them.

Gopi kaka changes his clothes and asks Gopi/Ahem to clean dirt from his back. She stands shyingly. He asks her to change her clothes as she also got dirty. She says she will change in bathroom and walks towards it. He thinks how does she know.

Kanak serves dal chawal to Gehna in an aluminum plate fuming that she has to serve servant now. Ananth asks Gehna whose plate is this, why is Kanak serving her dal chawal and not their food, and asks Jamna what is happening. Gehna says she is emotionally attached to this plate as this is her mother’s plate and she likes dal chawal. Kanak says Ananith alleged her without thinking once. Jamna says Ananth reacted to what he saw.

When Ahem/Gopi returns, he questions same. She says her father is an astrologer and told that in old houses, bathroom will be in this direction. He walks away convinced. She thinks she is married to someone and is staying with someone else, so she needs to inform Jaggi about it. She calls Jaggi who is busy at work, so she disconnects call and returns to Gopi kaka’s room. Gopi kaka thinks Ahem loves someone and asks who is the girl. She shows Gop’s pic and says she doesn’t know who this girl is, but she stalks him everywhere. Gopi kaka reminisces Gopi stalking him. Ahem says she once got him dhokla. Gopi kaka reminisces eating cake from Gopi’s hand and says even he experienced same and don’t know when she will stop stalking him. Gehna walks towards Gopi kaka’s room when Ananth stops her and she gets tensed. Ahem says that girl gave him this pic forcefully and people say they can get rid off memories if they burn that person’s pic, so let us burn it together. Gopi kaka looks at pic. Gopi reminisces Ahem taking this pic and asks him to look at this pic carefully and opine who would have given candy floss to this girl. Ananth brings food for Gehna and requests her to have food in this plate at least for today, he will keep plate in her room. Gehna nervously says she herself will keep it and asks him to go and be with his family. He leaves. Gopi thinks Ahem/Gopi kaka is looking at this pic carefully and hopes he remembers his past. She says she will burn this pic. He stops her and says he will burn this pic and burns it, leaving her disheartened. He says Ahem is right, memories destroy one’s peace and he wants to get rid off memories by burning pic. Gehna enters, and Gopi kaka leaves. Gopi also leaves sadly. Gehna thinks Gopi kaka didn’t remember anything and Gopi ben’s heart is broken, what she can do for them.

Precap: Sagar enters Gehna’s room and tries to misbehave with her. Ananth enters and asks what is happening here.

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