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Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 5th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Koyal didn’t send Mili

Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 5th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Ram asks do doubt me? She says no I trust you. but heart asks questions. Ram says I had many questions too when I saw her. Patang says now people are questioning why the kid called you papa and Koyal mom. Ram says you keep asking questions. This could be a coincidence that her parents might look like her parents. Patang says wow both of them look like you? What science is that? Ram says stay quite. Ram says don’t you trust your Ram? Dulari says I trust you completely. But kids don’t lie either. Patang says exactly. Ram says I will find everything about her. I promise. Patang says what if she’s actually Ram’s daughter?

Koyal says where did this kid come from? I have to find out her secret. Hema says if she calls you mom she must be. Chitkini jiji is saying that. Koyal says can you find out what is going on between Ram and Dulari regarding the kid? She says sure.

The girl comes to Patang and says are you Patang? He says yes. She says why don’t you fly then? She leaves. Patang says I told you something isn’t right. Dulari says the book is doing all this. According to the kid, the kid is sent by book so Ram can stay at Koyal’s place. He won’t go otherwise. Patang says it’s just a book. She says I also burned it but it came back right? Patang recalls replacing it and keeping it in her closet. Patang says you’re right. It’s a miracle book. I think until you don’t do all the tips this book won’t leave you.

Scene 2
Inspector Yashraj comes in place of Balwan. Ram comes. Yashraj asks what is it? Irfan says they found a kid, she’s calling Ram papa and Koyal mom. They aren’t her parents. Yashrraj says so they must be parents. Ram says Dulari is my wife. Koyal is neighbor. Yashraj says so is she Koyal’s daughter? Irfan says she’s not married. Yashraj asks Irfan who are you? He says I am friend and neighbhor. Yashraj says why is she calling you papa then? Ram says Dulari is my wife she isn’t calling me papa. Yashraj says so the kid is calling Irfan papa and Koyal mummy. Ram does face palm.

Scene 3
Patang comes to Cherry and says what do you think of kids. She stares at him. He says since I met Mili I also got motherhood. I mean.. Our kid will also come. But for that we will have to get married. He dreams of marrying her. Cherry throws water on his face and kicks him out.

Yashraj says you’re calling her papa? Dulari is my neighbor? I never married Irfan. Irfan says are you crazy? Why are you not understanding? He says you’re confused. It’s simple. A small Dulari came to house and came between Mili and Koyal. Irfan calls Ram dad. Irfan and Ram leave in anger.

Scene 4
Dulari asks Mili why do you look upset? She says I want to go to mummy. Little while mummy? She says don’t you like it with me? She says I want to go to real mummy. Dulari says how will she take care of her. She sings for her and makes her eat. Hema looks at them. Dulari plays with her. Dulari hugs her. Mili says I want to go to mummy.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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