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Mr and Mrs Perfect – KUMKUM BHAGYA EPISODE 27

Hi everyone, I am sorry for unable to update the story. Okay shall we move in to the story.

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Abhi’s pov :

God why did you put me in this situation. I can not even share my pain with my own parents. My love is suffering because of me. Please God see that nothing happens to her. Please she should be save.

His thoughts were broken by arjun.

Arjun : abhi go and check if she got consciousness.

Abhi: I will see and come. Don’t tell anyone about the truth.

Karan : we will handle here abhi. Go and check Pragya.

Abhi went inside.

Outside with family.

Prem: Purab Pragya what happened to her.

Karan : nothing uncle small weakness thats it. She doesn’t eat well and practices more than her energy levels so it happens.

Prerana : but it doesn’t seem, like that the tension in your face clearly says that this something more than that.

Purab : mom, don’t worry nothing will happen to her. And abhi will never let anything happen to her.

Bulbul : Haa ma, Purab is right stop getting worried.

Depali : are you sure Bulbul, if something happens to her, I can’t live

Arjun : mom, not only you none of us can live, she is a part of our life, doctors are doing their best to save her. Let’s hope she recovers.

Raghuveer : what do you mean let’s hope she recovers. What are you saying arjun. It’s just weakness right.

Arjun (thought ): cannot you shut your mouth for sometime. Now see what happened (he saw Karan, Purab and bulbul glaring at him)

I meant she becomes strong and comes back to normal with out any weaknesses.

Inside with abhigya

Abhi: Pragya baby, I am sorry you are in this position because of me. I am extremely sorry. I should not have taken you that day to Hill top. I should not have done that.

I killed our baby. I killed him. I am sorry sweetheart. I am sorry. If I was little more careful we would be happy family by now. I am sorry baby, please forgive me.

Pragya slowly opened her eyes and saw Abhi crying holding her hands.

Pragya : abhi I am fine, don’t cry.

Abhi hugged her and cried even more.

Abhi: I miss him Pragya. Our son. I miss him. I want him to come back to us. I wish I didn’t take you both that day.

Pragya : it’s our bad luck abhi that we lost our son on his first birthday. If you are wrong, even I am wrong. You wanted us to be happy but we didn’t expect that incident to happen right.

Abhi: fuggi I promised you that whoever is responsible for our baby’s death i will get them punished but today they are dead by nature. I fulfilled my promise. I will very soon fulfill the other promise too baby.

Pragya : I know abhi you will fulfill my promise. I am proud of you. I love you so much. And very soon our baby will come back to us. This time he will be with us forever.

Abhi: shall we tell our story to others or you don’t want to share.

Pragya : I want to share. Come let’s go and tell.

They went to meet their parents. All of them were worried.

Abhi: hello everyone,

Prem: abhi you both are fine right.

Abhi: we are perfect mom.

Pragya: do you all want to listen to second part of our love story or not.

Prerana: bete, you are not fine. How will you tell the story.

Karan: they will tell their love syory how many ever times you want aunty.

Depali: if it can change your mood. Then start.

Pragya: I am warning before hand. I don’t want any cry faces at the end of the part.

Arjun: let’s see who turns out to be a cry baby.

So what is going to happen next.

What happened in abhigya life?

All questions in next part.


Signing off……

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