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RadhaKrishn 4th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sam Threatens Radha

RadhaKrishn 4th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Anirudh praises Sam that what they couldn’t, he did it and defeated Achyuta. Sam boasts that nobody can win over him, now he will frighten Achyuta and will show his fearlessness. He catches a snake and leaves it in Achyuta’s room saying its time for her to go. Next morning, students gather for class. Anirudh asks Radha where is Achyuta. Radha says she doesn’t know why she is late. Achyuta walks in. Nishath asks if she didn’t go out of ashram as Sam.. Anirudh stops him and asks where is Sam. Achyuta says must be where he has to. Sam finds himself in snake’s stomach and shouts for help. He wakes up and realizes it was his nightmare. He walks to class and is surprised to see Achyuta there. Achyuta scolds him for coming late and orders to apologize. Sam says he doesn’t apologize anyone, but does when Achyuta scolds him. Achyuta finishes her class and says she felt a snake hissing near her bed last night and felt like a lullaby, so she slept well last night. After class, Sam tells Radha that looks like Achyuta is a magician and she failed his attempt to trouble her, he will find out what super powers she has. Radha says he should definitely find out and know Achyuta more.

Sam follows Achyuta. Achyuta misleads him and walks to kitchen where Radha is preparing food. Radha smiles seeing him. He turns back into his original form. Radha requests him to braid her hair. He agrees and braids her hair. Sam tries to enter room, but fails. He uses magic and barges into room, sees Achyuta braiding Radha’s hair. Achyuta asks why did he barge in like this. Sam says he came to meet Radha. Radha says Achyuta braided her hair like Krishna likes, Sam can learn a lot from Achyuta. Achyuta says even she likes Krishna and walks away scolding Sam. Sam warns Radha to stay away from Achyuta or else he will not spare even Radha, he spared her till now as she is a woman. Radha warns him to mind his tongue and dare to speak like this in front of Achyuta.

Sam fumes seeing Radha’s daring behavior and thinks all this is because of Achyuta, he will punish Achyuta and take revenge from her and for that will use Radha as a scapegoat. He walks to Radha and apologizes her for his behavior. Achyuta says he is her dear one and she doesn’t mind. He says he wants to apologize Rishi Sandipani and even Achyuta for his mistakes and asks her to take him along. Radha takes him to Rishi Sandipani first. Rishi asks if Sam misbehaved again. She says same came to apologize him for his mistakes. Rishi Sandipani is surprised. Achyuta walks in, and Sam apologizes even her. Achyuta says Sam will never change and its impossible. Sam says he troubled them due to his anger towards his father and is apologizing them by heart, so they should forgive him. They forgive him. He smirks and thinks now nobody can save Achyuta and Radha from him.

Precap: Krishna asks Sam to prove that he is more powerful than his father. Sam demands Krishna’s weapon. Krishna says he cannot handle it. Sam asks what is it. Krishna says sudarshan chakra which is very disastrous. Sam gets tempted and says he needs it.

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