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Love after arrange marriage Ep-17- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Love after arrange marriage Ep-17- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

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Episode starts with..,

Angre- Sejal, now you will answer my question ..,

Sejal – Ok

Angre – If I give you are to tell your secrets to someone whom it would be  and why between me and Vansh ??

Sejal – Obviously you …because  I don’t think Vansh likes me more than you..

Riddhima – Ooo ..Liking ,

Sejal – Zip up your mouth

Chanchal- Sejal , praise Angre in 2-3 words..

Sejal- Angre is sweet .. He’s cute and handsome ..He talks very softly and politely ..Moreover , he has emotions …He’s a nice guy …

Riddhima & Vansh interrupts – We don’t said you to write a book on him ..Only 2-3 words ..

Everyone giggles …

Siya says,”Now Aryan you have to …(she whispers)

Aryan – Ok Siya , but …

Vansh – Do now …

Aryan takes Vansh’s phone and says,”May I tell your secret ??” Vansh says,”Secret?? Which ??” Aryan says,”Bhaiya, don’t try to be innocent..Do you think I am fool ..” They started fighting ..

Vansh gets angry ..Aryan says,”Cool down bhaiya !! Its just a dare …” Vansh says,”What??”

Flashback – Siya saying to Aryan ,” You have to fight with Vansh bhaiya ..”  Flashback ends … Vansh says,”Oo so you be fooled me ..” He laughs. Vansh says,”Lets go to home now..” Everyone reaches VR Mansion ..

VR Mansion

They go inside and see Aupriya crying . Siya asks,”What happened??” Anupriya says,”Vansh beta .. This girl , this Riddhima deceived us ..She loves Angre(she shows the pictures of Riddhima and Angre). Vansh says,”Calm down!!” Anupriya says,”Riddhima here’s your bag , its good if you leave from here yourself or I will call the  security.”Riddhima starts crying. Kabir says,”Riddhu !!” Riddhima says,”Ok I am leaving .. I can’t live where  people disrespect me ..”

She leaves the house ..Its night time. Vansh gets worried and thinks ,”Riddhima has no parents , no house of here , even her brother and friends are here , where would she go??” Riddhima gets tensed . She thinks of proving herself innocent .. She goes to Cyber Cafe . Next day , she again enters the VR mansion . Anupriya says,”Why you have come here??” Everyone gathers there . Riddhima says,”Ms. Anupriya, you are very clever , but you don’t know who am I ?” Anupriya says,”Who are you ?? A normal girl…” Riddhima says,”Oh!! So, see here ..Its my Id-Card .” It was written DSP Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania .. Everyone gets shocked . Riddhima says,”Ms. Anupriya , in this photo you have fitted Angre’s  face very cleverly ..Hm.., Its not Angre , its Vansh , see Vansh has same clothes , anything can’t be spared from  my eyes.” Vansh screams at Anupriya . Anupriya says,”Vansh, believe me , I got this pics from ********** this number.” Vansh calls at the number but it is declined . He calls to the department and gets to know that its some Rudra’s number.”  He says his personal assistant ( Ajay) to find Rudra.  Ajay comes after an hour and tells Vansh,” Rudra is Ishani’s boyfriend.” Vansh gets shocked . He says,”I need his photograph.”

Ajay gives her photo . Vansh says,”Oh , so this guy in red is Ishani’s boyfriend.” I won’t leave him ..

Precap: Riddhima calls Angre and says,” What’s this ??” 

Watch the next update to find out what will Vansh do .., Also Riddhima sees what??

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