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Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 4th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Subhash Gets Hurt

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 4th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Subhash takes Vibha to terrace and shows plants which he planted. She says they are very beautiful. He says likes cooking, stitching, etc., what else she likes. She says she likes to fly kite picking it. He asks if she will teach him. She says why not and teaches him. Satish and Pramila bring Sarath on terrace forcefully to meet Subhash. Sarath nervously walks to Subhash seeing Vibha there. Vibha flies kite looking in front. Sarath holds thread roll. Sath and Pramila call Subhash to them and watch Sarath nervously standing. Vibha trying to cut opponent’s kite walks behind. Sarath nervously walks behind. Vibha moves behind and falls on him. They both stand nervously looking at each other. Pramila and Satish enjoy the scene. Subhash takes Vibha to his room and shows her books which Sarath gifted him each year on his birthday. Sarath walks near door and watches them. Vibha finds a dried leaf in book and asks about it. Subhash says he got tensed seeing leaf falling from a tree and thought it is dead, but Sarath told tree won’t die and its a natural process to shed leaves; since then, he is keeping this leaf in his book, asks will she keep it. She sasys why not as he is gifting her with so much love. Subhi sees Sarath and calls him him. Sarath says Vibha’s father is calling her and its time to go. Vibha’s father Akshay tells Janakinath that it was nice meeting his family and he will leave now. Janakinath he will inform him about Sarath and Vibha’s wedding date once he fixes Satish’s alliance and they will meet next in Cuttack. Akshay says sure they will.

Subhi walks to Rono’s room and shows his gifts. Sarath walks in and chats with them. Anu enters and taking Sarath aside informs him that police arrest Aurobindo Ghose for publishing articles against British. Sarath says its a bad news. Anu says Aurobindo Ghose will be prosecuted tomorrow and all swadesis have planned for a protest. Sarath says he will attend it as its his duty to support a freedom fighter. Subhi hearing their conversation insists to accompany him. Sarath tries to explain, but gives up seeing Subhi’s determination.

Sarath takes Subhi to protest venue where Aurobindo Ghose is brought by police. Swadesis protest. Subhi sees Ananth among mob and informs Sarath. Mob gets unrest. Aurobindo Ghose seeing that asks police to take him from there soon.
Police catches a swadesi and punishes him. Subhi asks Sarath why police is punishing that bhaiya, he will go and protect him. Sarath tries to stop him. Mob starts running around, and Subhash is pushed and falls down injured. He gets up determined to save the man.

Precap: Sarath searches Subhi and informs family that Subhi is missing. Prabha collapses hearing that. Subhi sees police punishing a boy and protests.

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