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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 4th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Guneet indirectly asks Kabir to stay away from Nia

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 4th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Pammi hugging Guneet hearing her pregnancy news. She asks why are you crying? Doctor says it happens due to hormones. Pammi says we know about it and jokes about Amber. She tells that she is worried about him. Guneet tells that first she will talk to Nia and then will talk to Amber. Shri asks Kabir if Nia loves you. Kabir says yes. Shri asks him to go and say I love you to Nia. Kabir tells that he can’t do this now and tells that he could have waited for Nia, but started having relation with Nia and moved in with her. He says then I announced my engagement being angry with Nia. Shri says it happens in love. He says it is clear that both of you are in love. He asks him to tell Swara and says she is smart. He says Nia and your chemistry is visible to everyone and that’s why Swara gets angry with you. He asks him to decide between Swara and Nia. Kabir is upset. Pammi brings toys. Amber asks if she has the age to play with toys. Pammi says this is Guneet’s toys, I was checking if they are fine. She says it is fun to have babies at home. Amber asks shall I steal the neighbors’ kids for your enjoyment. Pammi asks what nonsense and asks him to play with the toys. Amber teases her.

Kabir waits outside Nia’s cabin and calls her. He asks what happened, working late. Nia says she has some work. Kabir asks shall I help? She says no thanks. He asks why are you upset? Nia says it is my personal matter, I don’t want to share. Kabir says yes,ok. You don’t want to share your personal matters to your best friend. He asks if this is your new rule and reminds of their promise that their friendship will never change. He says I guess that everything is changed. Nia tells her that Dad and Guneet ji kept Swayamvar party for me. Kabir laughs and asks seriously. Nia says not funny. Kabir says it is really funny and asks if she found someone. Nia laughs and says they were such fools that if you would have been there, you would have laughed at them a lot. Kabir says it is such a nice thought of them. Nia says they have romance in this age and didn’t ask me before keeping this swayamvar. She says she will tell them this is their damad etc…Kabir and Nia look at each other.

Guneet comes there. Swara says Nia is in her cabin and takes her there. They see Kabir and Nia looking at each other. Guneet gets inside and says hi. She asks Kabir if he works here. Kabir says no. Guneet asks him to stick to his commitment if he had given someone. Swara gets hurt. Kabir tells that he came for some work. Swara gets teary eyes and leaves. Kabir goes behind her, but stops seeing her already left. Nia leaves from there. Guneet says I had brought cup cakes for you. Nia comes home. Guneet tells that she wanted to meet her and wants everything to be fine between them. Nia asks why did you talk to Kabir like that. Guneet says whatever he was doing was wrong and is lying to both Swara and you. He is hiding his feelings and says I don’t want you to get hurt. She says I told him directly and wants him to go out of your life. Nia says it is my life, asks if I can work my life according to me.

Amber runs after Pammi and they come to Guneet. He says Pammi is talking about kids and tells that he has one daughter Nia and that’s enough. Guneet keeps her hand on her tummy and gets tensed. Nia thinks in her room. Kabir also thinks of her. Nia calls Kabir. Kabir calls Nia. Their calls seem engaged. Swara comes to Kabir and goes. Kabir goes to bed and tries to sleep. Mainu Ishq tere le duba…plays…..

RB comes to Nia and says if this statue of liberty is your problem, then keep your eyes on it. He walks far and asks her to go far from problem, so that it seems very small. He goes.

Next morning, Pammi asks Guneet to make Amber understand that he got such a big happiness in this old age. Guneet says she didn’t talk to him still and asks if she wants to have tea. Amber asks Guneet if she wants to talk to him. Guneet says yes. RB asks Nia that she has two options, one is stay here and head the wenet or other is come to Newyork, have meeting for global expansion. He says I will talk to the collaborators. Hes asy we will return after 6 months and then you can think of we net expansion. He asks her to take a wise decision. Nia asks if you are seeing your advantage in my decision. RB says yes, but I keep my personal and professional life different, what could be the advantage than I will get a chance to spend sometime with you. He says I like you and you know about it, so why shall I not try? Nia asks so you will try? RB says I will try, until I get sure what I want is not possible. Nia tastes the dish and likes it. He asks her to come on a date with him. Nia agrees.

Precap: Nia finds Guneet sleeping outside her room and pregnancy report peeping out of the room. She reads it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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