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Mere Sai 4th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sai helps Sumati and her family

Mere Sai 4th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Raghav and his family step inside their hut. Ashok calls it dirty but Rama calls it their truth. He hugs her out of fear upon noticing a spider web. She tells him to get used to it. Sumati places the torn mat on the floor and asks Ashok to sit down. There is no spider here. He says this place is strange, dirty small and dark. She tells him that they can clean this place. We will be closer to each other now. You wont even get afraid at night.

Prahalad steps outside.

Ashok is hungry. Is there something to eat? Rama suggests drinking water instead. Sleep early or hunger will trouble you. Prahalad feels bad for them. Sumati asks her mother how Ashok will sleep on a hungry stomach. He is used to placing something on the floor and covers himself with a duvet as well. Rama says wish your Baba had listened to us before. Think of it as penitence to his sins. The sooner we get used to this, the better. Sumati says this wont stay forever. Sai will guide us. We don’t have to let Ashok give up till then. He should focus on his studies. We will take care of the rest. I will ask Sarkar to lend us his old blanket. Prahalad goes inside. Rama tells Sumati that Sarkar will insult her but Sumati does not mind. I can go through anything for my brother.

Sumati steps outside and notices Rukmani and Prahalad coming there with blanket. She folds her hands in gratitude. Rukmani says I am a mother and Ajji too. How will I be able to sleep peacefully when 2 kids cannot sleep well in the house? Sumati is about to accept it but Sarkar pulls the blanket from their hands. He reprimands his wife for giving blanket to Sumati. She says it is old. Have mercy on the little kid. Sarkar refuses. They are Fakir’s disciples. He should show mercy on them. He should do some miracle. He throws the blanket on the ground, takes the lantern from Prahalad and sets it on fire. Sai is watching everything in Dwarkamai. Sarkar reminds everyone that this is his house. No one will show any mercy to that Fakir’s devotee. He walks away in a huff. Rukmani apologizes to Sumati for not being able to help her. Sai has taught me one thing that has always pulled me out of problems. Chant Rama Krishna Hari. She goes inside with Prahalad. Sumati thinks Sarkar is right. Why should one ask for anything when you are with them? I don’t want anything for myself. Please don’t let anything wrong happen with my brother. Sai says Ram ji Bhala Karein emotionally. Bheema tells Sai he has made arrangements for his sleep. Sai asks him to go home. Your family will be waiting for you. Bheema is surprised to see him sad. Sai says I am bound to feel the pain of good human beings. Bheema says I know that the one who could make you so emotional will be free or his or her pain very soon. Sai remarks that one must pass all the tests that are written in one’s destiny. Chanting Ram can liberate you from everything!

Raghav accepts his mistake. I am a foolish father. I ruined the lives of 2 kids while taking care of 2 kids! Even God wont forgive me. Sumati says Sai says that accepting your mistake is the first step towards rectifying it. Everything will be fine. Rama tells her against it. We will spend our life like this forever now. Don’t be deceived by anything. This hunger is their future. Sumati is sure Sai will help them. Rama asks Sumati to ask Sai to do some miracle then. Sumati recalls Rukmani’s words. She folds her hands and starts chanting Rama Krishna Hari.

Sai is in thoughts. He adds ghee in the diya lit next to Tulsi plant. The stomachs of Sumati and her family get full automatically. Sumati touches her stomach in surprise. Ashok burps. Sumati asks them if they feel as if their stomach is full. Raghav and Rama agree. Ashok tells her sister the same thing. Rama asks her how it happened. Sumati says anything is possible when you have faith on Sai. Ashok asks her if this is Sai’s miracle. Sumati says what else it can be. Ashok says I am sleepy now but it is cold. Can Sai give blanket and pillow as well? Sumati says we too have to make some efforts now. You used to rest your head in my lap when you used to study in the courtyard. Consider it your pillow. Chant Rama Krishna Hari if you feel cold. He agrees and lies down. Sumati continues chanting Rama Krishna Hari. Raghav, Rama and Ashok are feeling cold.

Sai adds small pieces of wood in the fire in Dwarkamai. It turns into small particles and starts floating in the air. Those particles reach the hut in which Sumati is staying with her family. Everyone feels warm and falls asleep. Om Sai plays. Sai says you will get help in some difficulties but you must face some on your own. How you face this problem will decide your fate! May Ram ji give you the strength and outlook to fight that problem!

Radha ji asks Chandorkar ji what he will do after quitting job. He shares that he wants to serve Sai. I want what wont leave my side even after my death. His family gets tensed. Radha ji asks him if he intends to leave them too. Chandorkar ji says why worry when Sai is with you. I don’t know till when I will be able to live my life as a married man. The responsibilities are becoming too much. I would have been able to spend more time with Sai in Shirdi if I dint have these responsibilities. I want to get rid of them now!

Keshav comes to Dwarkamai and greets Sai. Sai asks Keshav how come he is here at this hour. Keshav says I wasn’t able to sleep. Sai asks him why he looks guilty. Keshav replies that it is because he is feeling guilty. I used to think I will stop father from doing anything wrong to anyone but I am still helpless. My father and wife are responsible for that family’s misery yet I cannot do anything to stop it! Sai notices a line of ants nearby and asks Keshav to look at them as well. Where are they coming from? Keshav follows their trail. They are coming from under that tree. Sai nods. Their abode was under a different tree earlier but water gets stuck there often. I told them many times but they dint pay heed to me. Do you know what I did next? Keshav asks him what he did. Sai says I waited. They realised their old house wasn’t right when water got filled there again. They are building a new house there. it is safer. Problems come in life to teach you something. They teach us a lesson when we do something wrong intentionally. We can share someone’s pain or happiness but not their end result. Raghav must bear the result of his misdeeds and he must deal with Sarkar on his own. We cannot do anything in this case. Let’s be good to everyone. Keshav asks him if they cannot do anything based on humanity. Why should the entire family suffer because of one person? I can help them. Sai reasons that it is Ram ji’s doing. You could have helped them if He wanted you to but he has something else on his mind. He can see what you cannot. Understand it that nothing can move in this world without Ram ji’s wish. Stop thinking that you are a culprit. Ram ji will fix everything when it’s time. Keshav smiles. I feel so light after speaking to you. Sai suggests him to go home now. It is late. Keshav heads home.

Precap: Few men are beating someone. Sai asks them to stop. The guy requests Sai to save him. Those men challenge Sai for a wrestling match. We will set this guy free if you win but you will become our servant if you lose. Do you agree? Sai accepts the challenge. Tatya and other villagers are taken aback to witness this.

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