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Qurbaan Hua 5th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Chahat discovers Viyas jee has registered himself in a shelter

Qurbaan Hua 5th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Chahat places her hand to get the drink so Neil places it before her hand, Neil asks why she drank the apple juice because she even acted like she was drunk, Chahat mentions that whenever her friends would fail they would drink however she cannot as it is prohibited in her religion so she would drink the apple juice, Neil exclaims that she must be in a museum, Neil leaves asking her to drink all that she can otherwise she would get ill, she even asks her mother to not talk with her because she has a lot of pressure as she has to fulfil the dreams of both her fathers.
In the morning Viyas jee is trying to calm down Kripa, Chahat comes explaining that she would remain restless until she gets the warm milk, Viyas jee says that everyone would thinks that she is the mother of Kripa because she cares a lot, Chahat exclaims that she is just friends with Kripa, Viyas jee gets angry mentioning that she takes care of her so much but where is Naveli as it is the time for her study, Chahat mentions that she has studied a lot ion the night so can take care of her. Chahat takes the album because she has to see it, Viyas jee mentions that he starts remembering his daughter whenever there is the hot sun, he thinks that the most difficult thing for a father is that he has to send his daughter away but it was more hard for him as he had to also bury her, he advises her to never be angry with her father, Chahat remembers how her father prayed for her then leaves for her room, she remembers how she met her father the last time, then taking out his photo exclaims that she misses him a lot, Neil also enters the room where Chahat is exclaiming that the next day is Eid e Milab and how they would celebrate it with all zest but she doesnot want to celebrate it without him, Neil thinks why the names of Muslim rituals are so difficult.
Baleq at the office asks the peon if he would do something for him, Baleq mentions that he requires information of someone, the peon says that Neil passed out two years back, Baleq mentions that Neil’s girlfriend Chahat however the peon exclaims that his girlfriend was not Chahat at which Neil realizes that he has married some other girl.
Chahat is not able to learn her subjective part but then Neil comes into the kitchen singing the songs, he says that she has gotten really tired, Chahat asks how he feels after seeing the books is that they should use as weights for the cooking, Chahat says that she has to study. Neil exclaims that she has to have a fresh mind for focus, so he takes her with him then she doesnot know where he is taking her, he also asks Bopho to remain careful.
Chahat asks if he has gotten a big order, Neil mentions that it was because today is Eid e Milad so they would distribute food amongst the poor, then Chahat teases him, Viyas jee also comes asking her to deposit the food in the bank at which Chahat agrees.
When the distribute the food, Chahat exclaims that he would have gotten a lot of prayers, Neil exclaims that this would be because of her so she can pass the exam.
Chahat is perplexed to see the foods as she has not eaten them does so long but then he asks how can she pretend for so long, she explains that it would be wrong, he inquires why she is refusing because she is the daughter of Viyas so would never do anything wrong that would hurt Viyas jee, Neil asks her to just eat it but she explains that they would give it amongst the poor, Neil exclaims that she is the best fake daughter in law, she exclaims that she would also need something else because she wants something to eat in the dahaba, he inquires how much would she want him to spend at which she says that it is not easy to maintain a wife, as she desires a veg food. After eating the food, Chahat explains that she did not know that it was so delicious, so they would also bring Viyas jee, Neil says that he would show her how it feels after eating so much, he acts as if he is farting then explains that it was just an act. She realizes that she did not deposit the amount but then he asks her to put it in the glove box.
Chahat finds out that Viyas jee has registered himself in an old age home, Neil exclaims that he would call him but Chahat tries to explain that their relationship is not as it should be. She asks him how he calls his father because this is what made him think that he would not want to take his responsibility, Neil says that he can never consider Viyas jee as a burden, neil says that he knows what he has to do because he ahs to stop the registration.
Neil and Chahat enter the house, Neil is worried at which Chahat asks him to talk with Viyas jee first. Neil says that he would talk with him really soon.
Godamabri blames that Viyas jee ordered her to not involve Chahat in any work because she has to study then Chahat mentions that she will study the entire night, Godamabri asks her to wake up at 5 am because it is their ritual so she would have to fast for Neil, Chahat wonders how she would fulfil the fast of Karawachot because Neil is not her husband and what would she tell Viyas jee.

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