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Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 45

Hai friends I’m back with another episode. My college has resumed so I can’t post everyday hereafter. I will post lengthier on every alternate day from tomorrow. Please bear with it and keep supporting me. Lets go to the episode.

Viren receives a phone call. He is stunned.

Jeevika : Virenji..what happened?

Viren: ……

Jeevika: Virenji…

Viren: Aditya is out on bail…and his bail petition is file on my name

Jeevika: What??

Viren: Now….I must meet Naksh and clear this misunderstanding first.

The scene shifts to Goenka house. Naksh and Kartik rush inside with Naira and Keerthi. Viren has already reached there as he knew that Naksh is planning to go to Goenka house

Naksh goes to Viren and catches his collar

Naksh: if you wanted money you could have asked me why did you back stab us?

Viren: Naksh…listen to me…

Kartik: What story are you going to tell now Mr.Viren Vadhera?

Anurag: Kartik…tameez se baat kar..he is your bhabhi’s brother

Kartik: Aayiye Anurag Goenka to defend your wife’s don’t have concern for our sister

Anurag: I do have concern for Keerthi but I cannot let someone insult my family

Kartik: I’m someone to you right

Anurag: Kartik don’t misinterpret my words

Kartik: I have understood them in the right way only

Naksh: Viren..why did you bail Aditya out? You know that he is dangerous to both Keerthi and Naira.

Viren: I didn’t do it

Kartik shows the papers in which Aditya’s bail petition was signed by Viren.

Kartik: What is this then?

Prerna: Kartik…please calm down..lets find out who did it

Naksh: Is there anything to find out? Its your brother’s sign

Prerna: Bhai will not do anything like that

Kartik: Agar aap logoko meri aur Naira ki pyar pasand nahi hai toh say it directly why are you guys playing tricks and putting her in harm

Swarna: Kartik…mind what you say

Naira: Kartik…stay calm…as didi said lets find out the reality

Keerthi: I think Naira is correct

Kartik: You are doting her as didi but she deliberately got you jealous of the attention you got from families even before marrying me

Anurag slaps Kartik

Anurag: Shut up Kartik..if you say one word against my wife I will kill you

Kartik: Oh you can’t bear a word against your wife how can I bear my Naira being in constant trouble because of you and your wife. Its your mistake that Mr.Bajaj trapped our family..its you who got Naira kidnapped instead of your wife..

Prerna: Kartik…I agree it was our mistake that Naira was kidnapped..i apologised too..I will apologise now also

Manish: Prerna beta you need not apologize for something that occurred accidentally. You are a part of this family I won’t allow you to beg someone else. Viren would not have done it..I know it thats enough

Kartik runs to his room

Naksh: Its not enough uncle its my wife and sister under danger

Manish: Don’t bring your family matters here and hurt my family members

Naksh: were waiting for this family to be found? Aahh when they left Geetha Aunty like that they won’t think of you..I should not have brought this matter here thinking that you are daughter of this house..lets go come

Naksh holds Keerthi and Naira to go. kartik too joins them with a bag

Dadi: Kittu where are you going?

Kartik: With my family dadi. I don’t want a  family which has people plotting and working against my sister and my lover. I haven’t married Naira yet but she is my life and I have got my sister after years..they are my family

Manish: kartik do you realise what are you saying?

Kartik: Papa I have never been your ideal son…its Naira who changed me into a person who knows the importance of love and family. You be happy with your elder ideal son and bahu.

Naira: Kartik don’t say should stay here

Kartik: No Naira…because of the people here Keerthi and you are in trouble now..I can’t stay here

Abir too comes with a bag

Abir: Bhai I’ll come too

Akil: Beta tum kyu

Abir: My brother is very important to me

Anurag: You don’t want this brother right

Abir: You have the entire family with you bhai..But Kartik bhaiya is going alone..I have promised Taaiji that I won’t leave him alone in any situation and I’m keeping my promise of a son and brother.

Kartik,Naira,abir,Naksh and Keerthi leave the Goenka house. The scene freezes.

Scene shifts to Singhania house. Naitik and Akshara try to persuade Kartik to go home

Kartik: No uncle..papa should not have said those words to Naksh…

Naitik: But beta

Kartik’s phone rings. After few minutes

Kartik: Uncle Abir and I will stay with Vikram

Akshara: But Kartik

Kartik: Aunty I can’t stay in a house with Naira before marriage. It won’t sound good

Akshara: Its ok beta..atleast have some food here..Naira..take Kartik and Abir with you

Naira takes Kartik with her to eat. Mishti who came with Naira stays there looking at Abir

Abir: What?? Why are you looking at me like this?

Mishti: You left the house for bff?

Abir: Haan..bhai is very good at heart but too emotional that too if it comes to bhabhi he loses his senses.

Mishti: So you came to support him

Abir: I don’t want him to hurt himself being alone..I will always be there for him

Mishti: Like Ram Lakshman

Abir: Maybe.. I don’t know how much Lakshman loved Ram but I love my bhai a lot…I regret going to abroad leaving him alone…

Mishti: Wow what a love

Abir: He loves me more than I do. Love makes us emotional sometimes but that makes our life the best. Like bhai found bhabhi one day I’ll find my girl

Saying this Abir goes to the dining table. Mishti is toatlly impressed by Abir and is lost in him.

She brings Kachori to Kartik and feeds him.

Kartik: Naira tum bhi kao..

Naira: First you eat..I have a work I will comelater.

She takes Mishti with her and signals Abir and Keerthi too to join them. They all go to the kitchen

Naira: I don’t think Viren bhai did it

Mishti:I feel the same

Abir: Bhabhi…would Mr.Bajaj….

Naira: Exactly I have the same doubt.

Just then her phone rings. Its Prerna

Prerna: Naira..whats it you asked me to call urgently

Naira: Bhabhi..I think these are planned by Mr.Bajaj and executed to tear our family apart

Prerna: Why do you think that it is him

Naira: He planned to kidnap us and blackmail us but that has backfired ..during that situation he saw Kartik and Anurag jiju fighting with each other so he must have took Aditya out using Viren bhai’s name and created a rift

Prerna: Whatever it is we must bring them together

Mishti: Definitely didi

Abir: I will do anything for it. sorry bhabhi I came out leaving Anurag bhai alone

Prerna: You have fulfilled your duty to the best level Abir..I know why you left and I know about Kartik too

Keerthi: So sorry for Nakh’s words Prerna

Prerna: Its okay

Naira: Its not time for sorry and thanks but for some action

Everyone: We will bring our family back together

The scene shifts to Mr.Bajaj’s office

Mr.Bajaj: Oh Good our mission is a success

Mr.X: Thank you so much Mr.Bajaj for helping me fulfill my revenge

Mr.Bajaj [laughing]: Its my pleasure Samarth Goenka. Its just the beginning of the game. Real game is pending yet

Samarth: I know it will be favourable to us

The scene freezes.




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